Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CNN's Anderson Cooper red-baited Senator Bernie Sanders


CNN's Anderson Cooper red-baited Senator Bernie Sanders at the debate when he said: "You honeymooned in the Soviet Union" — suggesting that Sanders is a commie without actually saying the word — and suggesting that Bernie was so in love with America's arch-enemy that he took his new bride to the U.S.S.R. (instead of Niagara Falls or the Bahamas) for their honeymoon.

In 1956, President Eisenhower launched a program that a decade later would be called Sister Cities International, a program still in existence today. The idea was to promote peace and understanding through connections between cities in the United States and Russia.

In 1988, Bernie's hometown of Burlington "sistered" with the Russian town of Yaroslavl, a city 160 miles north of Moscow. That was the same year Sanders married his second wife, Jane. In fact, the day after they married, they headed out to Yaroslavl. So, one could call it a honeymoon — and the pair have both done so — but only jokingly and in a sarcastic way.

The Sanders' had been in Russia on official government business — and they didn't go alone. There were 10 other people from Burlington who went with them. It was a trip dotted with diplomacy, official meetings and numerous interviews.

[* The story of Bernie honeymooning in the Soviet Union began at Breitbart.Com — making Anderson Cooper a complete a-hole if this is true. But regardless, his treatment of Bernie during the debate made me completely change my mind about him as a real journalist.]


It would not be long before the topic of Democratic Socialism made its way into the debate. That was to be expected. Anderson Cooper however showed a hint of red-scare red-baiting McCarthyism in the manner in which he framed the question to Bernie Sanders.

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