Monday, December 7, 2015

Democracy for America taking Poll for their Endorsement

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Democracy for America: "The endorsement vote is live right now — and will end at 11:59pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 15 --- DFA will only endorse in this presidential primary if there is overwhelming support for one candidate."

The progressive political action committee that encouraged Elizabeth Warren to run has opted to let its supporters pick which candidate will now receive their endorsement. In order for a candidate to win Democracy for America's endorsement, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley must secure a supermajority of at least 66.67 percent of the votes cast.

With its over 1 million members, DFA — the Howard Dean-founded, Vermont-based liberal PAC — says it helped 843 candidates with progressive values nationwide through their grassroots efforts, but this will be their first Democratic presidential primary endorsement. DFA promised to "run a 100 percent positive campaign" and endorse the eventual Democratic nominee no matter who receives the group's backing in the primaries.

Democracy for America executive director Charles Chamberlain said in a statement:

"DFA was founded on the firm belief that the Democratic Party is stronger when it listens to and invests in the organizing of its grassroots, progressive base. Our open presidential endorsement process is specifically designed to reflect our time-tested faith in the progressive movement's grassroots wisdom, energy and enthusiasm."

Voting began today (Monday December 7) and will continue through Dec. 17.


New York Times: The Working Families Party is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The endorsement is notable because of the party’s ties to Bill de Blasio, who recently endorsed Mrs. Clinton. 

The Nation: The Working Families Party endorses Sanders for the Democratic nomination after an overwhelming 87.4 percent of the membership vote. 

Huffington Post: The Working Families Party endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. It is the first time the party has formally backed a candidate in a national election.


  1. Millennials already greatly out-number the baby boomers. This year, millennials also surpassed baby boomers as the largest share of the U.S.'s

    voting-age population.

    Why millennials are supporting Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

    Republicans hope to win among millennials, despite their liberal leanings.

    Millennials are with Bernie Sanders on almost every issue.

  2. Bernie Sanders Snubbed by TIME Magazine (despite winning all polls)

  3. Wiki: Despite winning the popular vote, Eugene McCarthy (Bernie Sanders) lost to Hubert H. Humphrey (Hillary Clinton) at the convention amidst protests and riots.,_1968

  4. Center for Public Integrity:

    "A staggering 77 percent of the $26.2 million Bernie Sanders, an independent U.S. senator running as a Democrat, collected during the third quarter came from contributors giving $200 or less. The haul helped Sanders narrow the fundraising gap between his campaign and that of Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who raised $29.9 million during the same period ... The strongest small donor campaigns are not about raising money, they’re about raising enthusiasm and getting actions ... Dollar for dollar, small-dollar donors are worth more than big-dollar donors. Those are the donors that can keep giving over and over [and] such donors are also likely to turn out to vote for a candidate, and possibly volunteer as well."

    But Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi, best known for serving as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2004 when the former Vermont governor broke fundraising records during his failed presidential bid, says:

    "Both party establishments are pretty good at making sure that a candidate who isn’t of the establishment doesn’t make it ... It’s not just the money. A lot of the rules and things are set up to stop insurgent candidates ... The entire Democratic establishment would come out of the woodwork to stop Bernie Sanders from being the nominee. The establishment fervently believes that a socialist cannot be president of the United States."

  5. CBS News (Dec. 10, 2015) "Sanders performs better with voters under 45 and independents ... Republican primary voters are more enthusiastic about voting than those who plan to vote in a Democratic primary. [That's because, Republican voters want ANYBODY besides Hillary; whereas, Democratic voters know the fix is in for Hillary over Bernie.] Independent voters, a key voting bloc, are not especially enthusiastic about either a Clinton or a Trump in the White House, but more are concerned or scared about Trump (67 percent) than they are about Clinton (59 percent)."

    Boston.Com (Dec. 10, 2015) "Exactly two months until the nation’s first primary, a new poll finds Bernie Sanders is leading with 50 percent of likely Democratic New Hampshire voters to 40 percent that support Hillary Clinton."

    Fox News (December 09, 2015) Bernie Sanders stealing Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood thunder?