Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz

In an open letter to Senator Ted Cruz, Virgil Bierschwale at Keep America At Work writes:

I see you, Boehner and Cantor as the problems. Meanwhile, unemployment continues to skyrocket. Which means that people like myself --- with decades of experience in technology, both hardware and software --- are turned down for entry level jobs at the local VA hospital in the laundry --- which leaves us with a choice that no person should be forced to make.

All the while the government propaganda machine, consisting of Democrats and Republicans alike, continues to say that unemployment is getting better as they squabble like two spoiled children (that I would love to paddle and send to their rooms, given the opportunity).

Grow up, quit kissing your Koch brothers asses and put this damned government back to work so that Americans like myself can get back to work in the middle-class...that used to exist in America, until the Tokyo Rose Globalization Propaganda Group (meaning you and the other politicians) sent all our damned jobs offshore via free trade agreements that destroyed us and enriched yourselves.

Private industry will not interview me because of your free trade agreements that sent our jobs offshore. I’m 55 years old and unemployed because you replaced American IT workers with H-1B workers. As far as being a Vet and applying for Civil Service jobs, I can't count how many times that I’ve been turned down for what I consider to be entry level jobs.

Don’t worry, I consider President Obama and the rest of you guys and gals in the executive, judicial and legislative branches just as guilty as you are. If you have their email addresses, by all means, send them a copy of this --- because I personally will do my best to vote out any of you that are found playing with the Koch’s and other corporations --- while we are slowly being exterminated by your lack of resolve to LEAD our country to better the lives of us all, and not just for those like you.

Virgil Bierschwale, Keep America At Work

Senator Ted Cruz


  1. Now that the health insurance exchanges are open, we discover they are crashing over a week later and worse, team Obama hired foreigners to design --- It never ceases to amaze how just how much money is poured into bad government websites.

    It is truly astounding when supposedly American companies are the best in the world and there are so many unemployed with tech skills, the government cannot manage to hire Americans and American companies to do the job. When we say Americans, we do not mean IBM and other such companies who fire those with U.S. citizenship and bring in foreign guest workers. We mean those with U.S. citizenship.

    Now the truth is coming out on The Obama administration is still claiming the exchange website flaws is due to the large traffic visiting the site, yet American engineers are analyzing and railing against the poor design. Think about the millions of dollars and three and a half years to get a website working when most American techies can find the technical problems in a matter of minutes. This is how poorly designed the site is. Even the IEEE is pointing out the technical flaws and is mentioning the obvious security.

  2. Bob Hall - "Globalization is wealth transfer to global elites -- frightened global hoarders who grab what they can and sit on it. These are the people we've allowed to manage our country's affairs since at least the 1970s."