Thursday, February 19, 2015

Door Slammers and Republicans

Perpetual door slammers literally drive me crazy — especially when I'm watching TV, reading, writing, playing my guitar, listening to music, watching a YouTube movie, editing a video on my computer or sleeping. In other words, whenever I'm just doing normal things — such as "living" (just being). It's especially heart-stopping when I'm trying to concentrate on something in particular (like adding up a column of numbers for a blog post I'm working on) — when suddenly, out of the blue — WHAM!!!!!

And then a few minutes later WHAM!!!! And then a few minutes later WHAM!!!! And then a few minutes later WHAM!!!!! WHAM!!!!

I used lived in an apartment, and while in the shower (vulnerable, with a head full of shampoo), sometimes I would hear my next-door neighbor's door slam close — and as my heart was pounding, I thought to myself, "Did someone just break in through my front door?" If you're not actually in the same room, and you hear a door slam like that, the sound can be coming from anywhere — you just don't know, because it vibrates throughout all the walls, the windows and objects in the room.

It wouldn't be nearly so bad if it only happened just once in a while. While although it's startling and annoying, I could live with that, because I don't believe I'm unreasonable or prone to complain. But when it happens constantly and repeatedly — and very loudly, over and over again, continuously, all the time and every day — egad! It's like being sonically assaulted or audibility tortured!

And even when you politely, thoughtfully, tactfully and diplomatically try to inform them of this annoyance (and even try offer them a reasonable and unobtrusive solution), they might get insulted or become angry with you — as if you are somehow infringing on their rights — just by mentioning it to them. But what's worse is, when they'll completely ignore your complaint and keep right on slamming their doors, just like before, showing no attempt whatsoever to compromise with you or to respect your space (and to get along with you). Sometimes, it seems, it's just the opposite: Maybe they'll start slamming their doors even louder and more consistently than ever before — out of spite — almost as if, now they were deliberately doing it on purpose — just to annoy you! "I'll show him! How dare he complain about me!"

It's almost like when someone politely asks someone else (sometimes twice, three times, or more), if they could please turn down their stereo or boom-box. The sonic offenders will feel dissed or disrespected: "How dare you ask me to do something other than what I choose!" They might even become irrationally outraged, or even violent. People have been known to be killed on NYC subways, at gas stations, or by their own neighbors when someone had the audacity to make such a innocent and harmless request; but yet, for whatever reason, the offender refused to comply.

It appears that, in many cases, maybe the sonic offender doesn't seem to realize that, with their assault on the other person with the airwaves, it was them who had been disrespectful and inconsiderate — not the other way around. But most likely, they probably just don't give a damn about you, what you think, or how you feel. They might just tell you to go f*ck yourself.

It makes wonder why some people can be so mean and vindictive. But there's something else that agitates me almost as much — and that's those with political agendas that advocate for policies and laws that consistently and seriously harm millions of real living people. Not only do they promote these type of ideas, but they use deception and lies to manipulate the masses and hide their true intentions. I'm not talking about third-world dictators, but politicians in America, working on behalf of plutocrats.

Is it passive aggression? Is it cruel antagonism? Is it overt animosity? Is it open hostility, bordering on outright hate? Or is it much less evil that? Maybe it's just apathy, ignorance or indifference. Maybe it's just selfish inconsideration. Maybe it's just someone who (for whatever reason) takes pleasure in exercising their control over others, or sadistically enjoys inflicting harm onto them. But how can anyone ever know for sure what their real reasons or intentions are for doing the things they do?

Maybe some of our political leaders have mental disorders — and I don't mean anxiety, depression, or simple mood swings — but something more serious, such as bipolar disorder, PTSD or schizophrenia. While I don't condemn anyone who suffers with these afflictions, maybe they shouldn't be governing us either; and they should be made to take and pass a psychological exam before taking an oath to office (rather than do harm to the many, instead of promoting the greater good).

Someone can attempt to explain to our politicians why they feel their policies are afflicting so much harm upon so many, but the politicos might feign ignorance and claim they don't understand. Or they might say you're being overly sensitive, and that it's all in your mind — and that it's just some perceived notion or slight on your part. Or maybe they might insult you or say it's your own fault, and pass all the blame on to you. One begins to ask themselves, "Why do they resent me so much? What did I ever do to them?" Well excuse me for living! You could ask them why they feel the way they do, but then again, they could just as easily lie to you (which they usually do).

So never vote for a Republican. And never surrender to the GOP's persistent deception, manipulation and propaganda either. It's time to slam the door back in their faces, and see how they like it for a change. But then again, don't allow a fake Democrat to fool you either.

And if someone is always slamming their door — WHAM!!!! WHAM!!!! WHAM!!!! WHAM!!!! WHAM!!!! WHAM!!!! Tough sh*t. Live with it or move to an isolated cabin high up in the mountains. If you have a door slammer in your life, you're usually dammed if you do or damned if you don't say something about it to the offender.

And the same goes for trying to have a reasonable conversation with a Republican politician. WHAM!!!!

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