Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elizabeth Warren wooed on Air Force One

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) snapped a selfie with Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) on Air Force One after President Obama’s recent trip to Boston. Why were they on Air Force One and why were they in Boston?

Senator Elizabeth Warren selfie on Air Force One

September 2015 - Boston Herald: "President Obama was the headliner at yesterday’s powerful gathering of Massachusetts union leaders — but that didn’t stop the Bay State’s senior senator from garnering bigger cheers — or from taking a jab at the president’s controversial trade policy. Elizabeth Warren, who spoke before Obama arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel for the annual Greater Boston Labor Day Breakfast, subtly needled the president on his Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which she has criticized as tilting too far toward corporate interests."

Elizabeth Warren has already met with two other Third Way/Centrist Democrats: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton had summoned Warren to her mansion last December (it was reported that Hillary did not ask Liz to endorse her).

And recently Joe Biden has also met with Senator Elizabeth Warren — who is very popular among "progressive" Democrats and whose supporters currently back Bernie Sanders.

When asked by the Boston Globe, "Was there any talk with the Vice President about a joint ticket, even jokingly?" Warren had laughed and coyly replied: "It was ah ... ah ...it was a long conversation."

Now it appears that Elizabeth Warren is also being courted by another Third Way/Centrist Democrat: President Obama. Pictured below is Senator Elizabeth Warren stepping off Air Force One upon her arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on September 7, 2015. Warren had returned to Washington with US President Barack Obama who was in Boston to address the Greater Boston Labor Council Labor Day Breakfast.

Can the DNC hijack Elizabeth Warren to best Bernie Sanders?

Elizabeth Warren stepping off Air Force One

And where was Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders took his place in the picket line.

Bernie Sanders doesn't just "talk the talk," he "walks the walk" — literally.

Union workers at a plant are on the job without a contract, but are threatening to strike if a deal is not reached with the new owner. The picketers cycled through several chants, including, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, the war on workers has got to go".

Then Bernie Sanders' car drove up. He was handed a sign and took his place in the picket line. Sanders has marched in solidarity with aggrieved workers throughout his career in politics.

Neither Joe Biden, President Obama and Hillary Clinton (pictured below) — nor Elizabeth Warren — had showed up on the picket line.

Joe Biden, President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren and the labor unions would be doing a great disservice to American workers if they endorsed someone other than Senator Bernie Sanders.


  1. Hillary Clinton hasn't been a leader — she's been a follower, as she followed Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

    Hillary's "ideas" for college tuition, campaign finance reform, tax reform (etc.) came from Warren and Sanders. And her versions of "reform" are watered-down versions of Warren's and Sanders'.

    Now we have Joe Biden who is doing the same thing. We have "Third Way" pro-corporate Democrats (Hillary and Joe) mimicking real progressive changers (Liz and Bernie) in an attempt to keep the status quo of the Democratic political party's machine.

    The Washington Post reports, "Hillary Clinton will propose a federal matching program for small donors to dilute the influence of big money in the political process. She wants to lower the federal contribution limit for presidential and congressional donors who participate in the program, though she hasn’t said to what amount."

    Hillary's "idea" for campaign finance reform is almost laughable because 1) she isn't sincere 2) she never mentioned this before Warren and Sanders made it an important issue 3) she still fundraises from rich campaign donors.

    While it's understandable the Democrats would want this change in campaign finance reform (because union membership is down and corporations give large sums to Republicans — so the Democrats are forced to fight fire with fire). But why has Hillary been personally getting so much attention in the media for this, and not so much Bernie Sanders?


    ZIGNAL VISUAL: Joe Biden getting way more attention from pundits on TV than the grassroots on Twitter. Our analytics partners at Zignal Labs flag a persisting discrepancy between how much the vice president’s trial balloon is getting covered by the mainstream media vis-a-vis generating buzz among real people. While Bernie Sanders has caught fire on social medial (the #FeelTheBern hashtag has broken through in popular culture), Biden is still a Twitter afterthought.

  2. CNN is making BREAKING NEWS from a Bloomberg article showing results from a Monmouth University Poll* that has Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders.



    Hillary Clinton 42%
    Joe Biden 22%
    Bernie Sanders 20%

    * Last week the Monmouth University poll used a national random sample of 1,009 adults age 18 and older — 707 contacted by a live interviewer on a landline telephone and 302 contacted by a live interviewer on a cell phone — and all in English.

    So do we now have MSNBC routing for Hillary and CNN routing for Biden -- while the American people are routing for Sanders?

  3. Joe Biden is an adherent to the DLC, now defunct i believe but essentially 3-rd way democrats ... their views are now antiquated and do not represent progressive democrats or the american voting public. They only seek to preserve a seat at the table.

    Notice that there is no equivalent to the DLC on the right... point of fact the republicans just keep moving further and further to the right .... dragging the country along with it. The moderate republican is extinct.

    I think i'll donate to Bernie Sanders... he deserves my support.

  4. Compare the "mainstream" positions of the GOP now with that of the GOP in the 1950s or 1960s — or for that matter, the 1980s. The extreme right is now the mainstream GOP. (Donald Trump might be a "Progressive Republican" in drag.)

    Now do the same with the Democratic party. The "New Deal Democrats" are out of power. They are called "socialists" and "far left" by the corporate media, while the actual power-holders in the Democratic party are to the right of Eisenhower and Nixon.

    Southern Dixiecrats became the Republican base. With the racists out of the Democratic party, that party became more diverse — but they also became "moderate" Democrats (Third Way/Pro-Corporate/Centrist Democrats.)

    The only "left" in the Democratic Party are the 15% of the Progressive Democrats who are members of the Progressive Caucus. They sit in the House of Representatives. There is one senator by the name of Bernie Sanders, the only one who is a member of that caucus.

    If Americans are really fed up with both the Dems and the GOP, they should elect more progressives to Congress. Check out The Progressive Promise: http://cpc.grijalva.house.gov/the-progressive-promise/

    But that won't happen because a progressive party (FDR's party) no longer has a chance in this country with so much $$$ corrupting our politics — with plutocrats influencing our elections and multi-national corporations governing our country. "Democracy" in America is now a farce.

    1. could not agree more Bud. Everybody except the 1% is getting the shaft. My parents, members of the "silent generation" disagree,

      the last time the US government maybe addressed the interests of the working class was perhaps LBJ's administration.

      But of course he had an absolutely disastrous foreign policy pushed upon him by the Reich Wing.

  5. Poll Update on Sept. 10, 2015

    New Hampshire:
    Bernie Sanders 41%
    Hillary Clinton 32%

    Bernie Sanders 41%
    Hillary Clinton 40%