Thursday, October 3, 2013

Senator Mitch McConnell's Navy

Senator Mitch McConnell's Navy

As McConnell's Navy -- Mitch, John Boehner and Eric Cantor -- wages war on the unemployed and underemployed, these guys get their jollies by torpedoing our recovery and sinking our economic future.

Why, with the broadest measure of unemployment - U-6 - stuck at 14 percent, aren't we focusing on the massive damage being done to our country?

Just like during the Battle of the Atlantic, GOP leaders have embarked on a merciless campaign aimed at every ship carrying relief to its foes.

So where does McConnell's Navy aim its torpedoes, metaphorically speaking? It targets the programs and policies designed to help working folks and those no longer able to find full-time work.

Until we deep six the U-6, the unrestricted war against the unemployed and underemployed will continue unabated. It is time to put an end to its trepidations.

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