Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary — and fast!

The HuffPost pollster is currently tracking 120 polls from 22 pollsters for the 2016 National Democratic Primary (updated August 27, 2015):

Poll: Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

* I'm not sure if all or most of these polls only reflect the opinions of registered Democrats, or if they also include opinions from Independents who aren't (yet) registered to vote.

The newest Quinnipiac Poll shows match-ups among ALL registered American voters, and we can see that Bernie Sanders is in very strong contention — not only among Democrats, but also against Republican rivals:

Joe Biden beats Trump 48-40 percent (+4)
Joe Biden beats Bush 45-39 percent (+6)
Joe Biden beats Rubio 44-41 percent (+3)

Hillary Clinton beats Trump 45-41 percent (+4)
Hillary Clinton beats Bush 42-40 percent (+2)
Hillary Clinton beats Rubio 44-43 percent (+1)

Bernie Sanders beats Trump 44-41 percent (+3)
Bernie Sanders beats Bush 43-39 percent (+4)
Bernie Sanders beats Rubio 41-40 percent (+3)

But the mainstream media is making it only look like a race between Hillary and Biden if he runs. Many times they act as though Bernie doesn't even exist!

Now, if Uncle Joe doesn't run, will those votes then go to Hillary or Bernie? Remember, Biden is more like a Third Way Democrat (such as Hillary and Obama on trade deals, etc.) than a progressive Democrat (like Bernie, who opposes offshoring more jobs). So why has the CEO of the AFL-CIO met with Biden? Why hasn't the largest labor union in the U.S. already endorsed Bernie Sanders? And for that matter, why hasn't Elizabeth Warren? What's wrong with these people? Whose side are they REALLY on?


Washington Post: A possible Biden run puts the Obama fundraising network on high alert. A wide swath of Democratic party financiers are convinced that Biden will make a late entry into the race, and a sizable number are contemplating backing him, including some who have signed on with Clinton.

The Nation: Even though Senator Warren has already made it perfectly clear she's not running, and with speculation about Joe Biden entering the race, some are still urging Warren to run (Maybe it shows that the Democrats and the Hillary campaign are running scared after seeing Bernie's surge.)

New York Times: Former Senator Tom Harkin (who supports Hillary Clinton) said the vice president should not risk ending his career with what would be a third bid for the presidency. “He has served the country so well and been a good friend of mine — I love Joe,” Mr. Harkin said in a phone interview. “I just don’t think this would be a wise move.”

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton's supporters have grown more nervous about the changing primary landscape, which also includes an unexpectedly vigorous challenge by Senator Bernie Sanders and the campaign’s handling of the widening e-mail problem. Washington Post: Bernie Sanders to Democratic Party elite: "Consider me, not Hillary Clinton."

CNN: "In a CNN/ORC Poll in August, 49% of Democratic voters said the former first lady would do the best job in tackling race relations, well ahead of Sanders or Biden." Oh really? If she's "well ahead" of Sanders and Biden, then the other 51% must be divided between Sanders and Biden among "Democrats" --- but what do the "Independents" (the majority) think?

In other BERNIE NEWS: Bernie Sanders said the Postal Service’s biggest financial obstacle is a Bush administration mandate that the agency prefund future health-care costs for retiring postal workers...To cut costs, postal officials have closed about 150 mail-sorting plants since 2012. In January, they relaxed delivery standards by eliminating overnight delivery for local first-class letters that used to arrive the next day. And up to half of mail that is traveling longer distances was given an extra day to reach its destination. Washington Times: Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein's husband cashed in selling old post offices... [And speaking of "mail"...]

BONUS: A re-mixed Bernie Sanders hip-hop song: "Feel the Bern" is here at YouTube —> and visit Bernie's "Feel the Bern" store at his website here.

Bernie Sanders says the billionaires "can't have it all". But yet, they still keep trying: The billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks threatened to leave the State of Wisconsin if they couldn't get $400 million of taxpayer money to build a new stadium. So naturally, Republican Gov. Scott Walker complied. The top 0.01% always uses financial blackmail to get subsidies and tax breaks from State governments — playing one State against another to get the best deal possible. The super-rich owners always use "jobs" as carrots to sell their proposals — usually paying the lowest wages possible, while charging $10 for hotdogs to pay players millions a year. Oh, and what about those tax breaks they get from the federal government -- especially the NFL.

