Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Best 5 Minutes of the 2 Hour Democratic Debate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

In my warped and twisted mind, this is what I believe most Progressives, Independents, fans of Bernie Sanders, and many Republicans might have heard and saw when they watched the 2 hour Democratic debate last month — and why polls showed Bernie won the debate hands down. It took me about 8 hours to cut 2 hours down to a 5 minute video with a little creative editing ;)

Those in the audience were shouting, "Berine! Bernie! Bernie!"

Last year 24% of the federal budget was spent on Social Security, but less that 2% of the last Democratic debate was spent on this subject. The democratic candidates spent a total of 3 minutes during a two hour debate on the subject of Social Security (2 minutes, if you exclude Hillary's remarks about college tuition when she tried to avoid the moderator's question.) And only two candidates spoke on the issue — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Then Anderson Cooper interrupted and changed the subject to immigration. Read more here....

Hillary supports Social Security retirees, the unemployed, the poor, the low-wage working-class and the middle-class. That's why recently she raised more than $1 million dollars from wealthy celebrities at a fundraiser hosted by Christina Aguilera in Beverly Hills — because all those rich folks know Hillary will raise their taxes (to help others that are less fortunate). Katy Perry also loves Hillary.


Susanna Kelham, who owns a winery next to House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, whose property is in St. Helena, told the Los Angeles Times: "When all the black SUVs are circling around the property -- like planes gathering over O'Hare Airport -- that's when you know they're home." Nancy Pelosi's vineyard makes her the fourth-richest Californian in Congress.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul probably thought they were all lazy slackers, who were just looking for a government hand out. Washington Post: "Woman gets life in prison for locking disabled people in dungeon"

Politico: Dr. Ben Carson claimed he had a full scholarship at West Point, but that he never applied -- but in fact, he did not — and there is actually no such thing as a "full scholarship" for a taxpayer-funded academy. (And all those mummies buried in Egyptian pyramids don't really exist either. They're only the remnants of grain.)


Just 3 days ago (Nov. 3, 2015) Lori Wallach posted this: "Text Still Secret One Month After TPP Deal". Then yesterday (Nov 5, 2015) Lori Wallach told reporters on a conference call after examining the full text of the pact: "It's worse than we thought.” A good post at Our Future explains why the TPP trade deal is worse than we thought.

The NPR also noted: "The White House is expected to notify Congress that President Obama intends to sign the deal, kicking off a 90-day review period, at the end of which Congress has to vote on whether to pass the deal."

PolitiFact reported what Hillary Clinton really said about TPP and the gold standard. She was for it before she was against it. More precisely, she once said it WAS the gold standard, and now says she "HOPES it will be the gold standard. Here's Hillary's "official" statement of the TPP on her "official" website. Hillary's supporters in Congress still back the TPP. Most Republicans voted for the TPP trade deal, and most Democrats were against it. Here's the list of "free traitors".

Here's the newly released full text of the TPP (It's odd that it wasn't the White House that first released this us.) Update: The U.S. Trade Office released their version too.

The Washington Post reports: "Administration officials said that if all goes smoothly, the deal could be in the hands of Congress by March [2016], but when lawmakers would schedule a vote remains highly uncertain. Although the fast-track authority [already passed with the help of some moderate Democrats] lays out a specific timetable — and prevents lawmakers from filibustering or amending the agreement — congressional leaders could choose to delay the process indefinitely, even until after Obama leaves office in January 2017, officials said.

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Mexico’s Supreme Court rules that smoking pot is a fundamental human right (like drinking beer and whiskey). Senator Bernie Sanders wants to decriminalize reefer to cut down our prison population.

How much does it cost to live in your State? Check out the Living Wage Calculator. Just click on your State, County, City on the right-side of the page.


  1. “Economic Policy Splits Democrats” -- Follow the discussion here:

    Here’s the original article at the Wall Street Journal about a report from "Third Way":

    Third Way says a better agenda focuses on growth by promoting skills, job growth and wealth creation without adding to deficits or raising taxes on the middle class." But how does Third Way define "middle-class" — those making $250,000 a year, like many in Congress believe — when the "median wage" is $28,000 a year?

    Wage Data:

    Third Way says that when Elizabeth Warren says "the game is rigged", that's just rhetoric, and not a winning political message. Total bull$hit. The Third Way = Obama and Hillary. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have a more populist and more popular appeal than the pro-corporate/moderate/centrist/Third Way types. We need another FDR, not another George W. Bush or Bill Clinton.

    * "I'm Bud Meyers, and I approve this message."

  2. SEIU’s former deputy national political director, Heather Stone, became Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff in August. An SEIU endorsement would be a huge labor “get” get for Clinton, but not a surprising one, given that she’s already collected endorsements from unions representing more than half the nation’s union workers. She has received endorsements from the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Machinists, among others.

    Rival Bernie Sanders is labor’s sentimental favorite, but as of today, he has only two major union endorsements to his name, the California-based National Nurses United — and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). In a recent statement, APWU President Mark Dimondstein said:

    “Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution. Sanders doesn’t just talk the talk,, he walks the walk. He is a leader in the fight to protect the public postal service. Bernie Sanders is a fierce advocate of postal reform. He staunchly opposes postal privatization, and supports enhanced postal services, including postal banking Based on his Senate record, we are confident he will appoint good people to public office and end conflicts of interest. No other candidate has his record of exposing the rule of the billionaire class. Sanders is refusing all corporate money. He doesn’t have a super-PAC. No other candidate has his record of standing with workers on picket lines, fighting for a $15 per hour minimum wage, supporting free public college tuition, and advocating for veterans’ benefits."

    The AFL-CIO won’t likely endorse before primary voting begins. (WIMPS! Also, I haven't heard from the Teamsters either!)