Monday, February 10, 2014

If Mitt Romney Runs for President in 2016

Please keep these short videos handy ---- just in case Mitt Romney runs again (Lest we forget). I produced and edited them all, then posted them at my YouTube channel, so feel free to do with them as you wish.

Mitt Romney at a Stripper Bar (during GOP convention) ---- 3:54 --- Rated PG-13 

Mitt Romney: The Great Audition ---- 1:17 --- Rated G 

Mitt Romney hosts "The Price is Right" --- 1:42 --- Rated G 

Mitt Romney's Money --- 2:55 --- Rated G 

Mitt Romney, Blind Trusts, Swiss Bank Accounts --- 0:35 --- Rated G 

Mister Romney versus President Obama in 2012 --- 2:32 --- Rated G 

Mitt Romney's Sad Romance (with a Busty Porn Star) --- 2:14 --- Rated PG-13 

Mitt Romney's Secret Trip to Iran (bashing Israel) --- 3:15 --- Rated G 

Ann Romney as Queen Ann --- 1:51 --- Rated G 

Mitt Romney: The Patriotic Chickenhawk --- Rated R (violence)
Long video at 39:43

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