Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Important Updates on ObamaScare

ObamaCare® hasn't taken away anybody's "freedom" to buy the healthcare plan they want, even if it is a cheap and defective policy. And ObamaCare® wasn't responsible for any insurance company canceling someone's plan either.

Healthcare insurance plans that were already in place since March of 2010 (prior to the Affordable Care Act) were grand-fathered in and were excluded from many of the new law's requirements*, just so that they wouldn't be cancelled. (Meaning, ObamaCare® doesn't FORCE those plans to remain, but it doesn't FORCE them to be cancelled either.)

Talking Points Memo reports that the insurance companies (all on their own) have deliberately sent out those cancellation notices, along with automatic renewals into higher rate plans before October 1st as a means of circumventing people from first shopping on the healthcare insurance exchange, thereby, finding better and cheaper plans.

In short, this is all an insurance industry scam to gouge their customers, then blame ObamaCare® for it, while attempting to prevent people from taking advantage of the much improved coverage --- while also benefiting from savings that Obamacare actually provides.

* Those older policies that were cancelled most likely had exorbitant deductibles and co-pays and also didn't meet the legal requirements under the new law, such as:

  • Requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions
  • Makes it illegal for health insurance companies to arbitrarily cancel your policy
  • Covers young adults under 26
  • Provides free preventive care
  • Ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits on coverage

Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid - You do not have to use the exchange to buy insurance. There are many insurers and plans outside the exchange that are competing in the individual market. Walgreens and CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies have signed on to help folks shop and enroll both on the exchanges and off. They are acting as brokers during the enrollment period and have in-store advisors and navigators.

Months ago, major drugstore chains announced that there were joining with the Federal Government to help their customers around the nation to get signed up for ObamaCare®

Computer shopping isn't ubiquitous --- it is merely ONE approach to retail sales. That's why the Federal Government set up bricks-and-mortar PPACA stores in every neighborhood in America.

Walgreens offers customers a chance to speak to licensed insurance advisors to discuss health insurance plans sold through the state HIXs. They also have their own private online health insurance portal contracted by GoHealth. According their website, tax credits and subsidies are issued there, as well.

CVS Pharmacy is offering Affordable Care Act information in its 7,500 stores and 650 MinuteClinics; it has launched an informational web site, as well. CVS also plans to have health insurance experts answer customer questions in various stores nationwide during the enrollment period. Read the recent press release from CVS.

Rite Aid announced that it will initially station independent, licensed insurance agents in nearly 2,000 of its 4,600 stores to help uninsured customers sign up for a health insurance plan for the entire six-month enrollment period. The agents will work one-on-one with customers to help them make insurance choices.


  1. On October 28, CBS News ran a story about Dianne Barrette, a Florida woman whose health insurance company informed her that her policy was being cancelled because of Obamacare, and who thought she was now forced to purchase much more expensive insurance on the new exchanges.

    But as other outlets—including Fox News—soon revealed, the CBS story was extremely misleading. Ms. Barrette’s old health insurance plan was very limited. Consumer Reports even called it "a textbook example of a junk plan that isn’t real health insurance at all."

    Further, she now qualifies for subsidies under Obamacare that will help her buy much better insurance at low cost.

    Dianne Barrette—who CBS and even RNC Chair Reince Prebius used to make Obamacare look as bad as possible—now admits the law is “maybe a blessing in disguise.”

  2. Seems like ObamaCare and US rebound created plenty of jobs..... just not for Americans.

    If you excuse me Bud, I post these articles because Indians have caused me and my immediate family members to have lost our jobs at some point (however, I am now in contract employment).

  3. I write about offshoring all the time ---and the supposed "free trade agreements" --- like TPP --- the one Obama has been trying to Fast Track.

  4. Update.........


    "Another Obamacare 'Horror Story' Debunked"