Thursday, December 12, 2013

Social Security Dodged a Bullet, for Now

Stop targeting our seniors, they aren't wild animals.

The Republicans have had their sights trained on Social Security for generations, and would like to see it DOA if they ever had their way. Recently Social Security dodged a bullet, but the battle is far from over; and has only given us time to reload to continue our fight.

One of the few good things that came about in the recently proposed budget deal is that no attempt was made to cut or curb Social Security benefits --- such as by using chained-CPI to reduce COLAs for our seniors, disabled, Veterans and military retirees.

The current Republicans that are against the proposed budget deal, are against it mostly because draconian cuts in Social Security were not included in the current deal. But the Republicans didn't surrender, so expect them to continue to wage their war on the 99 percent's future economic security --- those of us who will eventually no longer be able to work for the GOP's corporate bosses.

But besides just recently having won just one battle, so much more still needs to be done to save Social Security, especially for younger workers, so that they too will have something to rely on when they can no longer work, or when they eventually get old and want to retire.

A new 32-second ad is doubling down on a campaign for an increase in Social Security benefits with a new TV ad that comes in response to a Wall Street front group called The Third Way, who in a recent attack, criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for her support of a bill that expands Social Security (S.567, the Strengthening Social Security Act).

The new ad by Political Action urges members of Congress to listen to their constituents, rather than listening to corporate front groups like The Third Way, and to expand Social Security benefits for retiring seniors, rather than cut them.

The ad notes that, simply closing a payroll tax loophole that lets billionaires pay a lower Social Security tax rate than most Americans, is more than enough to fund increased Social Security benefits --- by raising or eliminating the "cap" on income subjected to Social Security taxes. Here's one good example of the loophole.

The new ad frames the debate by focusing on the question of whether current Social Security benefits are enough for seniors to live on. It will air on MSNBC and CNN — but only in the Washington, D.C. market targeting Capitol Hill — since numerous polls show that the broader public doesn’t need persuasion. Most Americans already strongly oppose Social Security cuts and support expansion.

In November, Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a set of polls that showed that voters in 10 key congressional districts and states overwhelmingly support increasing Social Security benefits and are inclined to punish any Democrat or Republican who votes to cut benefits. On average, 70 percent said they would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to cut benefits.

With our "new" service-oriented economy, young people will need Social Security more than ever before, after working in labor-intensive and low-wage jobs all their lives.

So tell the Republicans to stop trying to starve the beasts, because our grandmothers and grandfathers are not animals, they are real people who worked hard all their lives --- they are NOT corporations.


*** If you haven't already, please add your name to this petition to your senator to support this bill to Strengthening Social Security --- not cut it! See this infographic for more details.

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