Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman gets away with Murder

If I walked in to an old run-down biker bar on the wrong side of town, and it was dark and raining and very late on a Friday night --- and then I looked around for the biggest, meanest and drunkest looking bad-ass biker in the bar --- and then I walked right up to him and got right into his face --- and then I scowled at him and told him that I thought his mother was nothing but a big fat ugly skanky whore --- and if the biker took offense, and then took a swing at me, would I have the legal right to pull out my concealed pistol and shoot the biker in the heart, killing him instantly --- and then later claim, it was self defense, that I had feared for my life, and that I was just innocently minding my own business and "standing my ground"?

In Florida you can.

If I were a 17-year-old teenager walking home from the corner store in my own neighborhood, and it was dark and raining, and some stranger was stalking me from behind --- would I have a right to feel consternation and fear? Would I have a right to the ground I was standing on? Or would I deserve to die with a bullet through my heart, killing me instantly, because a wannabe cop and neighborhood watchman thought I fit the profile of a burglar?

In Florida I would die like a dog, with a pack of Skittles in one hand and an iced tea in the other.

If George Zimmerman didn't have a loaded gun, would he have still been bolstered by heroic bravery and had gotten out of his car and followed Trayvon Martin as he was walking home; or would George Zimmerman have feared the threatening, evil and menacing figure of Trayvon Martin --- or instead, would George Zimmerman have reasonably kept a safe distance away, and cautiously observed Trayvon Martin from afar --- or better yet, just safely stayed in his car until the police arrived a few short minutes later?

There's no need to retreat or hide in Florida, where you can legally hunt human prey. The law is on your side, especially if the prey is black. It's open season in Florida.

For some reason, George Zimmerman felt an urgent urge to act, and to act quickly, as though he feared that other people were in immediate and imminent danger of grievous bodily harm. George Zimmerman could have just as easily shouted out to Trayvon Martin from a distance, "Hey you! I'm watching you!" --- and then just quickly retreated back to his car, to safely wait for the police to arrive --- or George Zimmerman could have just driven away. But he didn't. George Zimmerman had to act, and he had to act fast!

How can someone from a distance of 50 yards away (in the dark and rain) observe someone and think that they were on drugs --- or that they looked suspicious? And even so, wouldn't that have been the job of the police to investigate, and if need be, to apprehend, and if need be, to shoot and kill in self defense? Who made George Zimmerman judge, jury and executioner?  If George had been an older black man with a hoody and Trayvon had been a white teenager, would the jury's verdict have been much different?

In Florida it most likely would.

The police told George Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon Martin, but George Zimmerman took it upon himself to "act" rather than to "watch" --- as a self-appointed neighborhood watch-man. Why? Was George Zimmerman just looking for an excuse to use his gun, and maybe be the neighborhood hero? Was he curious as to what it was like to kill someone? Was he auditioning for a job at the police department?

George Zimmerman obviously didn't show any remorse afterwards, and he even told Sean Hannity that he would do it all over again. How could the jury at least NOT convict him for reckless endangerment or involuntary manslaughter? (Or just for being a dangerous and reckless asshole). George Zimmerman essentially got a free pass from "a jury of his peers" for second degree murder. I wonder how he'll profit from this in the future. Will he write a book?

But I will bet you that even with his loaded gun, George Zimmerman would never have had the balls to walk into a biker bar alone on a dark and rainy Friday night, because he is just a contemptible low-life slug and a coward --- but George Zimmerman will eventually pay the ultimate price for murder --- even if it was a victory for the NRA and Fox News --- and the killing happened in the "Sunshine State" of Florida.

At exactly the same time of the gun shot, the screaming stopped. But if George Zimmerman had any conscience at all, he will hear Trayvon Martin's scream every day for the rest of his life.

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