Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Run, Bernie, Run!

Update: Bernie is running...

Vermont's NPR News: VPR has learned from several sources that Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders will announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday and will release a short statement — and then hold a major campaign kickoff in Vermont in several weeks.

Fox News confirms: The Associated Press also reported that the self-described socialist was planning on announcing a bid for the nomination, but did not specify a date. A spokesman for Bernie Sanders told Fox News that an announcement was coming Thursday, but wouldn’t say what it was as “we have to keep some suspense.”

The libertarian website Reason.Com writes: Sanders is the second candidate for the Democratic nomination, following Hillary Clinton into the race. He's expected to apply pressure on Clinton to move to the left economically. Perhaps it's already working. In any case, Sanders will give voice to the faction of the Democratic Party that's all about naked class envy. How much support he gets could indicate how popular that faction's become among the Democratic base.

Huffington Post: Sanders has criticized Clinton for being too soft on Wall Street and has doubted whether Clinton can address income inequality ... Sanders has been an outspoken critic of the Trans-Pacific Partnership ... Sanders is also a critic of the controversial Citizens United Supreme Court decision ... According to a HuffPost poll, Sanders trails Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. [Either people are stupid, or don't know who Bernie Sanders is or about, or the HuffPost has a lot of Hillary fans.]

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  1. First we had www.hookers4hillary.com

    Now we have Hustler's Larry Flynt, who is also officially "Ready for Hillary"

    CNN: Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign raised more money than Republican presidential hopefuls raised on their first day.

    If Hillary refused to take SuperPAC money, and her and Bernie only campaigned on small donations, Bernie would have a better chance to win.

    But Progressive groups continue to back Liz Warren, even though that goal looks less and less likely.

    In a March CNN/ORC poll, Sanders garnered 3% of the vote compared to Warren's 10%. When you remove Warren from the poll, Sanders jumps by 2 points to 5%, but [Third Way/Corporate] Clinton jumps by 5 points to 67%.