Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Politico Elites

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Democracy for America: "The endorsement vote is live right now — and will end at 11:59pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 15 --- DFA will only endorse in this presidential primary if there is overwhelming support for one candidate."

Via Quinnipiac University Poll: Despite Bernie Sanders polling better than Hillary Clinton on the economy (which is American's #1 concern), if the Democratic caucus were being held today, Clinton is favored 51% to 42% against Sanders — even though Bernie cares more, shares their values, and is more trustworthy (go figure).

If the Democratic caucus were being held today, and the candidates were Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, and Bernie Sanders, who would you support?

Clinton is favored 51% to 42% against Sanders

But the rank-and-file voters at Democrats.Com show Bernie ahead of Hillary 46% to 32% with 136,414 votes (Quinnipiac only polled 543 likely Iowa Democratic Caucus participants.)

And all online polls showed Bernie won the first and second Democratic debates. And a reader's poll for TIME's "Person of the Year" also has Bernie ahead of everyone — and Bernie also leads Hillary in a TIME "face-off" with a whopping 84% to Hillary's 16%. And according to many other polls, Bernie also does better than Hillary in a general election against GOP candidates. (See the comments for this post for the numbers.)

So why are the establishment Democratic politicians — and labor union leaders (link, link, link) — endorsing Hillary? Because they think Hillary is more "electable" — and that's because, beside Howard Dean, they probably know the electoral college has become corrupt, is out-dated and should be abolished — and so, the fix is in for Hillary, and they don't want to be on the losing team (despite how they might personally feel about Bernie.)

More results from the Quinnipiac University Poll:

Is your opinion of Hillary Clinton favorable? (81% yes - 15% no - 2% haven't heard enough) [It's a big puzzle she scored this high, and makes me suspect this poll.]
Is your opinion of Bernie Sanders favorable? (81% yes - 7% no - 11% haven't heard enough) [Maybe that's why the DNC wants to limit debates, to favor Hillary.]

Which of these is the most important issue to you in deciding who to support for the Democratic nomination for President? (Listed in order, followed by candidate's score):

  1. Economy and jobs 36% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 47% - Hillary Clinton 42%)
  2. Climate change 15% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 55% - Hillary Clinton 34%) [She uses private jets, Bernie doesn't.]
  3. Foreign policy 12% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 15% - Hillary Clinton 77%) [Maybe because she was Secretary of State?]
  4. Health care 11% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 41% - Hillary Clinton 51%) [A puzzle. Bernie wants single-payer Medicare for All]
  5. Terrorism 5% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 19% - Hillary Clinton 68%) [She would send troops back to Iraq and into Syria.]
  6. Race relations 4% [Poll doesn't say who can best handle, but remember the Clintons war on drugs, welfare reform and bankruptcy reform?]
  7. Gun policy 4% (Who can best handle? Bernie Sanders 33% - Hillary Clinton 40%) [Even though Bernie gets a D- from the NRA.]
  8. Taxes 3% [Poll doesn't say who can best handle. Hillary would not tax the rich, large corporations or her banks.]
  9. Immigration 2% [Poll doesn't say who can best handle, but Bernie has a much more comprehensive and detailed plan.]
  10. Federal deficit 2% [Poll doesn't say who can best handle — unknown results.]
  11. Abortion 1% [Poll doesn't say who can best handle, but they both have always supported a woman's right to choose.]

Which of the following is most important to you? (Listed in order, followed by candidate's score):

  1. Cares needs/problems 23 (Bernie beats Hillary 92 to 80) [I'm surprised Hillary scored this high.]
  2. Strong leadership 18 (Hillary beats Sanders 94 to 79) [A big puzzle. Makes me suspect this poll.]
  3. Best chance/winning 18 (Hillary beats Sanders 85 to 54) [Because she has the support of the establishment delegates in the DNC.]
  4. Shares values 14 (Bernie beats Hillary 84 to 76) [I'm very surprised Hillary scored this high. Makes me suspect this poll.]
  5. Honest/trustworthy 13 (Bernie beats Hillary 89 to 68) [I can't believe that Hillary did this well...which makes the whole poll suspect.]
  6. Right experience 12 (Hillary beats Sanders 95 to 66) [Bernie has FAR MORE experience in Congress, so this is a puzzle too.]

