Sunday, February 28, 2016

If Hillary Clinton becomes President

If African-Americans, middle-aged women, super-delegates, and people over the age of 65 make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee, and if she can turn out more voters than Donald Trump in the next general election, expect "more of the same" for the next 8 years.

Hillary Clinton's excuses and /or reasoning for her all questionable actions is always that someone else was doing the same thing . . . ("But dad! Sally Mae's father let's her smoke pot, skip school, shoplift and stay out all night, so why can't I?")

For the past 25 years, Hillary Clinton has always complained like she's under attack ("But I'm the victim!") and accuses everyone of holding her to a double standard . . . "President Obama took campaign contributions, Colin Powell used private email, Bernie Sanders made speeches, Goldman Sachs ripped people off, Eric Holder ignored the law, my husband lied under oath . . . so why can't I?"

Hillary Clinton (and those who owe her favors, or hope to also be on the gravy train) make up lies and false accusations, and then accuses her opponent of "smears and innuendos" — like a child who breaks a lamp, and then points the finger of blame at a younger sibling . . . never taking responsibility for their own bad actions.

When she says "The buck stops here", she means in her own private bank account . . .

. . . and we are all supposed to believe that all those things should make it perfectly clear to us as to why Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be our "first woman president".

So if Hillary Clinton is elected President in November, then basically, she can do pretty much anything she wants; because she will be — not only above the law — but will have the full approval and support of the majority of the American people — meaning, all those who shill for her: the politico super-delegates, the elite media pundits and all the ignorant and ill-informed voters who elected her . . .

. . . Because if Hillary Clinton hasn't already done anything at all throughout her political career that justifies keeping her out of the White House in 2017, then she will be able to do almost anything once she and her husband are back in the White House again (except maybe short of cutting off someone's head).

...and that will make it impossible to ever get her out of the White House, at least until after another 8 more years of the Clinton dynasty — unless her daughter Chelsea also runs for president in 2024, which some Clinton fans have already been suggesting . . . and then she could be "the 2nd female President in U.S. history to be President of the United States of America" (regardless of whether she's qualified or honest.)

Clinton's cult-members are very scary people, but stupid American voters keep voting for these very same psychopaths time and time again! Unfriggingbelievable!

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President, then there won't be much house-cleaning inside the administration — because all of her and Obama's people already hold key positions, and will continue the Obama legacy and his policies (that's what Hillary Clinton is now running on — Obama's 3rd term).

There are people going to the voting booths to vote that hadn't even made up their mind yet, many at the last minute. Don't these people go online and do any research on candiates? Do they get ALL their information from short sound bites from their favorite news or radio programs?

Among the Republican candidates (with the exception of Donald Trump), they are mostly all the same. But between the two Democratic candidates, there are VAST differences --- so why would it be so difficult to decide between one or the other? DAH!!!! We have idiots deciding the fate of the nation!

These very same people, who have been complaining all these years about the economy, a lack of jobs and the outsourcing of jobs, low wages, the corruption in government, the corporate dominance of our democracy, the big banker's illegal and greedy behavior (etc) — and say they are angry and want a change — are voting to elect someone for another 8 years of the same exact thing, even though they think she's dishonest! Is that insane or what?

I understand that to Hillary supporters – maybe some of my criticisms may sound partisan, because I am a big fan of Bernie — but when it comes to Hillary’s support for welfare reform that over doubled poverty levels (especially in the South and among Black women), there’s no denying that Hillary had a big influence on this. There is a ton of information out there. Even Hillary herself admits to it.

Since the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA aka welfare reform act) has been passed, the number of families in extreme poverty has doubled, according to Bernie Sanders — although some have claimed an increase as high as 150%. As First Lady at the time, Hillary Clinton was instrumental in rounding up the votes to ensure the bill’s passage, which Bill Clinton signed into law.

Bernie Sanders recently said: "I spoke out against so-called welfare reform because I thought it was scapegoating people who were helpless, people who were very, very vulnerable. Secretary Clinton at that time had a very different position on welfare reform. She strongly supported it and worked hard to round up votes for its passage."

A Hillary Clinton spokesperson responded that Hillary has long said she would work to address the welfare law's shortcomings, including the 5-year lifetime limit. She also said: “When it comes to lifting more African-Americans out of poverty, it has been Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, who has put forward bold plans to create good-paying jobs, dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, and remove barriers to sustainable home ownership.”

Brief re-cap: Clinton passed NAFTA and PNTR for China that offshored millions of these good-paying jobs; Clinton passed the 1996 three-strikes crime bill that expanded prison populations, and Hillary has received donations from for-profit prison lobbyists; and in 2007 Hillary said borrowers should share the blame for getting in over their head.

Hillary Clinton wrote in her 2004 memoir regarding the 1996 welfare bill: "I agreed that Bill Clinton should sign it and worked hard to round up votes for its passage -- though he and the legislation were roundly criticized by some liberals, advocacy groups for immigrants and most people who worked with the welfare system."

Both Clintons signed off on the welfare reform bill — shortcomings and all — in part because they wanted to deny the GOP a potent wedge issue in Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign (former administration officials have admitted this over the years.

Read what a Black woman writes: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote: In his 1996 State of the Union address, given during his re-election campaign, Bill Clinton declared that “the era of big government is over” and immediately sought to prove it by dismantling the federal welfare system known as Aid to Families With Dependent Children (AFDC). The welfare-reform legislation that he signed (which Hillary Clinton ardently supported then and characterized as a success as recently as 2008) replaced the federal safety net with a block grant to the states, imposed a five-year lifetime limit on welfare assistance, added work requirements, barred undocumented immigrants from licensed professions, and slashed overall public welfare funding by $54 billion.

Watch what Elizabeth Warren had to say about Hillary Clinton signings a bankruptcy reform bill in 2001, that disproportionately hurt Blacks, and especially poor Black woman — Hillary biggest supporters today! So Hillary Clinton and her minions continues to dumb down the population to get them to vote against their best interests.

So if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President, not much will change, except that, maybe another layer of government corruption will be added — and more cronies (those who stood by her) will be rewarded for their loyalty in some parasitic way. If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, then from the very moment she is sworn in January 2017, her supporters should never expect any less corruption in government or in the banking system, because Hillary was supposed to have made everything better . . . because she's

A progressive that can get things done!®

But the rest of us will have a legitimate reason to complain, because we will have been the real victims — the victims of a corrupt political system, and the victims of a whole bunch of morons who voted for Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, many people might be watching a whole lot less cable news, because they couldn't stand seeing and hearing her on their TV for the next 8 years. As it is now, she's already becoming very nauseating . . . and not likeable at all.

Below is a 60-second recap of what the next 8 years will look like if Hillary Clinton is elected.


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  2. Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, has assembled a veritable shadow government full of former Treasury Department officials at his company. Fink has made clear his desire to become Treasury Secretary someday. The Obama Administration had him on the short list to replace Timothy Geithner. When that didn’t materialize, he pulled several members of prior Treasury Departments into high-level positions at the firm, which may improve the prospects of realizing his dream in a future Clinton Administration. And his priorities appear to be so in sync with Clinton’s that it’s not entirely clear who shares whose agenda. Clinton, for her part, has refused to rule out a Treasury Secretary drawn from Wall Street.