Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arizona Screwed Independent Voters

Hillary Clinton won BIG TIME in Arizona — 57.6% to Bernie Sanders's 39.9%
Donald Trump won BIG TIME too — 47.1% to Ted Cruz's 24.9%

In Arizona, the wealthy oligarchs and plutocrats won — and the working-class (those earning under $50,000 a year) lost.

But Bernie Sanders kicked some very serious @ss in Utah (79.7% to 19.8%) and in Idaho (78% to 21.2%) with yuge landside victories! God bless those good people! (Results here.)

obscene debauchery

The reason Hillary Clinton might have won Arizona is because Bernie Sanders does much better with Independents, but they weren't allowed to vote for Bernie in Arizona. But Hillary Clinton, again, went on TV to make another victory speak (Tomorrow she'll be reminding us again of how many votes she has so far.)

But after seeing the reports coming out of Arizona, Utah and Idaho, it appears the entire election process is screwed up all across the country... long lines, chaotic caucuses, rigged primaries, a shortage of ballots, confusing polling locations, disparities in voting laws, varying voting hours, polls closing before everyone can vote, registration rules that vary from state to state, and the usual local corruption in the political parties who run all the elections.

Just in Arizona alone, Independents used to be able to vote in their caucuses, and tonight they had waited up to 3 hours, but to only turned away when it was finally their turn to vote. There are many reports of angry voters and of complaints being made to Arizona's Secretary of State. They had over 200 voting stations, but closed something like 75% of them, forcing voters to stand in very long lines. That’s is total B.S.

There should be no STATE laws for elections, there should only be FEDERAL laws ... where all States should have THE SAME voting laws with the SAME rules and the SAME hours, and should NEVER just be limited to registered Republicans or Democrats, keeping the corrupt two-party system rigged to perpetuate the corrupt political process. It’s a scam and an embarrassment that these elections are so messy ... and in the richest country in the world with the best technology.

Democracy in this country is a big joke. Anyone with a Social Security number and an iPhone should be able to online and register and vote in 5 minutes or less — the way they can go online to check their bank balance, renew their auto registration, buy a TV from Amazon or make a doctor's appointment. They voted with ink-stained fingers in Iraq and probably got more honest election results.

If Americans could vote online, voting would require less polling stations, less people to monitor those polling stations, giving us faster election returns, and shorter lines for older people who don’t have access to the internet and have to use a cane or walker.

And if not, there should be a paid Holiday off from work to vote. Older retired people with plenty of free time have an advantage over young people who might be working two part-time jobs to survive and can’t take time off from work to vote — or if they have children, can't afford a baby sitter.

Only Bernie Sanders gets the same large crowds that Trump gets, but yet Clinton has been getting the same or more votes that Trump usually gets. That doesn't make sense either, unless the whole system is rigged from the top down.

The people in Arizona, and all across the country, have been mostly voting for very wealthy people (Clinton and Trump) who are both pathological liars, when the voters had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally vote for an honest man of modest means who actually cared about the working-class. What have they been thinking?

Instead, they voted for two people who do nothing but accumulate trophy wives, stacks of cash and power for personal gratification, as though they were living in a real life game of Monopoly. As the late comedian George Carlin once said, they don't give a damn about you. But yet, people are voting for them.

To people like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the White House is nothing more than a badge of prestige in their high society lives ... a trophy or a 1st Place ribbon that they can proudly flash in the faces of all their former adversaries. If Trump is elected, he is vindicated for the insulting remarks that Obama made about him at the White Correspondence Dinner — and if Clinton is elected, she can obtain political parity with her cheating husband Bill.

As the late comedian George Carlin once said, they don't give a damn about you ... but the voters voted for them anyway, as though there were no one else to vote for. You know who really lost the State of Arizona last night? Not Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders. It was the American people — all of us, because the plutocrats and the oligarchs won that State. The obscene debauchery of the very rich lives on...

Hillary Clinton's tit-for-tat with Boeing

The Seattle Times: As the presidential campaign unfolds, and as Washington voters prepare for Saturday’s Democratic caucuses, Hillary Clinton’s ties to Boeing have resurfaced again.

