Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Global Income Tax

The world’s wealthy — and the corporations they run — are continually threatening to pull up stakes if the governments that host them get uppity enough to dare raise the tax rates on their wealth. But what if we only had one set of tax rates in the world — and a progressive set at that?

A silly impractical dream? Not to Saint Louis University law professor Henry Ordower. He argues in this new paper that a number of significant and often surprising changes in the financial and tax worlds have made a single global tax system now imaginable for the first time ever.

Ordower explains these changes and the many issues a grand unified global income tax raises in this sober and detailed study. If physicists can embark on a search for a grand unified theory to explain our natural world, he wonders, why can’t tax experts imagine something equally grand in their sphere?

New Wisdom on Wealth

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