Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bernie polls better than Hillary against GOP (Clinton Supporters in Media Digress)

Is this supposed to be another reason why we should vote for Hillary Clinton, besides just because she's a woman, but because she knows where the Oval office is?

At a recent event in Sioux City, Iowa a young man noted that many young voters are drawn to Bernie Sanders. He asked her how she would contrast herself to the Vermont senator. She responded:

“I have a long record and I have been on the forefront of change for decades. I’m a progressive who likes to get things done. And I will get into that White House. I don’t need a tour. I know right where the Oval Office is.”

Hillary knows where the Oval office is because that's where her philandering husband entertained Monica Lewinsky with pizza and cigars. And no, it doesn't matter whether or not Hillary was a "victim" or an "enabler" during their years in the White House while her husband was constantly engaged in all his extramarital "indiscretions". The bottom line is, if you vote for Hillary, you're also putting Bill Clinton back in the White House and aboard Air Force One.

And also, Hillary is not a progressive, but a self-proclaimed moderate. It's common knowledge among political insiders, and a big joke to all progressives, that Hillary made that preposterous claim.

After Bernie Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton's ties to the banks in one of his best speeches in New York about Wall Street, Clinton later claimed, "I think I have a broader, more comprehensive set of policies about everything, including taking on Wall Street." [This is too laughable to comment on.]

Even though most polls show Bernie beating the GOP candidates by wider margins than Hillary Clinton, she still infers that's she's more electable. That is total santorum (fecal matter). And all online polls shows Bernie kicking Hillary's butt — and not by just a few measly percentage points, but by huge and overwhelming landslides. (MoveOn has a poll that expires at midnight tonight.)

A new Journal/NBC/Marist poll shows Bernie kicking Hillary's big fat lying (     )(     )

  • Bernie Sanders opened big leads in Iowa and New Hampshire among Independents.
  • Hillary Clinton edges in Iowa and New Hampshire among Democrats.
  • Bernie Sanders leads Clinton 50% to 46% among likely primary voters in New Hampshire.
  • Hillary Clinton leads Bernie 48% to 45% among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa.
  • In both states Clinton posts big leads among likely participants age 45 and older.
  • In both states Bernie posts even bigger leads among younger voters. [I'm a boomer and will vote for Bernie.]
  • The Iowa survey included interviews with 422 likely Democratic caucusgoers.
  • The New Hampshire poll included interviews 425 likely Democratic primary voters.

The Journal/NBC/Marist poll suggests Bernie Sanders would be a stronger general-election candidate than Hillary Clinton [making Bernie more "electable" than Hillary.] Sanders posts big leads over Cruz, Rubio and Trump in New Hampshire and Cruz and Trump in Iowa. He and Rubio are tied in Iowa. Whereas, Clinton leads Trump in Iowa, but is tied in New Hampshire — and she trails Cruz and Rubio in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on This Week:

"Look at a recent New Hampshire poll, just in New Hampshire. We did much, much better against the Republican candidates than did Hillary Clinton. So if people are concerned about electability — and Democrats should be very concerned, because we certainly do not want to see some right-wing extremist in the White House — I think Bernie Sanders is the candidate. We're doing much better with Independents. We even draw a little bit better with Republicans."

Sanders also cited another poll, a Quinnipiac poll released last month, which also showed him faring better than Hillary Clinton against Republican front-runner Donald Trump. That poll showed Sanders beating Trump by a much wider margin than Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, for a lack of better positions on all the other issues compared to Bernie Sanders, wants to attack his past voting record on a gun bill, and make her campaign a "single issue" cause. But Sanders reiterated that he would be willing to revise a 2005 bill he voted for that shields gun manufacturers from liability for misuse of their firearms:

"I am absolutely willing — as I've said for many, many weeks, if not months — to take another look at that piece of legislation" — said the Senator from the rural State of Vermont, if he ever became the President of all 50 States.

