Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clinton vs Sanders without Joe Biden in the Polls

Joe Biden (a moderate Democrat who supports the TPP trade agreement), by refusing to acknowledge whether he'll run for President or not, continues to be included in the polls. In contrast, Elizabeth Warren (who is more progressive and supports expanding Social Security) has flatly said she would not run for president, and so therefore, is never included in the polls.

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll (as of September 1st) if polling data showed Hillary Clinton losing to a GOP candidate, more Democrats would vote for Biden:

Joe Biden............38%
Bernie Sanders.....30%

But what if Joe Biden doesn't run — and if polls showed Clinton losing to a GOP candidate, what then? Would the Democratic Party Machine ("moderates" — like Hillary Clinton) get behind Senator Bernie Sanders — an "Independent" who caucuses with "progressive" Democrats and advocates for the same causes as FDR did? Compare Senator Bernie Sanders on the issues (here and here) versus Hillary Clinton on the issues.

Or will the Democratic Party Machine scramble for a Plan B to get anyone else OTHER than Bernie Sanders as their nominee — even if polls show Bernie Sanders leading against all GOP candidates?

And what if Biden does run, but polls still show Bernie Sanders leading over Biden against GOP candidates? Will the Democratic Party Machine STILL back Uncle Joe? Because there are Republican voters who believe that Bernie Sanders has a much better chance of beating the GOP's top candidate than does Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday Ann Coulter was on Fox News as a guest on Judge Jeanine Pirro's show discussing the Hillary Clinton email scandal. While responding to Bernie Sanders' overtaking Hillary Clinton in the Iowa poll, Ann Coulter had said [paraphrased] "Maybe we shouldn't be picking so much on Hillary because we want her to run against Trump."

CNN (September 11, 2015) According to a new CNN/ORC poll: Nationally, Clinton's lead over Sanders shrinks as her edge over GOP vanishes. Hillary was 58% to 15% over Bernie three months ago, and is now only 37% to 27% over Bernie now.

CNN - ORC poll Clinton vs Sanders

The new YouGov/CBS News poll (Sept 10, 2015) makes you wonder what these numbers below would look like without Joe Biden also being included:

Full Iowa Poll

Bernie Sanders....43%
Hillary Clinton......33%
Joe Biden............10%

* Clinton's support is 7 points higher among Iowa women than men.

Full New Hampshire Poll

Bernie Sanders....52%
Hillary Clinton......30%
Joe Biden.............9%

Full South Carolina Poll

Hillary Clinton.......46%
Bernie Sanders......23%
Joe Biden.............22%

* Sanders trails Clinton by 48 points among blacks in South Carolina. Bernie is not yet that well-known among the African-American community. Otherwise, why would they support Hillary Clinton — just because she's a Democrat and she has "name recognition"?

INQUISTER (September 13, 2015):

South Carolina, a state that is still reeling from a racially-motivated massacre, welcomed Bernie Sanders back while on his campaign trail. Sanders returned to South Carolina after his visit there last month. Sanders did a series of three town hall meetings in the state on Saturday. The first stop on Sanders’ agenda was at the historical Benedict College in Columbia. Sanders talked about his plan to provide free college tuition at public schools. He also talked about restoring voting rights protections and raising the minimum wage. Sanders also raised concerns about “institutionalized racism,” justice system reform, and his support of having a universal minimum of 12 weeks paid family and medical leave.

Cornell West, a supporter of Black Lives Matter and civil rights activist, joined Sanders in South Carolina. West spoke about a interruption by BLM at one of Sanders’ previous rallies.

“Once people are exposed to who he really is, and see his genuine commitment to racial justice, economic justice and gender justice, we won’t have too many worries about those kinds of disruptions.” (This is Bernie Sanders on racial issues: link and link)

Cornell West introduces Bernie Sanders at Benedict College:

Someone please tell black voters NOT to vote against their own best interests — and vote for Bernie Sanders — because they too need to Feel the Bern!


  1. "What I love about brother Bernie is that he is a brother of integrity and honesty and decency." - @CornelWest

    "Get in on the love train. That’s what Bernie Sanders’ campaign is.” - @CornelWest

  2. Hillary Clinton is doubling down on a strategy laid out months ago. The prospectus is a detailed month-by-month, state-by-state strategy to roll out serious policy proposals, raise a prohibitive amount of money, lock up Democratic delegates and woo members of her party’s disaffected left.

    It was designed to win what had been presumed to be a somewhat dull primary without looking too presumptuous. Now Clinton has a full-on fight on her hands against a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and faces the possibility that Vice President Biden will make a late entrance. Biden sits at roughly 20 percent in recent polls, and most of that support appears to come from erstwhile Clinton voters.

  3. Why would Fox News praise polls showing Joe Biden in a better position to beat a Republican in 2016 than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders — unless the Republicans WANT Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee, thinking the Republicans have a better chance of beating him?