Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dogs of Class War

Multi-billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson (and family) poured nearly $40 million into the coffers of GOP-aligned super PACs in the final three weeks of the 2012 campaign, bringing his total giving to super PACs to over than $93 million.

These are the people congress represents, not the 47%.

Just as it is with any domesticated canine, who enjoys pleasing their owners at every opportunity, and will do almost anything to reaffirm their love and loyalty to their masters; so it is with our members of Congress, who will bend over backwards at the snap of a finger by their largest campaign donors, while ignoring the wants, needs and desires of those who are without the same extraordinary financial means.

When was the last time in U.S. history, has a Republican at any level of government, initiated a piece of legislation that was aimed solely at improving the lot of the middle-class and poor; without also greatly benefiting more so, their masters who head the largest corporations and banks?

And just like their favorite child, the Republicans will turn a blind eye to the most wealthy CEOs of these large banks and corporations (those in power) when they are guilty of any wrong-doing; but when it comes to their least favored children (such as the poor, the ill, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly and working-class Americans), they are beaten into submission for their "trespasses", as though their financial or medical conditions were voluntary acts of evil, rather than the unfortunate circumstances of fate.

The Republicans in Congress have not only chastised, berated and insulted the 47%; they have passed laws to deliberately harm them further--- while at the same time, the members of Congress have lavished their masters (owners) with the most favorable of regulatory legislation, trade bills and tax laws. Even though the largest banks and multinational corporations have been earning record profits, as have their CEOs been raking in record salaries, the lap dogs of this class war have continued to see to it that all the other stray dogs and mutts are treated with as much inhumanity and contempt as they can possibly heap upon them, as though deliberately attempting to make their lives miserable and making them suffer more.

Our members of Congress, as the dogs of this class war on behalf of the top 1%, have not only shown total disregard for the contemptible 47%, but have also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they don't give one damn for the entire bottom 99% either; and that they don't serve the American people at all, but only serve their masters and themselves, all while doing everything possible to hold on to their seats of power. It' true, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And besides most members of Congress, that would also help explain a few judges on the Supreme Court. The President only has the power of the pulpit. The 47% has no voice or power at all. The largest banks and corporations, with their huge checkbooks and almost unlimited income streams, have been holding the biggest megaphones. Their voices, the master's voices, overrides everybody else's. It's only the voices of their owners do the members of Congress ever hear. We can sometimes hear their nefarious and wicked whispers when making their backroom deals, but rarely can they ever hear our desperate and horrific screams.

According to the Center of Public Integrity, in all, the top 25 individual super PAC donors doled out more than $310 million, and made about 37 percent of all super PAC receipts.

Ninety-one other individuals gave at least $1 million each to super PACs and collectively donated more than $330 million, according to the analysis.

Stephen Spaulding, staff counsel at Common Cause, says, “People are able to distort the political process, open doors and be kingmakers simply because of the size of their bank account. The threat of the spending just hangs over all the political decisions that are happening on Capitol Hill.”

Adelson’s donations to super PACs — which can accept unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions — set a new standard in political giving. Unlike traditional political action committees, there is no limit on contributions to super PACs. They emerged following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and a federal court ruling called SpeechNow.org v. Federal Election Commission.

Adelson is a staunch opponent of labor unions. Earlier this month, a defiant Adelson told the Wall Street Journal that he would spend even more money in future elections.

"I happen to be in a unique business (casinos) where winning and losing is the basis of the entire business," Adelson told the newspaper. "I don't cry when I lose. There's always a new hand coming up."

People like these are who our members of Congress work for...not the 47%. When will the members of Congress (and their masters) ever throw the 47% a big fat bone...such as a job that pays a living wage with healthcare and retirements benefits? And when will they stop complaining about "entitlements" (and their will to live)? Or will the 47% just be left stranded to bark at the moon?

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