Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rich People don't care when Killing other People

From HuffPo: The Wall Street Journal's editorial page has come out swinging in defense of Tom Perkins, the 82-year-old venture capitalist who compared what he called the persecution of the rich in America to the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Perkins, who co-founded the firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in the 1970s, made his explosive comments in a letter to the WSJ over the weekend. The editors of the WSJ even found time to take shots at their rivals. You can read that Bloomberg piece here. Columnist Jonathan Bernstein observed that the rich seem quite paranoid these days.

This is how a WJS reporter described Perkins in a 2007 piece about the venture capitalist's $150 million yacht:

"He's rich, he's vulgar and he's proud."

Several studies have shown that the super-rich feel entitled and privileged, and lack empathy for "normal people". So it should come as no surprise that they would reject the notion that working and poor people should be "entitled" to healthcare, food stamps, disability, unemployment benefits, Social Security or employer-contributed retirement plans (or even jobs, or jobs that pay a living wage).

But they also lack empathy when they kill someone (yes, when they themselves, PERSONALLY, actually takes the life of someone else).

The mult-billionaire Tom Perkins was once convicted of involuntary manslaughter. In 1996, the yacht-crazed financier was racing off the French coast when he collided with a smaller boat, killing a French doctor on board. He got off with a $10,000 fine, then complained of the injustice.

Alice Walton of Walmart also got away with killing someone. She ran down a woman while speeding in her Porche. She was suspected of DUI, but just paid a fine—and didn't even offer to pay for the funeral. (Also read my post: Murder and Betrayal of the Rich and Famous)

Meet the new GOP, those that support people like Tom Perkins and Alice Walton: The national GOP front-runner is NOW Mike "Uncle Sugar" Huckabee (the Baptist minister from Arkansas and Fox News host). Among Republican voters, Huckabee enjoys a 64% approval rating (64% to 18%) while Sarah Palin holds a stunning 70% approval rating.

And the GOP balcony bully Rep. Michael Grimm (not to be confused with the bridge bully) also has a long history of being a jerk. Besides recently threatening a reporter for asking him about his campaign finance fraud, when he was once in the FBI, he was also very dangerous—waving a gun around in a bar.

GOP: The party of greed, family values, bullies and murder....somehow that fits the GOP perfectly (except for the part about "family values".

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