Thursday, November 7, 2013

Double Down: Political Beggars and Back Stabbers

According to CNN, regarding the new political book "Double Down", in order to get Bill Clinton to stump for Obama in 2012, Obama had to promise to help pay off Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign debt -- at that point, about a quarter of a million dollars -- in exchange for Bill Clinton's help on the trail. But the Clinton's are multi-millionaires, so why would they need Obama's "help" to pay off a measly $250,000 campaign debt? That's another reason why we don't need extended political dynasties in Washington.

CNN also reports:

Among the GOP cast of characters in the new political book, no one emerges more sullied than Jon Huntsman, whose shameless ambition wilts under the grueling spotlight of a national campaign and clashes with his own staff.

As Obama's ambassador to China, Huntsman apparently circumvented the Hatch Act -- which prohibits high-ranking U.S. officials from engaging in partisan political activity -- by using his wife, Mary Kaye, as a back channel to plot embryonic campaign strategy with John Weaver, his adviser-in-waiting back in the States.

After the Obama win over Mitt Romney, Huntsman's daughter (Abby) became a co-host of The Cycle on the very pro-Obama cable news channel MSNBC. Just like during the annual White House Correspondence Dinners --- where the top 1% (wealthy media pundits, members of Congress and famous celebrities) all hang out together and are BFFs.

* And why are disgusting and bigoted people like Newt Gingrich hosting shows like Crossfire on cable news shows such as CNN?

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