What's with the big war on Bernie? What to the very rich and powerful, and the established political party machines, have to fear? Are they afraid to "Feel the Bern"?

Bernie Sanders at Washington Post

I'm not so sure Bernie is really "left-leaning", unless FDR was also "left-leaning" —> Bernie Sanders Could be the Next FDR —> And what's worse, a Democratic Socialist, or a hardcore Libertarian? Like Bernie Sanders, the libertarian-owned newspaper also hates Donald Trump, maybe because he too would raise Jeff Bezo's taxes — because he is one of the billionaires that wants it all.

Bernie Sanders on Fox News

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado (a pro-Koch brothers Democrat) also love billionaires, and called on Hillary Clinton to take a position on the Keystone XL Pipeline, a pipeline that he supports. Senator Bennet was also one of thirteen Democrats to switch their votes in favor of allowing fast-track authority for the TPP trade agreement to offshore jobs, make American taxpayers beholden to foreign-owned multi-national corporations, and raise prescription drug prices.

TIME: Hillary Clinton's campaign wants to register you to vote — but only if you're a Hillary supporter. "We don’t want to make our focus be voter registration, because then we have to, like, register everyone regardless of whether they’re supporters or not,” the Clinton organizer is shown in a video as saying. [Bernie Sanders wants EVERYONE to vote, and to let the chips fall as they in a REAL democracy.]

We're still waiting for #BlackLivesMatter to get up real close and personal into Hillary Clinton's face (and with hate in their eyes) threaten to shut down a Hillary rally if she doesn't allow members of BLM to speak first. We're still waiting...

As an aside, from The Center for Public Integrity: 'Deez Nuts' puts Federal Election Commission on bozo patrol. "A rash of bogus presidential candidates is taxing government resources ... Since a poll propelled the fake U.S. presidential candidate into national headlines, 249 copycats, clowns and pranksters have inundated the Federal Election Commission with paperwork launching "official" White House campaigns.


  1. From Mother Jones: 4 Reasons Why a Biden Run Would Help Sanders (In my words):

    1) If Joe Biden is in the Democratic primary race, the establishment pro-corporate Democratic votes will be split. That means an outsider (Bernie) will need a lower percentage of the votes to win.

    2) As a former senator from Delaware, Biden might have to turn to banks and financial firms for campaign money (like Hillary) which could undermine any attempt on his part to win support from the Sanders or Elizabeth Warren side of the party.

    3) Her majesty’s grip on the Party Machine nomination would likely weaken Hillary’s position, and Democrats would then have “permission” to question her candidacy.

    4) Sanders expects Clinton to confront him at some point during the campaign, but with Joe Biden in the mix, Bernie may get a temporary pass — because Biden would most likely would cut more into Clinton's share of votes than Sanders' — so The Clintonites would probably move much more quickly to “neutralize” the Biden threat, giving Bernie Sanders a longer time in the Express Lane.

  2. After months of negotiations, the Clinton campaign reached an agreement with the Democratic National Committee on a joint fundraising agreement that will allow Hillary to raise funds for the national party for use in the general election.

    This was almost funny... Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager, said: "In the face of unlimited soft money donations from billionaires funding the Republicans, Democrats will need a strong effort to counter." (Isn't George Soros a billionaire?]

    The DNC desperately needs the money, currently having just $7.6 million in available cash and $6.2 million in debts and loans. The DNC collected $36.5 million in the first six months of this year, compared to $63 million for its Republican counterpart.

    Bernie Sanders doesn't follow the money: The Vermont senator has an unorthodox strategy for raising campaign cash: Don't do it.

    The DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz voted for fast-tracking the TPP trade agreement, which Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are for, but which Bernie is against. And the DNC controls the democratic primary debates, limiting them to benefit Hillary Clinton.

    As an aside: How Hillary's BFF operated at the center of the Clinton universe

    As an aside: Hillary Clinton’s Handling of Email Issue Frustrates Democratic Leaders