Although, we don't sue auto manufactures when someone runs somebody down with a car ... or knife manufacturers when someone is stabbed ... or chemical manufacturers when someone is poisoned ... or baseball bat manufacturers when someone is beaten. But George Stephanopoulos (a Hillary supporter) clearly wanted to make guns the single and primary issue:

Washington Post (September 9, 2015) Stephanopoulos’s bona fides as a neutral authority on the Clintons returned into public doubt when it was revealed that he’d contributed $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Some conservatives called for a boycott of Stephanopoulos based on his commitments.

Besides, Hillary Clinton has "evolved" on 1,001 different issues over the years (from gay marriage, to the Keystone pipeline, to the TPP trade deal, etc.) — so why can't Bernie "evolve" on one issue?

And when it comes right down to it, what can either do about truly reforming gun legislation as President (except with executive orders that will be challenged in court) with a Republican Congress packed full of NRA backers? Hillary knows damn well she can't take on gun manufacturers with just tough talk.

So why should this one particular nuance in one gun bill sway an entire presidential election when we have a nation facing a multitude of other issues as well? (Such as private email servers, for example.) If the whole election were based on starting wars, Bernie will the election on this one single issue alone --- hands down.

Here are some recent headlines in the news about the new poll. I just love the last one, because it shows how the editors write titles to change the narrative if people don't bother reading the whole article.

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  1. FYI:

    In the 2008 Presidential election, Sean Penn endorsed Ohio Dennis Kucinich, not Hillary.

    But so far, Hillary has been getting most of the Democratic establishment's endorsements; but with congressional approval ratings at all-time lows, should they really matter? They might be the kiss of death for her.

    Oprah Winfrey has always endorsed Obama, but says she won't endorse Hillary — or anybody else for 2016 (Nowadays, every day now, I see her in weight-watcher commercials. What's that all about?)

    But do endorsements really matter? Early last year Hustler porn magazine publisher Larry Flynt said he was endorsing Hillary Clinton — as well as a famous brothel in Nevada

    The gay porn star, Gavin Waters, is also "Ready for Hillary".

    Me? I'm endorsing the Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders ;)

  2. Hillary is complete bullshit. If my memory severs me correct, i remember in 1992 when a billionaire names Ross Perot called bullshit on DEMS and RETHUGLICANS that NAFTA was a piece of shit. ANd low and behold, the old billionaire, was right!

    Where were the DEMS then??? Oh yes i seem to remember a debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot on CNN. He was the only billionaire in my life time (50 years old) that gave a rat's ass about the working class.

    And the democratic party were complete sellouts. THey had already determined they needed to be "republican lite" to win and sold the middle class down the drain 25 fucking years ago. Give me a break. HRC is just more of the same old bullshit!!

    1. The next 40 years will be just like the last 40 years without Bernie Sanders and a Congress packed with FDR progressives. This country is in decline because our "leaders" only cater to corporate interests (their campaign donors). The "will of the people" means absolutely s$it. Please put this on my gravestone. I will be proven right.

  3. Hillary Clinton called on Bernie Sanders to commit to repealing a gun manufacturer liability law for which he voted for 15 years ago. The law shields gun manufacturers from certain lawsuits, including for negligence and certain types of claims relating to the gun's design. The law does not guarantee blanket immunity. Sanders said that he would change the law to allow gun manufacturers acting "irresponsibly" to be held accountable. But Clinton continued pressing the issue, accusing Sanders on Sunday of not committing to repealing the law. Bernie says he will vote to revise the law, but that owners of gun shops who act legally should not be held liable for the actions of someone who "goes nuts or something, and he kills somebody. On the other hand, if you have a manufacturer that is sending guns into an area and really knows that those guns are not being used by the people — or bought by the people in that area, but are being sold to criminals — should we hold that manufacturer liable? Absolutely."

