Friday, August 23, 2013

Short-Term Profit Tax

The entire financial game that is played today is for short-term profits --- long-term thinking was dismissed years ago.

It seems that long-term investment is a thing of the past. Structurally, the entire equation must change to one of short-term profit-taking being dramatically taxed higher, rather than long term investment, where we could extend tax credits. Without long-term capital available, there is no way to counter short-term profit-taking except by taxing short-term profits very steeply.

Financial industries jump in and out of investments like ticks on dogs, bloodsucking the same way ticks do --- except they leech off of society. They create very few jobs while moving gobs of money, making a very few much wealthier, while leaving their waste and debris --- and everyone else --- behind with their "creative destruction".

Tax Wall Street a trading tax and a short-term profit tax.

In other news...

China's manufacturing sector is expanding. The world's second-largest economy could accelerate to around 8.5% growth next year. The improvement in factory output was driven by domestic demand, with real estate and infrastructure investment strong. Foreign demand appears to be playing a smaller role, with the moderate recovery seen in the U.S. and European economies yet to pass through to higher export orders. 

OK, I get it now...U.S. taxpayers are being forced to pay to upgrade foreign infrastructure to allow American businesses to invest in low-wage countries.

Obama pledges $7 billion to upgrade power in Africa 

Wal-Mart to Open More Stores in Africa 

QUESTION: While defending Obamacare, Jared Bernstein says "Both involuntary and overall part-time work are slowly declining as a share of all jobs." Is this true or false?

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