Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Labor Unions Abandon Bernie Sanders to Support Bankers

In yesterday's newsletter from Politico:

Hillary Clinton notched another union endorsement Monday, this time from the 130,000-member Ironworkers union. The union said that "several other candidates align with Ironworker values" but none compared to Clinton when it came "to putting those beliefs into practice." With the Ironworkers nod, Hillary can claim multiple endorsements from the influential building trades, including UA and the Bricklayers. That said, Clinton has some fences to mend with other building trades unions — especially the Teamsters and LiUNA (Laborers International Union of North America) — that are still peeved over her opposition to the Keystone pipeline.

From LiUNA:

"Environmental extremists and their billionaire backers are becoming the Democrat's 'Green' Tea Party, a party that kills blue collar jobs and puts their own fringe beliefs before the good of the nation and working people." The union said this attitude would create, among working people, "pause and consternation at the ballot box."

Meanwhile, IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) has promised its rank-and-file that it will take its time on a primary endorsement, responding to significant member support for Bernie Sanders. These dissenting unions will probably come around to Clinton eventually, but they'll need coaxing.

In this morning's newsletter, Politico now says:

"We were wrong to think this rhetoric meant that LiUNA would play hard-to-get with Hillary. The union came out for Clinton Tuesday [the very same day], citing her support for infrastructure spending and repeal of the Cadillac Tax."

From LiUNA:

"The strong, proud and united members of LIUNA will be on the frontlines of the 2016 elections; on the streets, knocking on doors, making calls, and encouraging family, friends, and neighbors to elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States."

Pause and consternation, begone! Clinton will have the chance to schmooze them Nov 29 at a Boston organizing event called "Hard Hats for Hillary" — alongside Mayor Marty Walsh, a LiUNA Local 223 member:

"Hard Hats for Hillary is the coalition to organize the millions of working families in construction, building, transportation and other labor industries and professions to support Clinton's agenda" — according to a Clinton press release.

This is total crap! Hillary Clinton has "evolved" on many issues that Bernie Sanders has stood firm on all along. This is a total betrayal by labor to a man who has worked tirelessly for his whole life. There is no pandering that Clinton won't do just to get votes. As a life long union member, who has always supported the unionization of America's workforce, I am deeply ashamed of union leadership in America today, who I suspect is voting against the preference of the union's rank-and-file membership. And if I'm wrong about that, then I can only say that I am deeply disappointed with them and (IMHO) think they are fools for backing Hillary.


  1. Hillary Clinton Pandering for the Union Vote

    Bad Trade Deals Don't Matter: Labor Unions Still Back Hillary

    If Unions Endorse Clinton, Dems could lose White House

  2. It's a "Catch-22" situation -- With the unions saying it's because they think Hillary is more "electable", their endorsements might make Bernie less "electable".

    It's like saying they'll try to date the "ugliest" girl first because there's a better chance they'll get laid — even though the "prettiest" girl may have higher moral standards and be more trust-worthy.

    Even if the unions endorsed Bernie, and then Hillary or a Republican wins the general election, what do the unions expect to gain from either? If Hillary is elected, will she bust unions like the GOP will if a Republican is elected?

    What will Hillary do for unions that Bernie wouldn't?

  3. Closing loopholes in Buy American Act could create up to 100,000 U.S. jobs.

    All of Bernie Sanders' campaign gear is Made in the U.S. by union workers.

  4. Breaking Bernie News!

    New York Times: The Working Families Party is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The endorsement is notable because of the party’s ties to Bill de Blasio, who recently endorsed Mrs. Clinton.

    The Nation: The Working Families Party endorses Sanders for the Democratic nomination after an overwhelming 87.4 percent of the membership vote.

    Huffington Post: The Working Families Party endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. It is the first time the party has formally backed a candidate in a national election.

  5. Center for Public Integrity:

    "A staggering 77 percent of the $26.2 million Bernie Sanders, an independent U.S. senator running as a Democrat, collected during the third quarter came from contributors giving $200 or less. The haul helped Sanders narrow the fundraising gap between his campaign and that of Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who raised $29.9 million during the same period ... The strongest small donor campaigns are not about raising money, they’re about raising enthusiasm and getting actions ... Dollar for dollar, small-dollar donors are worth more than big-dollar donors. Those are the donors that can keep giving over and over [and] such donors are also likely to turn out to vote for a candidate, and possibly volunteer as well."

    But Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi, best known for serving as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2004 when the former Vermont governor broke fundraising records during his failed presidential bid, says:

    "Both party establishments are pretty good at making sure that a candidate who isn’t of the establishment doesn’t make it ... It’s not just the money. A lot of the rules and things are set up to stop insurgent candidates ... The entire Democratic establishment would come out of the woodwork to stop Bernie Sanders from being the nominee. The establishment fervently believes that a socialist cannot be president of the United States."

  6. Union LEADERS endorsed Hillary; union MEMBERS voted for Bernie.

    Jim asked NPR that his last name be withheld because his union, AFSCME, has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and he supports Bernie Sanders — so he can't be quoted publicly going against his union.

    Jim: "We're pissed off. We haven't gotten raises. Our pensions have been cut. Our healthcare's increased."

    Ryan, a member of a building trades union in Cleveland, who also asked NPR not to use his last name because his union has endorsed Clinton, feels the same way as Jim.

    Ryan: "She's [Clinton] seen as the centrist candidate. And she's a big-money candidate. And big money and centrism hasn't been working for middle-class America for the past 30 years...since Reagan."

    Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won voters in Michigan who thought trade deals cost American jobs by 2-to-1.