Richard Nixon carried 49 states and more than 60 percent of the vote. His prodigious triumph in 1972 had come without coattails. Democrats maintained firm command in Congress, with large majorities in both the House and the Senate. Later Nixon’s vice president (Spiro Agnew) resigned in disgrace so that he could avoid jail time for having accepted bribes. Then Nixon resigned in disgrace to avoid impeachment for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. (President Bill Clinton would later face impeachment by the Republicans.)

Bloomberg: How Richard Nixon Created Hillary Clinton (Nov 5, 2015) "As a young lawyer, she helped investigate Watergate. For the First Woman of American politics, those chickens are always coming home to roost . . . If Hillary Clinton survives, it will not be because she has put the past behind her. It will be because voters will have accepted that her history is theirs, too." [The establishment Democrats already have — even phony "progressives".]

President Obama nominated Tom Perez as Labor Secretary. Tom Perez is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Tom Perez says she can grab the baton from Obama and take care of the nation’s unfinished business. Tom Perez is another career politician. He served as the Director of the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the final years of Bill Clinton's administration. Then after a failed campaign for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of Maryland, Perez was appointed by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley to serve as Secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. That's why Perez's backing of Hillary is a snub of fellow Marylander Martin O’Malley.

The National Journal (Nov 5, 2015) The Fish Rots From the Head in Chicago. Why aren’t President Obama and Hillary Clinton demanding Rahm Emanuel’s head? President Obama needs to mail Rahm Emanuel a dead fish in a box. Hillary Clin­ton should deliver it. For the integrity of the party that represents a vast majority of black voters, Democratic leaders everywhere need to send the Chicago mayor a message: You’re dead to us. A long­time lieutenant for the Clinton family and former chief of staff in the Obama White House, Emanuel never hesitated to muscle weak or disloyal Democrats out of power. It’s time to flip the script on the enforcer nick­named “Rahmbo.” Emanuel once sent a pollster who was late delivering a survey result a dead fish in a box. The night Bill Clinton won the 1992 presidential election, his aides were celebrating around a picnic table when Emanuel picked up a knife and shouted the names of politicians who had “f****ed us.” After each name, Emanuel declared, “Dead man!”

The Washington Post reports: "Breaking with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton called for an independent federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department’s response to the Laquan McDonald shooting. Rahm, for his part, said he’s given no thought to resigning."

Hillary Clinton is running for Obama's third term (see photo below). All the establishment Democrats are circling their wagons around Bill Clinton ... er... Hillary Clinton. She is running to be the FIRST WOMAN president (ever, in the whole history of the United States), which would be right after America had the FIRST BLACK president (ever, in the whole history of the United States). 

With the help of Rahm Emanuel, the DNC nominated Obama in 2008 when he ran against Hillary. Bill Clinton then stumped for Obama, who then gave Hillary a job as Secretary of State.

Senator Bernie Sanders does not particularly want to be the FIRST JEWISH president (ever, in the whole history of the United States). The "progressive" Senator from Vermont only wants what's right for working Americans. But the establishment Democrats (who Hillary calls "extremists), despite what a majority of the popular vote is during the Democratic primary, will nominate the "moderate" Hillary Clinton to be our president for the next 8 years.

The Politico Elites

Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and George W. Bush --- The Politico Elites.


  1. The Nation asks, "Why Are Democrats Silent On Rahm Emanuel?"

    [For the answer, see photo above. The establishment moderate Democrats aren't going to prosecute and throw Rahm Emanuel under the bus for a cover up any more than they would Hillary for her emails ... any more than Eric Holder prosecuted bankers.]


    TIME (December 2, 2015)

    Bernie Sanders Keeps Strong Lead in TIME Person of the Year Poll. Ahead of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — and even Pope Francis (TIME’s 2013 Person of the Year). Due to the popularity of the readers’ choice poll, TIME has extended the deadline to Dec. 6 at 11:59 p.m.


