Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Will Republicans Finally Be Happy?

Take my poll: What will be the Republican’s very first bill introduced by their new Congress in 2015?

Just before the elections yesterday, the stock markets had already recently hit all-time record highs. So because Republican voters believe in the GOP's philosophy of "trickle down" economics, how many Republican voters will soon expect see big raises in their paychecks too? If not, would that be Obama's fault? And if so, why? Is Obama also the paymaster-and-chief for corporate America?

Since the elections yesterday, the Dow Jones has hit another record high in intra-day trading early this morning (as of this post). After the election results, Wall Street may now have a lot more to be grateful for. If they're happy, maybe Republican voters will be happy too. Maybe now Republican voters will see many more jobs created that also pay much better wages. Maybe now they can all be happy — now that they got what they wished for.

Now, if the Republicans can only get rid of Obama, that would REALLY make the Republicans happy!

John Boehner

I sincerely hope Obama signs into law EVERYTHING the Republican Congress sends him for legislation. I don't want Obama to veto a single bill. The voters have spoken, so give the American people what they want. They should NOT be careful what they wish for. Don't give the voters a single reason to blame Obama for anything, and then let's see what happens.

Republican politicians, Fox News pundits, corporate CEOs and the very wealthy all have something to be very happy about — dissention among the ranks of gullible voters. The GOP's "divide and conquer" strategy has once again given them the power that they so eagerly sought. So therefore, their moronic minions should finally be completely satisfied.

Besides believing that one man (Obama) was the main reason for "gridlock" in Congress, low voter turn-out may have also helped contribute to the GOP landslide.

There was once some discussion about making “voting” a legal requirement (like they do in some other countries); but I once feared that too many uninformed voters would be easily influenced by slick and deceptive political ads (rather than researching a candidate’s stance on particular policies), and skewing the election results. But yesterday’s voting results reminded me that you can’t fix “dumb” either.

Maybe there should be online voting, so more people (those who are busy working and taking care of kids) would have the time to vote. There are a lot of people who spend time on the internet to inform themselves of political matters, but they may not also have the extra time, or the physical access, or the proper ID to actually cast a vote.

Anti-democracy rulings by the Supreme Court have also helped the ignorant American sheeple to vote against their own best interests again, but this time, in a very big way. Yesterday, not only did the GOP win back the Senate in Congress and add numerous members to the House, Republican Governors such as Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, Nikki Haley, John Kasich and Scott Walker (to name a few) also won their re-elections — as did Republican Greg Abbott (replacing Rick Perry) who also won the governor race in Texas. (How much of this turnover in Congress was due to gerrymandering, and how much was due to criminal ignorance, is still yet unknown.)

This was a huge wave for the GOP. The American people have spoken — they want lower wages*, more income and wealth inequality, more voter suppression laws, continued unequal pay for women (and less reproductive rights for women), lower taxes on the rich and big corporations, fewer Social Security guarantees and less worker rights. I hope all the Republican voters' dreams come true.

* One oddity is, on the state level, some Republican states have actually raised THEIR state minimum wage, but also have Republicans in Congress who have denied the rest of the country a raise — as if, what's good for them isn't also good for everybody else.

The GOP winners in the Congressional races, those who have been bashing those in Washington, are now the very ones who are "those in Washington" — and the cycle continues. The lame-stream corporate media has been constantly repeating that the American people are "sick of the gridlock in Washington" and that voters are angry that nothing can ever get done. The media was not emphasizing that "Washington" itself wasn't the only problem, but that the Tea Party in Washington was one of the biggest problems (those who divided the Republican party, let alone, the entire country). So now I suppose the voters will think that getting very shitty things done in Washington is far much better than getting nothing done at all (as though any "change" was better than no change at all).

Now these stupid, naive, uniformed, "dumbed down" and ignorant Americans will have so much more of what they have been complaining about for the past 6 years (or has it been the past 35 years?). People around the world might ask themselves, "What in the Hell were those stupid-ass Americans thinking about?" And if so, I couldn't agree with them more. Does that make me "un-American"? Because today I'm ashamed of American voters for believing (like in a fairy tale) that the Republicans will make everything better for them.