Bernie Sanders criticized her at a recent debate for supporting corporate welfare for Boeing and other giant companies. And while Clinton’s work on behalf of Boeing has been explored in other news reports, recently disclosed messages from Clinton’s email server give new insights into the symbiotic relationship.

During the periods when Secretary Clinton was pushing governments to sign deals with Boeing, the aerospace company provided financial support to help her achieve a major foreign-policy goal. Boeing also donated more than $1 million to the Clinton family’s global foundation set up by her husband and sponsored speeches that paid him six-figure sums. [But hey folks, let's vote for her anyway!]

On the campaign trail: While Hillary Clinton is in Everett, Puyallup and Seattle, Washington (home to Boeing) Bernie Sanders is in San Diego, California.

The rich that plays together, stays together. Now they're competing for the crown jewel: President of the United States of America

Trump and Clinton

The L.A. Times: George Clooney [net worth $180 million] will host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton [net worth $31 million]. The April 16 event — hosted at the actor's Los Angeles home with director Steven Spielberg [net worth $3 billion] and Kate Capshaw [net worth $20 million], Jeffrey Katzenberg [net worth $957 million], and Haim & Cheryl Saban [net worth $3.6 billion]— is expected to be a major moneymaker for Clinton, with tickets going for $33,400 a a pop. [So all you Hillary sheeple, dig really deep into those pockets of yours and send money to her campaign!]

CBS News: Compared to frontrunners in previous presidential primary races, Trump and Clinton's unfavorable ratings (57 percent and 52 percent respectively) are the highest in CBS News/New York Times Polls going back to 1984, when CBS began asking this question.

Most Democrats have negative views of Trump and a majority of Republicans view Clinton unfavorably. But more than half of independents have unfavorable views of both candidates.

Forty-six percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, compared to just 28 percent who view the Republican Party that way -- matching the lowest rating ever in CBS News/New York Times Polls. Sixty-six percent of Americans view the Republican party unfavorably, a record high in CBS News polling.

At 15 points, Bernie Sanders' lead over Donald Trump is larger than Hillary Clinton's, partly due to his stronger support among independents. Clinton has a 10-point lead over Trump among registered voters, but her lead narrows to just three points against Ted Cruz.

  • 61 percent of younger voters [who want a future to beleieve in] under age 45 say they would back Sanders over Trump.
  • Older voters back the Republican candidates in head to heads against Clinton, but it's a closer race among this group between Sanders and Trump.
  • Republicans most fear a Clinton presidency (68 percent) than a Sanders presidency (56 percent).
  • White voters back a Republican candidate in hypothetical match-ups, while African Americans support the Democrats.

NPR: earlier this week Sanders beat Clinton in the Democratic primary of U.S. citizens living abroad, winning 69 percent of the vote and netting nine delegates to Clinton’s four. The only countries where Clinton had more votes than Sanders were the Dominican Republic (350 to 53), Nigeria (4 to 1) and Singapore (149 to 107). [I guess you have to live outside the United States to see how the rest of the world lives to gain any real perspective.]

The Nation: They explain why Bernie Sanders' approach to Middle-East is far better than Hillary Clinton's — and how she helped create ISIS [But vote for Hillary to send your sons and daughters into another unnecessary war.]

A study of every suicide attack in the world since 1980 — over 4,600 in all — finds what 95% of all suicide attacks have in common; and it's not religion, but a specific strategic motivation to respond to a military intervention. Religious fervor is not a motive unto itself. Rather, it serves as a tool for recruitment and a potent means of getting people to overcome their fear of death and their natural aversion to killing innocents. (Hillary always supports military interventions, Bernie Sanders does not.)

