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The Longest Bar in the World (In Las Vegas?)

In the 1930's the longest bar in the world was at the Subway Cafe (pictured below) on 507 N. Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Check out the rest, and see the world's longest bar.

The Subway Cafe Bar

Reported to be anywhere between 240 and 300 feet long, Tijuana's Mexicali Beer Hall (pictured below) was once billed as the “longest bar in the world". It was as long as a city block. But soon after prohibition ended in the US (1933) business at the Mexicali Beer Hall declined and it was eventually replaced by a Woolworth store.

Mexicali Beer Hall

The Lulu's Roadhouse's bar in Ontario, Canada made it into the 1985 Guinness World Book of Records as the longest permanent bar in the world but lost that distinction when the last owner cut a walk-way across the middle of it.

The bar inside the Mildura Working Man's Club in Victoria, Australia was also once in the Guinness Book of World Records for its 299-foot length; but it has been reported that it has since been cleared away to make room for more free-standing poker machines.

The Longest Bars Today

The Dubai York Hotel in the United Arab Emirates has a bar 66 feet long (below left), but the Stills Bar & Brasserie has the longest bar in all of Dubai at 85 feet (below right).

Stills Bar & Brasserie

The Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club (pictured below) in the Turks And Caicos Islands is often billed as the longest bar in the Caribbean at 90 feet long.

The Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club

The Great Banking Hall in Toronto, Canada used to be a center of financial commerce. It's said that now the 100-foot-long "teller counter" is the longest bar in Canada (no recent photo or info is available).

Also around 100 feet long is the bar at the Rand Club in Johannesburg, South Africa (pictured below). But it isn’t just the longest bar in the country, but maybe the entire continent of Africa. It's said to be "the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere" and "reputed to be the longest bar in Africa." (no info as to the length or number of bar stools).

Rand Club in Johannesburg

The Hyatt Regency Chicago at 151 East Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois makes this claim on their website: "Our open-air mezzanine-level bar and lounge boasts the longest free-standing bar on the continent." (pictured below) I emailed them at they were nice enough to tell me that the "free-standing" bar (meaning uninterrupted by columns, corners, bar doors, etc.) is 103 feet long and currently has 28 bar stools with plenty of room for more if they ever need them.

Hyatt Regency Chicago

A bar claiming to be the longest in the world is at the Port of Tel Aviv, in Israel. But the 394-foot bar doesn’t quite land it in the first-place slot (no good photos are available)

Generally considered to be the longest bar on the entire planet, according to the 1994 Edition of the Guinness World Book of Records, the world's longest permanent bar is the 405-ft 10-inch-long counter in the Beer Barrel Saloon at Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island, Ohio (pictured below). It opened in 1989 and has 160 bar stools.

Beer Barrel Saloon

Things in Texas might be BIG, but in Nevada they're very long. The title for "World's Longest Bar" may soon have a challenger with the "D Bar" (pictured below) at the D Hotel and Casino, located on the world famous Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas (also known as Glitter Gulch). They were called to inquire about the length and number of bar stools, but I've had no answer yet.

* With a little remodeling, the "D Bar" could very well have the most bar stools, the most TVs, the most bottles of liquor and stocked beer and the most bar-top video poker machines in the entire Universe. (As it is now, it's still the longest bar in Nevada).

D Bar at the D Hotel and Casino,

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