Thursday, July 9, 2015

CNN Gave Hillary Clinton a Free Ride

During Hillary Clinton's first major sit-down interview with the media this year (CNN), among the many topics, she was not asked about:

  • her views on fast-track or the pending TPP, TTIP and TiSA trade agreements — and the offshoring of jobs.
  • her opinion on expanding Social Security or shoring up the disability and old age trust funds.
  • how she would reform the tax code — if she'd tax capital gains more or would eliminate the estate tax.
  • her thoughts on a $15 federal minimum wage, labor unions and workers rights.

But in a way, Hillary did admit that one needs a lot of money to run for president:

"What's great about America is anybody can run for president. That is literally true. And you have to go out and you have to do what everybody else does. You have to make your case. You have to have your agenda. You have to raise the money. You have to work really hard."

But Hillary is not just "anybody". She was a First Lady, a New York Senator, and a previous presidential contender. And as a consolation prize for losing the race, she was awarded the job as Secretary of State.

And Hillary hasn't really "made her case" either — at least, not yet. (In contrast, Bernie Sanders has). Hillary talks the famous "Clinton-Speak", avoids the media, and gives "neutral" answers to some of the most serious questions. So we really don't know what her real "agenda" is either.

But Hillary has raised money...lots of money. But can just "anybody" raise money the way she does? And if not, then can just "anybody" run for president? No. So her statement "literally true" is literally false.

And Hillary always appears to be coached for her interviews. And instead of really HARD questions, she gets these "folksy" questions:

CNN's Brianna Keilar (who attended Clinton aide’s wedding and fawned over Hillary) "Have you given any thought to the woman who should be on the $10 bill?"
Hillary Clinton: "You know, I am very torn about it. I want a woman on a bill."

Was that supposed to make Hillary appear more "human" — more like a "regular" person? Or was she just reaffirming her commitment to women's rights? That must have pissed off a lot of misogynists.

Fox News will use a mix of national polls to decide which ten Republicans appear in the first debate next month. In South Carolina, 130 Republicans signed a letter of warning that Fox News is threatening the relevance of their primary:

“Excluding candidates based on national polling at this point in the race rewards name recognition for those candidates who are celebrities, candidates who have run previously, or candidates who have lots of money to purchase early national advertising".

It sounds like they were talking about Hillary Clinton. So not just "anybody" can run for president — whether they're a Democrat, or a Republican, or an Independent — because if that were the case, a lot more people would be running for president, including myself.

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