Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Slave trading in the 21st Century

Huffington Post: House Will Move Thursday On Clean Fast-Track Bill

The plan is: "After the clean TPA bill is passed and sent to the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will then attach TAA to the African Growth and Opportunity Act, a separate trade bill involving African countries."

From my daily diatribe:

Members of Congress are looking for a new way to enslave black people again by making Africa the next new "emerging market". Rather than brutally forcing them pick cotton for the cost of room and board (like wealthy plantation owners in the American South did in the 19th century, or paying them less than minimum wage like industrialists did in the 20th century), in the 21st century American billionaires want to pay black people (and all people) even less — less than than Nike does for Asian workers at 60 cents an hour to make shoes selling for $400 in the U.S.

By "Powering Africa", they want black people to earn less than people earn in Vietnam — because black people (or Asians, when they built the U.S. railroads) can no longer be shipped here on clippers and come under the lash to work for free.

So to bypass modern labor unions and American minimum wage laws and other labor regulations, these American "job creators" want trade deals (like TPP) to use black labor to undercut wages in Vietnam, Cambodia and China — just to further screw American workers.

There is NO END to their greed or moral short-comings! They already have hundreds of billions of dollars hoarded away (untaxed) in offshore bank accounts, but yet, they crave billions more!

It's become increasingly apparent that they (the mega-rich) don't believe in any "God", or any other higher spiritual being — or what Christians call Heaven or Hell — because assuredly, these selfish mega-wealthy money-hoarders will go straight to an eternal damnation in Hell when their human biological hearts finally stop beating.

When they eventually arrive at the Pearly Gates, what will their excuse to God be? "I had bills to pay. I had to feed my family. I ...."

GOD: “Too late. Your time has expired. Welcome to Dante's Inferno.”

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