Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bernie Sanders passes Hillary Clinton — Feel the Bern!

AUGUST 12, 2015 --- Bernie Sanders surged ahead of Hillary Clinton in a stunning new 2016 poll. The poll gives Sanders a 44-37 lead over Clinton in New Hampshire. (Links at Business Insider and Boston Herald). Bernie's surge should be a "wake up call" for the Clinton campaign (via Boston Herald). Hillary Clinton's N.H. pal is "a bit surprised’ by Bernie Sanders' poll leap (via Boston Herald).

In an attempt to downplay these poll results this morning, two pro-Hillary talking heads on MSNBC's "News Nation with Tamron Hall" (on two separate occasions during this one show) were spinning the poll numbers — that Bernie Sanders' positive numbers over Hillary Clinton were only "protest votes" — and that most still believe Hillary will be the eventual Democratic nominee.

No, they are not just "protest votes" — because those people really do prefer Bernie; but they also know that the Democratic Party Machine (just like the Republican Party Machine) is corrupt, and will not abide by the popular vote. So most of those people polled (despite wanting Bernie for POTUS), still believe the system is rigged — and therefore, expect the DMC to nominate Hillary (regardless of who THE PEOPLE prefer).

Later on MSNBC (on the Thomas Roberts show) they had on guest Daunasia Yancey, founder of #BlackLivesMatter in Boston, when they also mentioned that 77% of voters think Bernie Sanders represent a threat to Hillary' campaign. MSNBC seems to give a lot of air time to Bernie Sanders' agitators — and which indicates why they're also canceling the "The Ed Show" (to silence progressive voices like Bernie Sanders).

Unlike Bernie Sanders, the Clinton campaign shut down a #BlackLivesMatter protest after being given advanced warning of a possible protest — and instead, held a "respectful" closed-door meeting. So Instead of having the opportunity to confront Clinton in a public setting — such as those recently faced by candidate Bernie Sanders — five activists from Massachusetts, including #BlackLivesMatter Boston founder Daunasia Yancey, were ushered into an overflow room to watch the event and later treated to a closed-door meeting with Clinton to which reporters were not allowed (because like all Clintons, Hillary has always been very distant and not very forthcoming with the media.)

Did Hillary make a backroom deal with #BlackLivesMatter? One can only imagine: "If you only disrupt Bernie Sanders' speeches, and not embarrass me, I will give you a job in the White House after I'm elected."

Maybe because, after having a black president and a black U.S. attorney general for the past 7 years, it just wasn't enough to make an effective change in social injustice for the African-American community. Maybe the black community, for whatever reason, thinks Hillary will do a much better job, and maybe even a better job than Bernie Sanders.

According to the Washington Post, African-Americans mostly favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. But why exactly? What has she or her husband done to greatly improve their lives? [IMHO, they'd be fools to vote for Hillary over Bernie.] So we can suppose that, for Hillary, it's #BlackVotesMatter — because without them, she'd have no chance of beating Bernie in a popular vote.

Bernie Sanders has since hired a 25-year-old African-American press secretary, Symone Sanders (no relation to Bernie), and she’s now introducing him at events. The move comes after he’s taken heat from radical #BlackLivesMatter activists (Yes, even more "radical" than Senator Bernie Sanders. Can you believe it?)

Recently a national labor union of registered nurses provided a big boost to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. National Nurses United (NNU), which represents 185,000 nurses, most of them women, announced that they would formally back the senator and campaign on his behalf as he competes with front-runner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. But the much larger American Federation of Teachers, which represents 1.6 million workers, backs Hillary (Because the president of that union is a good friend of Hillary's, so she'll probably lose her job.)

But other unions may soon follow the NNU and declare their early support for Sanders, particularly if they're dismayed by Clinton's hesitance on issues like the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which has been vehemently opposed by organized labor. The most coveted labor endorsement of all — that of the AFL-CIO union federation, which includes NNU — is unlikely to come at all during a contested primary. The federation generally waits until a candidate has been settled upon to make its endorsement.

So the AFL-CIO would actually support Hillary if she won the DNC nomination — Hillary Clinton, who supports the TPP trade agreement!

In other Bernie news...Last June hip hop recording artist "Killer Mike" took to Twitter to endorse Bernie Sanders for president in 2016 — specifically because of the senator’s vow to restore the Voting Rights Act. And recently comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted that she was “so proud” to introduce Bernie Sanders at his Los Angeles rally last Monday night — where Bernie had yet another record-breaking crowd.

In Hillary News...

Hillary Clinton swears: I turned over all my required e-mails (Washington Post and Washington Post).

Comment: Whenever Hillary Clinton denies sending classified emails on her personal server, she always says that her emails "AT THAT TIME" were not classified. So, unless someone (other than Hillary) officially designates something "TOP SECRET" in advance, whatever Hillary chooses to send via her email is perfectly OK — that is, unless someone else (CIA, FBI, etc.) says something differently only after-the-fact.

So all along it was Hillary, and only Hillary, who had decided what was considered "classified" in her emails before she deleted the ones that only she chose not to save — because that way, no one could later say, "That email should have been marked as classified" --- because there is no email to judge (it was deleted!)

Maybe she deleted emails that were only related to the Clinton's foundation — and those regarding foreign donors. But if China can hack our government's servers, they could have easily hacked Hillary's personal server.

And her stupid story about having to carry "two different devices" for two different email accounts (one for classified and one for personal email) is just totally absurd. Already the inspector general has found TWO of the emails (that weren't deleted) that should have been classified as "TOP SECRET".

But Clinton will never be penalized in any way because Obama and his administration are pals with Hillary (they're all part of that same Democratic Party Machine). Of course, Hillary supporters are making all kinds of "spin" about these emails (just like about the latest polls results for Bernie) — and naturally, the GOP is running with this story as well. Maybe we should have another hash-tag: #NoDirtonBernie


  1. so sad to see the most honest, forthright politician of my lifetime get destroyed by the plutocratic entities that control this country. Brings tears to my eyes.

    1. Allen: don't waste time with tears... go to a Bernie meet up on FB and find out where they are holding caucus meetings. Have house parties. Put a bumper sticker on your car for free advertising and name recognition for Bernie. Wear a Bernie T shirt. know what your precinct is and start a FB group called: Bernie Sanders 2106 Precinct # ( fill in your precinct number) so you can organize YOUR neighborhood precinct. Caucuses matter in March. Whoever votes in the caucuses in relevant states WINS the nomination. Get busy. #Feelthebern!!

  2. Great article and video! I'm sharing! Go Bernie!