Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CEO of Starbucks: Not Such a Kind Gesture

A year ago the Starbucks board of directors moved to make Howard Schultz the highest-paid CEO in the Pacific Northwest for the fourth straight year. Starbucks had paid CEO Howard Schultz $28.9 million, including a special $12 million stock award for his leadership and to retain him for at least three more years.

Schultz still remains deeply despised in Seattle for selling their NBA team, the Supersonics, after taxpayers refused to build him a new arena. Then when the Seahawks were in the NFC Championship Game, a game held in Seattle, Schultz wanted to make nice with a kind gesture by selling coffee for 12-cents—but not all Seattle fans were buying it.

And in San Jose activists are now blasting Starbucks for seeking an exemption from having to pay the city’s $15.78 hourly living wage. NerdWallet calculated last month that Starbuck's CEO makes $9,637 an hour, 1,096 times the Starbucks average hourly rate.

Starbucks has just filed a request with the San Jose City Council to pay its employees less than the current law permits -- all so the multi-billion dollar company can pump up its profits even more. (Sign the petition)

Looking for a Howard Schultz take on all this? You'll find one in his 2011 memoir: “I love Starbucks because everything we've tried to do is steeped in humanity.”

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