Now I can only hope that the GOP will finally impeach Obama so they still won't have Obama to blame for anything. I also want Mitt Romney to win the next presidential election in 2016. Or better yet, Donald Trump — so we can hear him blather for 4 long years (or if we're lucky, 8 if he's re-elected in 2020.)

I want all social programs such as food stamps and welfare checks to be cut to the bone (or eliminated entirely). I want people to be forced to work until they're 75 years old (when the GOP raises the retirement age for Social Security) — or at least until Social Security will eventually go broke (then those moronic voters can work like dogs for peanuts until the very day they drop dead). And why not let the corporations steal all our pensions too!

I want the corporations to privatize everything — so they can sell off all our stuff (infrastructure, buildings, land, businesses, etc) to the Chinese (and others) for profits. Who cares? Who gives a damn? The Republican voters obviously don't.

I want our air and water to be contaminated with the most dangerous chemicals known to humankind (and tell Hell with "the children"). I want less safety and health laws (and no more health and safety inspections). And please, no more fines or penalties for poisoning the environment either! I want Obamacare to be repealed and everyone to lose Medicaid too (no more "pre-existing conditions". Let the "markets" decide.). And I want a lot more Medicare fraud too. (Why not? We might as well while we're at it. The GOP voters always vote for people who steal from their Medicare, so it only makes sense.) And I don't want people to be able to sue corporations for killing or crippling innocent people either (that includes all Republican grandmothers). And I also want lots of fracking in my own back yard.

I want a government so small we can drown it in a toilet (meaning, just less Democrats in government, but not less Republicans). I want our infrastructure to completely collapse — as well as all our government institutions. I want to defund the EPA, while also anticipating many more and bigger oil spills. I want the Keystone pipeline — so a corporation in Canada can send their oil to China, and to Hell with American property rights or contaminated aqueducts in the US. (Let the corporations bottle and sell ALL of our water for profits if they want to. Let them patent the water too!)

I also want to defund the IRS so that mega-rich tax evaders are never caught. I want more offshore tax havens. I want to eliminate ALL taxes for the rich so that our job creators will have everything they want. Greed is good, so more inequality must be too. I want more wars and more war profits for defense contractors too.

I want college tuitions to be triple than what they are now. And I want all college students to graduate with PhDs, but with at least $100,000 of debt (so they can all work as a taxi drivers or strippers while trying to pay off all their loans). I want to eliminate the entire public education system completely (and fire all those greedy school teachers), and only have expensive private schools for those who can afford them.

I want a lot more government workers fired (such as police, firefighters, teachers and those at the DMV) so that the next time I have to go renew my drivers license, I'll have to wait in line for at least 3 days. On second thought, why not fire ALL government workers (except for Republican ones, of course).

I want unemployment benefits completely eliminated for everyone that loses a job to a guestworker here in the US on a H-1B visa, or to an undocumented immigrant, or when their job goes to China. I also want more jobs offshored to many other low wage countries. I want many more really bad trade agreements. I also want much bigger trade deficits.

I want all the labor unions to go bust. I want more "right to work laws". I want to defund OSHA and any other government agency that protects workers. I want much more wage theft by the employers, so let's get rid of the Department of Labor too. I want the federal minimum wage law (and other labor laws, like over-time pay) to be repealed. There should be no minimum wage at all. As the GOP always says, "The private sector determines that." (like they apparently will determine everything else from now on.)

Rep. Darrell Issa was also re-elected — so I also want a lot more time and money wasted on more wacky and frivolous investigations. Subpoena Obama too! And for all his good and noble work, I think we should double Darrell Issa's congressional salary too (even though as a multi-millionaire, he is already one of the richest members of Congress).

I want more congressional gerrymandering, so that NO voter's vote counts for anything at all. I want less democracy and more money in politics, until we only have one political party: The GOP — until such a time when we have no political parties at all — when the corporations rule this country — when America finally becomes a full blown plutocracy.

