Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New NBC News/Esquire Poll Shows Americans More "Center"

Note to Fox News --- A new NBC News/Esquire poll (conducted nationwide with 2,410 registered voters) shows that a majority of Americans are now in the political center. NBC News political director Chuck Todd discussed the findings with Matt Lauer.

  • (90 percent) still believes in the death penalty.
  • (84 percent) think their lives are either stuck in place or getting worse.
  • (81 percent) shouldn't spend money on foreign aid when we need to build up our own country.
  • (81 percent) supports offshore drilling.
  • (70 percent) realize that the rich keep getting richer at the expense of everyone else.
  • (70 percent) fear another 9/11 or Boston-style bombing is likely.
  • (67 percent) supports a federal minimum wage hike to no less than $10 per hour.
  • (66 percent) still thinks that America is still the greatest country in the world.
  • (64 percent) support gay marriage.
  • (63 percent) support the right to an abortion for any reason within the first trimester.
  • (63 percent) believe respect for minority rights has gone overboard.*
  • (62 percent) believe their children’s lives will be more difficult than their own.
  • (62 percent) supports paid sick leave and 70 percent supports paid maternity leave.
  • (57 percent) thinks we should subsidized childcare to help women return to work.
  • (57 percent) supports the end of affirmative action in hiring and education.
  • (54 percent) calls America a model that other countries should emulate.
  • (52 percent) wants legalized marijuana.
  • (50 percent) says the economy is bad while 41 percent thinks it will likely to stay that way a while.
  • (49 percent) believe that the political system is broken.
  • (25 percent) support a path to citizenship for those who came here illegally.

* The poll consisted of mostly white participants (78 percent) as is most of the American voting public (72 percent)

** Republicans (25 percent), Democrats (36 percent), Independents (36 percent).

*** Self-described as liberals (20 percent), conservatives (25 percent), moderates (55 percent) and Tea Party (15 percent),

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