    Bernie Sanders is the Most Popular Senator in America (November 24, 2015)

    "A comprehensive survey of more than 75,000 voters in all 50 states, conducted over several months by Morning Consult, shows Sanders has the highest approval rating of any United States senator among his own constituents, at 83 percent."

  4. UPDATE - Dec. 3, 2015 -- Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders is the Most Electable Candidate in Either Party

    "It is now very plausible to argue that of all of the candidates in either party for the presidential race Bernie Sanders is more electable than Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio."

    * There's too much to quote the whole article. The Democratic machine should nominee Bernie, not Hillary, or face losing the White House.

  5. Salon (Dec. 2, 2015)

    If elected, Clinton would move Democrats so far to the right they should be renamed the "Moderate Republican Party" ... If the DNC wants to risk future Supreme Court nominees or getting stuck with a neon-lit Trump sign atop the White House in 2016, then ignoring negative favorability ratings, in addition to an expanding FBI investigation, will result in defeat.

  6. Bernie Beats All Repugs In Latest Poll

  7. New PPP Poll: Bernie Sanders in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire 44% to 42%

    * May the DNC be damned!

  8. Bernie Sanders joined the growing chorus of politicians calling for a Department of Justice review of the Chicago Police Department -- and took it a step further, saying any elected official with knowledge of any coverup in the release of the Laquan McDonald video should resign. The Vermont senator, in his call to not put resignations off the table, is drawing a distinction between himself and frontrunner Clinton. While Clinton pushed for the Justice Department to jump in on Wednesday, her campaign also said Clinton was not asking for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down.

  9. Even though Bernie Sanders overwhelming won all the polls at TIME (2015 Person of the Year, etc.) readers were all snubbed and ripped off when he was not even chosen as one of the eight finalists. But yet, Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump and ISIS joined TIME's shortlist — and currently Trump leads. Sanders supporters should retaliate with a massive wave of small donations to his campaign.

  10. Breaking Bernie News!

    New York Times: The Working Families Party is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The endorsement is notable because of the party’s ties to Bill de Blasio, who recently endorsed Mrs. Clinton.

    The Nation: The Working Families Party endorses Sanders for the Democratic nomination after an overwhelming 87.4 percent of the membership vote.

    Huffington Post: The Working Families Party endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. It is the first time the party has formally backed a candidate in a national election.

  11. Center for Public Integrity:

    "A staggering 77 percent of the $26.2 million Bernie Sanders, an independent U.S. senator running as a Democrat, collected during the third quarter came from contributors giving $200 or less. The haul helped Sanders narrow the fundraising gap between his campaign and that of Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who raised $29.9 million during the same period ... The strongest small donor campaigns are not about raising money, they’re about raising enthusiasm and getting actions ... Dollar for dollar, small-dollar donors are worth more than big-dollar donors. Those are the donors that can keep giving over and over [and] such donors are also likely to turn out to vote for a candidate, and possibly volunteer as well."

    But Democratic political consultant Joe Trippi, best known for serving as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2004 when the former Vermont governor broke fundraising records during his failed presidential bid, says:

    "Both party establishments are pretty good at making sure that a candidate who isn’t of the establishment doesn’t make it ... It’s not just the money. A lot of the rules and things are set up to stop insurgent candidates ... The entire Democratic establishment would come out of the woodwork to stop Bernie Sanders from being the nominee. The establishment fervently believes that a socialist cannot be president of the United States."

  12. CBS News (Dec. 10, 2015) "Sanders performs better with voters under 45 and independents ... Republican primary voters are more enthusiastic about voting than those who plan to vote in a Democratic primary. [That's because, Republican voters want ANYBODY besides Hillary; whereas, Democratic voters know the fix is in for Hillary over Bernie.] Independent voters, a key voting bloc, are not especially enthusiastic about either a Clinton or a Trump in the White House, but more are concerned or scared about Trump (67 percent) than they are about Clinton (59 percent)."

    Boston.Com (Dec. 10, 2015) "Exactly two months until the nation’s first primary, a new poll finds Bernie Sanders is leading with 50 percent of likely Democratic New Hampshire voters to 40 percent that support Hillary Clinton."

    Fox News (December 09, 2015) Bernie Sanders stealing Hillary Clinton’s Hollywood thunder?