I want the American people (specifically, the Republican voters) to have EVERYTHING that they just voted for. I want the Republican politicians to pass whatever laws they want with no restrictions at all. I want all those stupid Americans who just voted for the GOP to have EXACTLY what they all voted for --- but only TRIPLE for them.

I want Fox News to continue to say anything they want to (whether it's true or not); although, I'll feel a little bad that they'll have a few less Democrats to blame for a soaring stock market and record corporate profits — even though they will still blame Obama (our paymaster-and-chief) for not enough jobs and slave wages.

Evidently, the American people haven't suffered enough already, and must be made to feel a lot more miserable — before they finally change their stupid minds about "progressive" ideas and stop supporting "conservative" ideas. Yes, those voters will get exactly what they deserve — but because they might not know any better, it might not be at all what they really want. But regardless, I want all those GOP voters to shut the f*ck up the next time they have any complaints at all about "big government", horrible working conditions, piss-poor wages, corporate ripoffs, and big bad bankers* — because now those stupid-ass Republican voters should all be very happy now — and shouldn't be sad at all.

* Maybe if the Democrats had sent a few bankers to jail, the Republicans would have had a little less to bitch about. Oh wait — the GOP didn't want to prosecute bankers either!

Yes. I want the Republicans voters to have EVERYTHING they wished for and voted for — and to have the Republicans in total control of our BIG GOVERNMENT for at least the next two generations. I want the Republican voter's children and grand-children to know EXACTLY who left them with the America they'll have grown up in — when they'll no longer have a Democrat or a half-black President to blame for all their woes.

Now, if you really want to read a very informative post (one that's a lot less hostile to American voters, but yet, still makes the same points I made in my little diatribe), then read this excellent post by Michael Thornton at The Hill: "GOP voters nostalgic for outsourcing, unemployment and weaker job creation."

As a final note: Just before the stock market crash during the Great Recession, the comedian George Carlin died at the age of 71 on June 22, 2008. Watch his 3 minute video about The American Dream ("You'd have to be asleep to believe it"). Can you imagine what he'd have to say today?

The American voters just voted for the worse of two evils.


  1. LOL: The American People Have Spoken! (one comic that says it all.)

  2. can't say it any better than George ... there is no "party" for Americans who work for a living, that is people who sell their time to a boss to earn enough money for basic sustenance

    Bud i feel your pain. They say the millennials trend progressive, i think that was also the case in the mid to late '60's also and they were buried by corporations and the 1%'s money. Ergo the election of saint Reagan.

    The glory days of America's middle class are gone for good. And in an odd sort of way that perhaps is a good thing since once we are all serfs, perhaps we will rise up again against the plutocrats.

    I won't be holding my breath. Thanks for letting me post.

  3. President Barack Obama (August 29, 2014):

    "There has been a certain cynical genius to what some of these folks have done in Washington. What they’ve realized is, if we don’t get anything done, then people are going to get cynical about government and its possibilities of doing good for everybody. And since they don’t believe in government, that’s a pretty good thing. And the more cynical people get, the less they vote. And if turnout is low and people don’t vote, that pretty much benefits those who benefit from the status quo."

  4. After winning re-election last night, Paul Ryan [as expected] said he would seek the chairmanship of the the House Ways and Means Committee (the chief tax-writing committee.)

    From Paul Ryan's website on tax reform: "Promotes saving by eliminating taxes on interest, capital gains, and dividends; also eliminates the death tax." (The death tax is the inheritance tax.)

  5. It's not really "the Obama economy." People are feeling the effects of almost 35 years of economic policy that has deliberately favored the rich at the expense of the middle class. We've never reversed the "Reaganomics" tax policies. We've tweaked them a little bit, adjusting rates by a percentage point here and a percentage point there, but the basic policy has remained the same for over three decades. We're encouraging the rich to perpetrate a massive "wealth transfer" from their workers to themselves in the form of ever more preposterous pay packages for themselves coupled with stagnant wages for the masses, and we've been doing that for almost 35 years! Why would we expect the results to change under Obama? He hasn't proposed reversing the policy and the GOP wouldn't let him do it even if he wanted to.