Thursday, January 28, 2016

DemoPublican Presidential Debate

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CNN announced they'll be running Trump's event for Wounded Warriors at the same time that Fox News airs the GOP debate.

If you had to watch TV tonight, and you only had these two choices, and could only watch either one, which one would you watch: Trump rally on CNN or the GOP debate on Fox?

Late Night Demo-publican Presidential Debate on Late Night with Seth Meyers

6 minute video below


  1. Trailing in New Hampshire polls, Hillary Clinton – who wanted to minimize the number of debates when her juggernaut looked unstoppable – now demands Sanders agree to debate her before the primary. “We have to agree that we're going to debate in New Hampshire,” she said on CNN last night. “Both (Martin O'Malley) and I have agreed and we're waiting for the senator to decide to join us." Sanders said he would agree to the unsanctioned debate on MSNBC next week if she’ll agree to three additional debates in March, April and May. But Clinton, stronger in the later primaries, demurred and declined to agree to that because, of course, it does not make strategic sense for her to do so. Just like it makes no sense for Sanders to debate her next week.

    Sanders ratcheted up his criticism of Clinton at a rally in Burlington, Iowa, last night, suggesting that she followed the political winds on the Iraq war, same-sex marriage, trade agreements and Keystone. “It is great to be against the war after you vote for the war,” the Vermont senator said sarcastically during a campaign stop.

    Bernie said he will co-sponsor a bill to repeal an element of the gun law he voted for in 2005 that gives immunity to gun makers and manufacturers when their weapons are used in a homicide. [I guess we'll be suing automakers and other companies that make other different items used to kill to people.]

    Sanders ripped into The Washing Post. Yesterday's paper had an editorial that called his campaign "full of fiction." The sub-headline contended, "Sen. Sanders is not a brave truth-teller. He's just telling progressives what they want to hear." Sanders spent more than four minutes in Iowa ripping it: "Where was The Washington Post to express concern that the middle class was shrinking? Where was The Washington Post talking about this radical transformation of America?" He also criticized The Post's editorial page for, like Hillary, supporting the invasion of Iraq.

    * The Washingon Post writes: "Note: The Washington Post editorial board operates independently from the newsroom. (Sure, as one reader commented, just like all super PACs operate independently of candidates.)

    After her attacks on Medicare for All fell flat, now Hillary Clinton is painting herself as its architect of Obamacare: "Before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare!"

    Vámonos! An Unprecedented Latino Voter Drive Could Tip the Scales in Iowa. And Bernie Sanders may be the beneficiary.

    7 email chains from Hillary's emails (adding up to 37 pages) aren't being released to the public (even in a redacted form) because they are classified as "Top Secret" information.

  2. Not just Hillary, but other Democrats are in the pockets of banks. Heidi Heitkamp, Democrat of North Dakota; Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia; and Angus King, an independent from Maine, are also said to be part of the discussions for changing the rule-writing process to weaken Dodd-Frank — a move that Senator Warren opposes.

    Former Senator Tom Hartkin was on NNN today pimping for Hillary Clinton, saying she was the most honest person he's ever known. Ha-ha-ha!!!

  3. See my updated post at the Daily Kos about Hillary's speeches to Goldman Sachs.

  4. CNN:

    Fox's Trump-less debate had 12.5 million viewers between 9 and 11 p.m., according to Nielsen. By comparison, two of the cable channels that showed parts of Trump's fundraising event, CNN and MSNBC, had about 2.7 million viewers combined.

    Fox averaged a record-smashing 25 million viewers last August during the first Trump-fueled debate of the season. The last debate had 11 million viewers with Trump at center stage. The other five GOP debates of the primary cycle have ranged from 13.5 million to 25 million viewers.

    So Trump didn't hurt Fox ratings very much. (Maybe if CNN or MSNBC had broadcast Trump's event in it;'s entirety, it might have drawn more viewers. The media pundits are very boring.)

    1. Even though Trump was not on stage ... he was still top searched candidate in every state across U.S., per Google

  5. DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz becomes a target in the intensifying battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic party’s presidential nominee. Sanders supporters across the country accuse the South Florida lawmaker of using her powerful post as chair of the Democratic National Committee to tip the scales toward Clinton. Wasserman Schultz herself denies it. "If I wanted to favor a candidate, I would not be DNC chair," she told McClatchy last week after headlining a fundraiser in Tallahassee, Florida. "I would support that candidate. It’s a pretty convoluted way to help a candidate when I have to actually function neutrally as the DNC chair." Yet there are many who point to signs suggesting that Wasserman Schultz favors Clinton, starting with the fact that she served as co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 White House campaign, which she lost to then-Sen. Barack Obama. During that run, Wasserman Schultz helped raise $230 million for Clinton. Now, some Sanders activists say, Wasserman Schultz has done everything she can to limit voters’ exposure to Sanders by capping the number of debates between the Democratic candidates at six during the primary season. That’s only a quarter of the 25 that were held in 2008.