Monday, August 19, 2013

Obama to Lay Off Food Inspectors

The USDA is about to slash regulations for poultry plants, saving big corporations millions at the expense of public health and workers’ safety. Instead of trained USDA inspectors, companies will police themselves!

Independent experts like Food and Water Watch have shown that the new system is likely to miss serious contamination, including diseases like salmonella. 

Why is the USDA pushing regulations that are bad for consumers? The answer is corporate welfare, with a side of austerity. The federal government will save money by laying off factory inspectors, enabling the big poultry companies like Tyson and Purdue to push out more chickens with less oversight.

The USDA estimates that the poultry industry stands to make more than $250 million a year from the new rules. And the USDA may try to expand this policy to the pork and beef industries.


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