Monday, December 23, 2013

Why the Jobs went to China (10 Photos)

For decades American-based multi-national corporations have sent millions of jobs to our tormentors in China. Besides for the most obvious reasons (such as slave-labor wages and non-existent labor laws), here is another reason why American corporations have chosen China to be the World's leading manufacturer --- a lack of environmental regulations (See the results in 10 photos below).

It was bad enough that those greedy and bothersome American workers had wanted to earn a living wage, work in safe conditions and have some job security --- then those damn peons also had the nerve to want clean air to breath and clean water to drink too!

So in return (thanks to their brave and sympathetic political leaders), American workers had to forsake their means by which they could earn any living all. And China obliged, averaging 10% GNP for the last 30 years, while at the same, lifting half their population out of poverty (during that same time, the American middle-class was in decline).

So it was the American workers who made this trade-off (with "fair trade agreements") in their bid for a "shared sacrifice", while the stock market continues to soar to record highs, as these American-based multi-national corporations have been earning record profits, and as CEO pay packages continue to soar into the stratosphere (all while paying record low taxes on their ill-gotten gains.)

And all because American workers had only wanted to live and survive (multi national businesses are not patriotic to any one nation.)

But workers in China have also been demanding the same things that American workers have asked for --- such as better wages and better working conditions.

So now some of these multi-national corporations have been moving to other lower-wage countries --- some with no labor laws or environmental regulations at all. These companies will hopscotch around the globe (as they do from State to State within the US) constantly in search of the best tax deal and the lowest wages.

For a generation this American corporate strategy has created ghost-towns across the country, forcing large cities and small towns into bankruptcy, annulling workers' pensions and pushed millions of American workers onto food stamps and other government programs.

If slavery were still legal, they'd use slaves today, prizing monetary capital over human capital. Corporations aren't real people, so as profit-generating machines (beholding only to shareholders, who are mostly big banks, private equity firms and the corporate officers themselves), they are only legal entities without souls or consciences. A few who run these multinational conglomerates, after extracting from the nation all they want, have revoked their U.S. citizenship and took their cash to another country.

Only a true "democracy" can reverse this horrific trend, but the major shareholders and corporate executives of these multi-national corporations have corrupted our political system, circumventing the workers' needs, wants and desires. In other words, the workers are screwed. Warren Buffett was right when he said, "We won."


There is one thing, and one thing only, that American workers can do --- and that's to only vote for "progressive" Democrats running for Congress (such as Senator Elizabeth Warren).

Do NOT vote for any of the so-called "moderate" Democrats if you can avoid this --- because they are pro-corporate and had agreed to the trade agreements and the offshoring of jobs-for-profits; and do NOT vote for any Republicans at all --- because they are all not only pro-corporate, but they are anti-worker too.

Whereas, "progressive" Democrats are not anti-business, they are actually pro-business (especially small business), but they are also pro-worker (like 95% of us are). And yet, the "progressive" Democrats have a fair and reasonable deal that will benefit ALL working Americans --- Republicans and Democrats alike.

We can assume that we ALL want living wages, safe working conditions, Social Security, job security, safe food, Medicare, clean air and pure drinking water --- for both ourselves and for the children and grand-children. So Americans must learn what's been happening, and STOP voting against their own best interests, otherwise, things will only get worse.




Beautiful colors, don't you agree?

Chinese air polution



Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Let's dump it here!

China's poluted water

Care for a drink?

China's dirty rivers

Who needs a rod and reel?

China's dirty lakes

The Lijiang River

China's dirty streams

It stinks, doesn't it?

China's air reeks!


  1. >>>> Regarding enough jobs for the unemployed:

    I've heard that not all job listings are publicly posted and subjected to scrutiny and/or for legal reasons (Fair Labor Act, etc.) --- and there is currently one job opening posted for every 3 out of work (or one job for every 6 out of work using the U-6 rate)

    That said, another reason (and a big problem) as to why Americans can't find a job is "mobility" --- enough available jobs where people actually live (or just the opposite, when jobs leave --- like when a Boeing factory moves from Washington State to South Carolina --- or when jobs are sent overseas).

    Also, many people can't just pack a bag and relocate across the country to take an open job (underwater mortgage, child custody, travel and moving finances, family ties, a spouse's job, etc.)

    Too many jobs (and their "multiplier effect") have went to Asia. Had these jobs NOT went overseas, teenagers would still be working in fast-food restaurants and young adults would be working in union factories earning middle-class wages....yes, the answer is that simple.

    How does a "multinational" company compete with another "multinational" company to remain "competitive" in a "global market"?

  2. The first lie they tell is that it is a global market. The majority of their sales revenue comes from America and Europe.

    Take a look at this chart for Infosys:

    63 % from North America, 22% from Europe, 13% from rest of world and 2% from India. The solution is, we simply have to pull the plug, and here is how I would do it.

    You want to move your manufacturing offshore? Fine, take all of your employees with you and none of your employees will be allowed to remain in America or Europe. You will not be able to sell your products as finished goods, or as sub components in America or Europe.

    The bottom line is, we can end this before Christmas Day if we could only find a way to "Buy American". The problem is, most people don’t realize this. Which means we need a mainstream media that protects the people, but we don't, because they are big corporations themselves who rely on those advertisers.

    That ole boy that wrote the "Powell Memorandum" was smart --- You control the media, the chamber of commerce (etc.), then you also control the perception of what's "right" and "wrong".

  3. Another big scam is, America's outsourcers will be reclassified by the government as "manufacturers" to artificially boost GDP (like iPhones) instead of calling them for what they really are --"imports".

  4. Speaking of the media, CBS "60 Minutes" has turned into a corporate propaganda show --- broadcasting glorified infomercials for big corporations instead of reporting real and factual "news" --- CBS ran a bogus "billionaires club" story, extolling their great virtues while reporting lies about rampant fraud in Social Security.

  5. They are building car vending machines in China to reduce pollution from vehicle traffic