Thursday, December 5, 2013

Attack on Workers’ Rights at NBC

A petition by the Writers Guild of America East is to be delivered to Chris Hayes (Host of "All In with Chris Hayes"), Ed Schultz (Host of "The Ed Show"), Rachel Maddow (Host of "The Rachel Maddow Show"), Al Sharpton (Host of "Politics Nation") and Lawrence O'Donnell (Host of "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell") and reads:

"As MSNBC host and a strong voice for labor and progressive causes, I’m calling on you to show your support for producers and associate producers at NBC-owned Peacock Productions who are being denied their right to organize. Please meet with these workers and take a public stand to support their right to organize."

These MSNBC hosts have been strong defenders of labor and progressive causes --- and now they have a chance to stand up for workers at NBC.

Producers and associate producers for Peacock Productions—which is owned by NBC and creates nonfiction and reality programming for MSNBC, NBC, CNBC and other networks—have been trying to organize for fair pay and better working conditions for more than a year. But Peacock has fought them at every turn.

After workers started to organize, Peacock began to hold mandatory group and one-on-one meetings to badmouth unions. Despite that, workers persisted, and finally got to vote on whether to unionize.

But Peacock has used legal tactics to impound the ballots and stall workers from getting the voice on the job they deserve.

Peacock workers have called on the aforementioned MSNBC hosts to stand with them. It’s time these MSNBC hosts practice what they preach and support the rights of these producers and associate producers to organize.

Writers Guild of America East --- Please sign our petition (A project of AFL-CIO and Civic Action)

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