Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bernie leads Hillary 48% to 20% among Democrats... least, on this poll.

These days Senator Bernie Sanders has every reason to smile.

Senator Bernie Sanders 2015

Below is the screenshot of their email and poll results (click image to enlarge).

Bernie vs Hillary: Polls results is running a Democratic primary poll. The results showed (with over 54,000 votes so far) that even with Hillary Clinton (at 20%) and Joe Biden (at 7%) combined, Bernie sanders still wins by a whopping 48%.

Most other polls we see in the media headlines are taken from much smaller samplings — and that’s even considering that only Democratic-leaning people may be voting at this website.

The poll results are here:

If you want to participate, you have to subscribe here first (but only an email is asked for):

"Run Joe, Run!"

Bernie Sanders' huge campaign haul probably worries Hillary Clinton — not just for its size, but for the way it was achieved.

The vast majority of Bernie's contributions came in small donations from one million modest donors, not a very few wealthy donors. This means that Bernie can keep going back to these same supporters later in the campaign.

By contrast, Clinton's donors have already maxed out their allowable contributions for the primaries. Meaning, Hillary will have to start drilling for new oil by holding more fund-raisers in search of new donors.

And while she’s doing that, Bernie will be out campaigning.

  • The Clinton campaign raised $75 million — but has already spent $43 million (while declining in the polls), leaving her a balance of $32 million. (She needs new donors.)
  • By contrast, the Sanders campaign raised $40 million, but only spent $14 million (while rising in the polls) — and still has a balance of $26 million. But Bernie can double-dip and triple-dip ... and then more. (And that’s without a superPAC or any financial support from banks and corporations.)

The Hill on October 3, 2015 (My links in brackets):

"A Joe Biden presidential campaign would help Bernie Sanders by hurting Hillary Clinton, according to Democratic Party insiders and other experts. Biden [a "moderate" Democrat], whose ideology is more similar to Clinton’s than the left-wing senator from Vermont [a "progressive" Democrat], would siphon off more of her supporters, according to most polls."

The Democratic strategist who ran Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign said Bernie should be leading the "Run, Joe, Run" campaign.

Feel the Bern!

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  1. On issue after issue, Hillary comes out AFTER Bernie Sanders. Recently it was about high drug prices:

    Before that it was on college tuition. Then it was the Keystone pipeline. Now it's on the Cadillac Tax:

    9/24/15 --- Sanders, Brown and Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Stop Cadillac Tax

    9/25/15 -- Bernie Sanders And Republicans Both Urge Cadillac Tax Repeal

    09/29/15 --- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today called for scrapping the Affordable Care Act’s so-called Cadillac tax on pricey health care benefits.

    Hillary's a follower, Bernie's a leader. But the media gives her most of the headlines and most of the credit on stands Bernie takes before Hillary does.

  2. Senator Bernie Sanders proposed a financial transaction tax (a "Wall Street speculation tax", akin to a "sin tax"). It would tax stock trades at 0.5 percent of the value of the transaction, 0.1 percent for bonds and 0.005 percent for derivatives — but individual investors wouldn’t pay this tax directly on their own trades in brokerage or retirement accounts, because Sanders' main target is high-speed traders and hedge funds.

    However, mutual fund companies (that would have to pay the tax themselves) might somehow pass on the cost to customers; so Sanders also wants to offer a tax credit to lower-income individuals who might feel any impact.

    Senator Sanders wants to use the tax revenue for free public college education.

    My comment: Of course, ever since Bill Clinton deregulated the banks in 1999 (something Hillary says she won't repeal, maybe because she gets a lot of campaign donations from them), the big banks, private equity firms, stock brokers and hedge funds are against this tax.

    Many times Hillary Clinton has only come out AFTER-THE-FACT on many issues that Bernie Sanders already first weighed in on (gay marriage, college tuition costs, the Keystone pipeline, prescription drug costs, the Cadillac tax on healthcare plans (etc.) --- but I'm guessing that this is one idea that Hillary won't steal from Bernie.

  3. UPDATE:

    New NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls show that Bernie Sanders outperforms Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire in a general election.