Monday, February 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton is the Box

And Bernie Sanders thinks outside the box.

While not all of Senator Bernie Sanders' ideas might be possible right away, at least they inspire — and they can lead the country to a better place. His plans might have an uphill climb in a Republican-controlled Congress that's packed with pro-corporate Democrats, but having the bully pulpit can sway influence and garner public support.

Bernie is "a man of the people" — Hillary just invites more government cronyism and will be beholden to special interests. And she's followed by an opportunistic entourage of establishment politicians that's hoping to jump on the gravy train.

As it is now, the Republicans aren't very enamored with Hillary Clinton. While a New York senator, what significant piece of legislation did she ever introduce to Congress that was passed and signed into law? Not much for a supposed "progressive that can get things done" — because she's done very little.

Just like MLK, Bernie Sanders also has a dream — whereas Hillary Clinton has personal ambitions, lame excuses and borrowed ideas, while Bernie Sanders as bold progressive ideas.

  • If Hillary Clinton had been the President on August 14, 1935 — FDR's "pie-in-the-sky" Social Security Act would not have passed.
  • If Hillary Clinton had been the President in 1942 — FDR's "pie-in-the-sky" Manhattan Project would have been science fiction.
  • If Hillary Clinton had been the President on June 29, 1956 — Eisenhower's "pie-in-the-sky" interstate highway system wouldn't exist.
  • If Hillary Clinton had been the President on July 2, 1964 — LBJ's "pie-in-the-sky" Civil Rights Act would not have passed.
  • If Hillary Clinton had been the President on July 30, 1965 — LBJ's "pie-in-the-sky" Medicare Act would not have passed.
  • If JFK had been selling Unicorns and fairy dust, we wouldn't have landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

Donald Trump wants to "Make America Great Again" — while Hillary Clinton wants to hug the status quo — running for Obama's third term and continuing with his "legacy" and moderate policies (no hope and no change).

Bernie Sanders thinks big, and reaches for the stars — while Hillary Clinton is pessimistic and pragmatic — and leads us nowhere but to more mediocrity.

Defending what Hillary Clinton has called his "pie-in-the-sky" ideas, Bernie Sanders told a crowd of 6,500 people in Fort Collins, Colorado:

“I believe that if you start your campaign and run on a platform calling for a full loaf, at worst you’re gonna get a half loaf. If you start your campaign talking about a need for a half loaf, you’re going to get crumbs. And the American people today do not want, do not need crumbs. They need the whole loaf.”

With Hillary Clinton, we'll get the crumbs — and her biggest campaign donors (Wall Street) will keep the loaf. There is no way in hell she will break up Goldman Sachs or send its CEO to jail. If you can believe that, then you are naive enough to be conned in to believing anything.

FDR once said that the only we have to fear is fear itself. What are Hillary Clinton's supporters so afraid of? Here's Bernie Sanders on the issues. I don't see anything scary at all.

But if you feel all warm and fuzzy and safe inside your little box, then by all means, vote for Hillary.

* The deceased stand-up comedian George Carlin said it best, and if Bernie Sanders were a comedian, he might be saying the same thing today.

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