Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fry the Friendly Skies of McDonalds

Bloomberg News reported that McDonald's Corp has just purchased (for the use of its executives) a Bombardier Challenger 605, a 12-seat plane that goes for between $27 million and $35 million. (Fries and soft drink not included.)

Meanwhile, McDonald's employees have been offered a "McResources" telephone help-line that offers them helpful advice if they are having problems meeting their living expenses on their minimum-wages. The advice: Sign up for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ("food stamp") benefits and Medicaid.

Taxpayers are spending an estimated $1.2 billion a year supporting McDonald's workers, according to a recent National Employment Law Project study, because McDonald's would prefer to tell its employees to get public assistance.

That figure is less than the $1.5 billion in profits that McDonald's earned in one quarter (the three months ending September 30). McDonald's CEO Donald Thompson earns $13.7 million a year (Sign this petition)

(* No, we're not subsidizing McDonald's wages with food stamps...the taxpayers are buying McDonald's their private jets!)

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McDonald's private jet


  1. McDonald's McResources line urges worker to seek federal assistance,0,4084029.story

    McDonald's helps workers get food stamps

    McResources: Phone bank helps fast-food workers get food stamps

  2. Workers at biggest fast food companies need billions in public assistance

    Walmart isn't the only corporate giant relying on government assistance to make up for the low, low wages it pays its workers. According to a new report from the University of California-Berkeley Labor Center, 52 percent of front-line fast food workers are on some form of public assistance, at a cost of nearly $7 billion a year. And the 10 largest fast food companies account for $3.8 billion of that, the National Employment Law Project estimates.