    Bernie is making the argument that he is the more electable candidate against the ultimate Republican nominee. [Clinton’s claim to electability has been greatly eroded by recent polls.] Clinton released a television ad that argues he cannot defeat Republicans. [Using scare tactics] the ad says: “Think about it. One of these Republicans could actually be president. So ask yourself, who is the one candidate who can stop them? Hillary Clinton. Tested and tough. To stop them, stand with her.” [Total B.S.] John Dickerson, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” asked Clinton on Sunday: “You were once way ahead. So what’s happening?” Clinton replied. “Oh, John, you know, these polls go up, they go down. I stay pretty focused, as I think we all should, on what we have to do to build on the progress of the Obama administration but go even further.” [Like the Keystone pipeline and the TPP trade agreement?]

    A local Iowa high school booked Trump for his rally, but won't book Sanders. Students said the decision to welcome a Republican to the school while turning down a Democrat looked suspicious. Students were gearing up to circulate a petition to present to administrators when Bernie's campaign offered a compromise of sorts. A spokeswoman for the school district, said they "respectfully declined" the campaign's request to hold an event during school hours.

    Chuck Todd and "Meet the Press" is finally forced to acknowledge that Bernie Sanders has a very real shot at winning the Democratic nomination. CHUCK TODD: We've got Bernie Sanders within just three points of Hillary Clinton in Iowa HELENE COOPER: I am shocked by that poll. CHUCK TODD: I was too.

    In a crowded GOP field, Donald Trump is currently polling at 34% among Republicans. Bernie Sanders is currently polling at 33% among Democrats. The percentage of Americans who identify as Democrats is 32% compared to only 23% of Republicans, ergo Bernie has many more supporters than the Donald. For 2015, the nightly news programs for NBC, CBS, and ABC devoted 234 total network minutes for Trump. Bernie got 10 minutes. [That's because the corporate media wants a Republican-LITE as president ... like Hillary or Trump.]

  4. Reuters (Jan 10, 2016) President Obama will not endorse Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary

  5. New York Times (January, 12, 2016)

    Iowa Democrats are displaying far less passion for Hillary Clinton than for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont three weeks before the presidential caucuses, creating anxiety inside the Clinton campaign as she scrambles to energize supporters and to court wavering voters ... Audiences for Mrs. Clinton have yet to grow to consistently match those for Mr. Sanders ... many of them, still unsure, rebuffed Clinton aides trying to get them to sign “commitment cards” to caucus for her. “I personally want to find out if she’s trustworthy or not,” said Katie Bailey, 71, of Cedar Falls. “There’s so much un-trust. I want to eyeball her.” Ultimately, about half of the audience signed commitment cards ... Mrs. Clinton and her aides have dropped any pretense that they can ignore Mr. Sanders or treat him like a gadfly. They have become zealous and combative as they try new ways to undercut his high favorability ratings ... To amplify her criticisms, she has even taken to calling in to MSNBC news shows that are popular with Mr. Sanders’s liberal base ... Several of Mrs. Clinton’s advisers, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the race candidly, said that they were anxious but not panicking about Iowa ... some advisers said they were torn about whether the campaign would ultimately regret purposely holding small events in Iowa — a strategy Mrs. Clinton preferred — given Mr. Sanders’s ability to continue to turn out and energize huge crowds ... Both Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton garnered several rounds of applause on Monday night at the Brown and Black Forum at Drake University here, though the crowd seemed more delighted with Mr. Sanders ... I think his secret weapon, maybe his silver bullet even, is the young adult population that hasn’t been involved in politics up until this point,” said Katie Mitchell ... Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is trying to shore up her base among female voters [to help her put Bill Clinton back in the White House] ... Yet many younger women [said] that for most of their lives, she has been a familiar fixture of establishment politics rather than an exciting new voice or an agent of change.

  6. A Quinnipiac University poll looked at the national scene and concluded that Mr. Sanders is as formidable as Mrs. Clinton in a general election showdown. He led Mr. Trump by eight points in that poll; Mrs. Clinton led Mr. Trump by six. Mr. Sanders beat Mr. Cruz by 10 points; Mrs. Clinton beat him by five.

    “The truth of the matter is the polls are showing the more electable candidate, by far, is Sen. Bernie Sanders,” said Jeff Weaver, the Sanders campaign manager. “You can say in a TV ad whatever you want to say, but that doesn’t make it true.”