Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's Official: Clinton will never release Transcripts

CNN democratic town hall in Columbia South Carolina on February 23rd

Last night was the CNN democratic town hall in Columbia South Carolina (on February 23rd). The 5 minutes video below includes only the segments pertaining to the transcripts of the speeches Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs.

There are 3 parts (where Hillary Clinton deliberately veers off course with mumbo-jumbo in an attempt to obfuscate the voters) that were fast-forwarded to make the video much shorter. But the most pertinent parts were left unedited.

Basically, it's Hillary saying that she will only release her transcripts after everybody else in the whole wide world releases their first — a true sign of bold "leadership" (Or does she just pragmatically follow in other people's footsteps?)

Of course we all know she has something to hide. If the transcripts were totally innocuous, they would have been released a long time ago.

Bernie Sanders, who was the first to speak at the town hall, had said he gave a few speeches many years ago (for little money that was given to charity); but that he gave no speeches (paid or otherwise) to any Wall Street banker — and so therefore, he had no transcripts to offer.

But now that Bernie has agreed to accept Hillary's challenge, she expanded the parameters (raised the bar) by requiring that the Republicans also turn over their transcripts to all their paid speeches as well (even though, not everyone else is running for president — or had given speeches to those who had destroyed the economy and created the Great Recession.

And why would Hillary even ask the Republicans, when we already know that most of them are beholden to special interests, the big banks, large corporations and the very wealthy — but Hillary is supposed to be a "progressive" Democrat, so what is she hiding?

And besides, no Republicans are running for the Democratic nomination — it's just Hillary and Bernie in this race.

Hillary had attempted to play the victim (yet again) by accusing the world of holding her to a different standard. But in her case specifically, the transcripts to her speeches are every relevant, because it is SHE who wants us to believe that she'll take on Wall Street and break up the big banks if they act naughty again.

And as for the Republicans, if she wants to make them play nice, she can always ask whoever the GOP nominee might be during the general election debates (if she ever gets the Democratic nomination). But for right now, Hillary is only running against Bernie . . . no one else.

Besides, the 3 speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs for $675,000 is only the tip of the iceberg. Between her and her husband (who's NOT running for president), they raked in over $125 million for speeches since they left the White House. So the transcripts just for the Goldman Sachs speeches shouldn't be that big of a imposition, a burden, or too much to ask from a person that wants to be elected to the White House.

Release the transcripts Hillary, or drop out of the race >>> because we need transparency in OUR government, and an honest leader who has no wrong-doing to hide.

* Watch the video. This women is a real con artist!


  1. David Axelrod, Obama's former advisor, tweeted "Translation: No transcripts."


    Hillary Clinton's risky new Wall St. defense: Obama took Wall Street $$$ too

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  3. Hillary Clinton spoke glowingly of Goldman Sachs and spent no time criticizing Goldman or Wall Street more broadly for its role in the 2008 financial crisis.

  4. By giving just 12 speeches to Wall Street banks, private equity firms, and other financial corporations, Clinton made $2,935,000 from 2013 to 2015, including $675,000 for three speeches in 2013 to Goldman Sachs, an investment bank known for using its ties to public officials to influence policy.

    Last week, Bernie Sanders agreed to release the speeches he has given. In 2014, he made $1,867 for three appearances, donating the proceeds to charity.

    * Donal Trump did seven paid speeches in 2014 and 2015 --> to shopping centers, realty companies, and other similar firms.
    * Ben Carson is doing paid speeches as he campaigns.
    * Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have not done any recent paid speeches.

  5. Some people make the false claim that it’s a "double standard" to ask for Hillary's transcripts. But how?

    Here’s a simple “recap” of what happened:

    1) Bernie said he would reign in Wall St. because they crashed the economy.

    2) Then Hillary said she would do it too, but she could do it better.

    3) Then Bernie asked, how can you reign in Wall St when you take money from them for speeches and campaign contributions.

    4) Hillary said, I never changed my vote or made any decisions because any money she received (and that Obama took money too.)

    5) Then Bernie asked, why would Goldman Sachs pay you $675,000 for 3 speeches, just because they like throwing their money around?

    6) Hillary acted indignant and accused Bernie smears and innuendo.

    7) Bernie then asks for the Goldman Sachs transcripts.

    8) At first, during one debate, Hillary said she’d “look into it.” (or whatever)

    9) Later, when asked again for the transcripts, Hillary said Bernie made speeches too, and she’d release her transcripts if Bernie released his.

    10) So Bernie releases his (ZERO), then he asks again for her transcripts.

    11) Then Hillary (raising the bar) said she would, but only if all the Republicans would also (even though NO REPUBLICAN has ever claimed they would reign in the banks – and NO REPUBLICAN is currently running against Hillary or Bernie.)

    12) Then I made this video and post.

    * Please tell me where the “double standard” is between Bernie and Hillary. If you want to bring the GOP into the argument, wait until a Republican is running against a Democrat. This is still the Democratic primary, and the Republicans shouldn't be a part of the discussion at this point regarding transcripts.

  6. Here’s but one 30-second example of how Hillary said she would reign in Wall Street, and what she actually told the bankers in one speech:

  7. The only reason why I can think of as to why Hillary WON’T release the transcripts is two-fold:

    1) They will contain comments that would hurt her in the Democratic primary, and Bernie would be nominated, or...
    2) If she were STILL nominated, it could still hurt her in the general election debates with the GOP candidate.

    Otherwise, if there is nothing incriminating, then rather than allow people (myself included) speculate, why not release the transcripts and then just move on. If she has nothing to hide, and she releases the transcripts, not only will it look bad for Bernie and help her, it would also be one less thing the GOP can use against her in the general election. Then we can start asking the GOP for THEIR transcripts.

  8. New York Times editorial board to Clinton: Release your speech transcripts

  9. he following is a leaked transcript of Hillary Clinton’s first speech to Goldman Sachs delivered on 6/04/2013. Two other speeches are also rumored to be in circulation awaiting publication. This is the full transcript. Secretary Clinton received $225,000 for this speech. The speech has not been confirmed or authenticated.