Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Allyson Schwartz: Just Another Political Opportunist

Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.) is an honorary co-chair of the fake "centrist" Democratic Wall Street-backed think tank called Third Way (as though there were a "third way" of policy making, other than what the Democrats or Republicans advocate for.)

Schwartz was one of only 22 House Democrats to support a bill to cut Social Security with chained-CPI. She touted her vote for the bill in an announcement after receiving an award from a deficit-reduction group co-founded by Pete Peterson, who is a billionaire who has spent nearly half a billion dollars advocating for cuts to Social Security and other government programs as part of a campaign for austerity.

It wasn't until only AFTER Third Way's attack on Elizabeth Warren for supporting EXPANDING Social Security in the Wall Street Journal did Allyson Schwartz (after fake "outrage") sign on as a co-sponsor to a bill to increase Social Security benefits (rather than cut them, as she had previously and proudly voted for) --- but yet, she still won't give her position on the Wall Street-backed think tank.

I think Allyson Schwartz told her co-chairs at Third Way beforehand that she intended to back EXPANDING Social Security, but only has a political ploy (because she's running for the governor of Pa.) and Third Way gave her "permission", but only because maybe they don't believe that the bill to EXPAND Social Security won't have a chance of passing.

Progressive Democrats put up with people like this (pro-corporate Democrats, as opposed to pro-people Democrats) because they think of these political traitors as "the better of two evils", thinking that it's better to have a turncoat Democrat in office rather than an admitted Tea Party anarchist..

I'm am so damn tired of all these two-faced back-stabbing faux-pas politicians who lie, cheat and steal because they only (and always) have THEIR OWN best interests at heart, and not of those who they are supposed to "serve". These pandering and greedy and power-hungry politicians serve themselves by serving Wall Street. But they will ALL have to answer to someone for their deeds eventually.

Politicians like her are scumbags. The next think you know, Allyson Schwartz might be telling stories about how she dodged bullets while overseas on a diplomatic mission, or how she once served a tour of duty fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. She, like many politicians today, are nothing more than lying opportunists.

Sign the petition: Increase Social Security benefits, don't cut them.

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