Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Another Cookie-Cutter Politician

Bernie is not, but here's why he hasn't attacked Hillary — with some artistic editing ;)

After Bernie Sanders had been previously leading Hillary Clinton in the Iowa straw poll, the Iowa Secretary of State reports that after day 6 Hillary has pulled slightly ahead. Why? Because of her supposedly "evolving" positions further to the left?

DEM: Hillary Clinton 47.96% -- Bernie Sanders 46.07%
GOP: Donald Trump 28% -- Ben Carson 20%

Hillary Clinton has always been a pro-corporate/pro-banker "Third Way" Democrat. So who really believes she "evolved" to be more progressive since 2008? It's so obvious that she's only borrowing ideas from Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to get votes. And who really believes she'll try to initialize those ideas if she ever gets elected?

Boston Globe: "Third Way, backed by Wall Street titans, corporate money, and congressional allies, is publicly warning against divisive soak-the-rich politics voiced by populist Democrats. Its target: Elizabeth Warren." But because Warren's not running, her supporters are backing Senator Bernie Sanders, so we can now say it's a battle between Third Way Democrats and Progressive Democrats (who Bernie caucuses with). So it would be a travesty if Senator Warren didn't also endorse and campaign on behalf of Senator Sanders.

Hillary supports the TPP trade agreement and the Keystone pipeline (although she won't publicly say so). And unlike Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, she doesn't support expanding Social Security — although she says she supports expanding benefits for low-income seniors and women (the largest part of her voting base). And she says she would "consider" raising the cap on the amount of earnings taxable for Social Security — but otherwise, she has said very little about the program.

She also won't raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but might gradually raise it to a measly $10.10 after several years. And she won't repeal the law (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) that her husband Bill passed in 1999 to gut the Glass–Steagall Act which deregulated the banks.

And who thinks she believes in #BlackLivesMatter issues more so than Bernie Sanders — and that she's not just pandering for black votes (and woman's votes) just to get herself elected? Members of the group recently met with Hillary Clinton (watch both videos at The Hill, and read an article about the exchange at the Washington Post). Later BLM member Julius Jones said Clinton "was ducking personal responsibility for the role that her and her family played" in laws pushed by the Bill Clinton administration that affected mass incarceration. BLM member Daunasia Yancey added that the "targeting on policy wasn't sufficient for us."

National security must be a big joke to Hillary. She told a 2,100-person audience at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding dinner of her recently-created account on Snapchat, the popular picture and video app where users’ messages are automatically erased after they’re seen. “I love it,” Clinton joked. “Those messages disappear all by themselves.” The inspector general found an additional 300 emails in Hillary's email system that likely contain classified materials, after inspecting 20 percent of the communications turned over by Clinton. That's one in every 20 emails. More at the Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton tangled with reporters over her email server yesterday on a visit to Las Vegas, telling them she had no idea if she’d wiped it clean of data. “What, like with a cloth or something? Look, my personal e-mails are my personal business. Right?” When Fox News’ Ed Henry pressed, Clinton shrugged and walked away: “Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys.” [Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were in Las Vegas to court the union vote — which the AFL-CIO is waffling on..]

As usual, and only after-the-fact, Hillary Clinton only now came out against Obama's arctic drilling plan. Hillary Clinton has agreed with the vast majority of President Barack Obama's policies (such as the Keystone pipeline and the TPP trade agreement), but in a Tweet on Tuesday she expressed her disapproval with one: letting Shell drill for oil in the Arctic.

After the Keystone pipeline is built, she'll say she was against it. After the TPP trade agreement is passed, she'll say she was against it. After drilling permits are issued, she says she's against it. And now our politicians want to export domestic oil. So what about all that political B.S. talk about making America "energy independent" if America's natural resources will be sold on the global market?

All along cookie-cutter politicians like Hillary have very much been the biggest part of the problem that we've had with the POLITICAL MACHINE in this country for the past several decades. Just like Obama's false "Hope and Change" campaign, Hillary is trying to "talk the talk" of a progressive; but just like Obama, she is more like a Republican on economic issues, more so than a progressive like Bernie Sanders. Hillary and Obama are really "phony Democrats". As President Harry Truman said in 1952:

"The people don't want a phony Democrat. If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat."


"Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination face a significantly more left-leaning party base than their predecessors did over the last 15 years. Forty-seven percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents now identify as both socially liberal and economically moderate-or-liberal [compared to 39% in 2008 and 30% in 2001] ... Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton faces a more liberal base than she did when she last ran for president in 2008, and no doubt will be calibrating her positions accordingly."

No doubt, that's why Hillary sought a secret meeting with Warren last year to — 1) politically neutralize Warren, and 2) to dig up some good "progressive" talking points to use on the campaign trail.

That's why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been doing so well in the polls (Trump is well on top among the GOP candidates), because they are both "genuine" — and the American people want real change (not just a change in faces). If the Democratic Party Machine nominates Hillary (depriving me of my vote for Bernie), maybe I'll vote for Donald Trump out of spite as a protest vote (if the GOP nominates Trump as their candidate). But if it's only a choice between Hillary and any other GOP candidate, then I'm screwed again — and will once again have to vote for the better of two evils.

Hillary be like: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hillary should do the country a big favor and just drop out on the race instead of forcing herself and her "Third Way" pro-corporate/pro-banking policies upon us. We need a real political revolution, not another Clinton or Bush (or some other corrupt cookie-cutter politician like them).


  1. Hillary Clinton Continues To Distance Herself From Her Husband's Crime Policies: "Decisions were made in the '80s and '90s to deal with what was at that time a very high crime rate that was particularly affecting poor people, people of color in the cities. I think that a lot was done that went further than it needed to go and so now we are facing problems with mass incarceration."

    Saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in catering bills, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign wants to have donors foot the bill for those appetizers and gin-and-tonics -- not to mention valet parking -- at some fund-raisers.

  2. Daily Kos: #Black Lives Matter vs Hillary Clinton

    The author writes: "I think Hillary is a good person to have on our side."

    I'd like to ask: "Whose side? BlackLivesMatters? I think she'll only pander for the Black vote to get herself elected." (#BlackVotesMatter)

    What about the way Hillary feels on matters such a $15 minimum wage, passing fast-track for the TPP trade agreement, enforcing Dodd-Frank and building the Keystone pipeline? Her stance on college tuition is just a hybrid idea encompassing small parts of Warren's and Sanders' plan.

    Yes, Hillary may have "evolved" on a few social issues — so maybe she's also evolved on matters such as drug policies, the Iraq war, mass incarcerations, welfare "reform" and the bankruptcy laws.

    But Bernie and Hillary are NOT on the same side on most policy issues. She's only NOW talking like a progressive, but has always been a "Third Way" Democrat (which is a "Moderate" Republican) on the economic issues.