The comment I left at this idiotic post at The Guardian titled: "Donald Trump's machismo becomes sexism once he faces Clinton":

Hillary Clinton has been in politics for decades — she's a grown up, and can handle anything Trump throws at her just fine. But even still, she will continue to play the gender card whenever she can, and Trump's comments only help her — unless Trump mentions her husband's past (in case Hillary wants to discuss "sexism"). When running for president, she knew exactly what she was getting in to, so no amount of sympathy is required if she "gets picked on" by Trump. Hillary supporters in the media will always characterize legitimate criticism the same way as they do personal insults — as "attacks" — so what does it matter anyway? When it comes to making "very artful smears and false innuendos", Hillary or Bill don't have any problems with that when it comes to Senator Bernie Sanders. Asking her for her Goldman Sachs transcripts wasn't a "double standard" — not when Bernie had offered his own (ZERO!) When asked about how she’d campaign against Trump more directly, you claim "she took the high road" — but anyone who's the least bit familiar with the Clinton's past and their dirty politics knows this to be patently absurd. It was 20 years ago on January 8, 1996 when the New York Times wrote: "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar." And guess what, she still is. [But ya'all go vote for Hillary now! I didn't bother going back to see if I got a reply, because that way I get the last word.]

Yesterday, from Washington Post wrote what has to be the quote of the week: "Trump is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get." And I would add: "Hillary Clinton is like a bag of crap. You always know what you're going to get. A load of $hit.

The GOP still going after Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare. The Republicans never let up! Obama (or a “predecessor” following in his footsteps like Hillary Clinton) might “compromise” with Republicans as they are known to do. That’s why we need Bernie Sanders to stop them. Otherwise Trump will cut these programs with a GOP congress! Whereas, Bernie would EXPAND Social Security by raising the cap --- and no other Democratic candidate will do this --- meaning Clinton, who believes that $250,000 a year is “middle-class” — and she always says she won’t raise taxes on the middle-class. ($250,000 a year is in the top 1% of wage earners according to Social Security wage data. But don't forget to vote for Hillary!)

A reader left a comment at the DailyBanter:

Personally I don't know how any minority group or Democrat can support Hillary against Sanders. Bernie Sanders' record spans 51 years and is legendary for working for all minority groups. Hillary is a white Southern woman who went to Yale, was a Republican then Flip Flopped, became a Democrat and married Bill. She basically stood in the shadows behind Bill overlooked his cheating as she stood by her man. She wants this to be her pay off. She feels she is entitled to the presidency. Hillary has tried to appeal to millennials because there are more young people than baby boomers who are voting for Sanders. So then she Flip Flops AGAIN to change her message to Sanders message! How much of a moron do you have to be to vote for someone whose own record screams:

  1. I don't support gay marriage.
  2. Minorities are "superpredators".
  3. Names Nancy Reagan as the Face of an AIDS activist.
  4. Doesn't believe college should be free like it was when she went to college.
  5. Smeared Obama.
  6. Smeared Bernie Sanders.
  7. Is UN-electable by CNN's own polls against every republican candidate.
  8. Is being investigated by the FBI while running for president.
  9. Lied to the families of Benghazi.
  10. Lied again saying we didn't lose anyone in Libya.
  11. Lied again when she said her emails where not classified before she sent them.. Almost all of them were classified.
  12. Supports GMO's and is against labeling.
  13. Supports fracking under many conditions.

Really HRC supporters, is that the best you got?

*//Editor's note: And those are our daily rants today ;)


  1. The DNC purposefully cut voting locations in Arizona from 400 in 2008, to 60 this time.

  2. One voting site in Arizona for every 21,000 voters...

  3. FULL DISCLOSURE: I supported Obama in the 2008 against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary (so as a White person, I'm not a racist). I supported Obama in 2012 against Mitt Romney (because as a progressive, I hate Republicans). I supported Elizabeth Warren running in 2015 (so as a man, I'm not a misogynist). I support Bernie Sanders now (so as a Catholic, I'm not anti-Semite). I vote according to the issues, what a candidate stands for, and judge them by their integrity, honesty and character. PERIOD. So if I despise Hillary Clinton, it has nothing at all to do with her being a woman. It's everything else about her (and her husband) that I can't stand.

  4. Here's MSNBC criticizing Bernie Sanders because he doesn't do as well with Black voters as Hillary, even though he does better with the White-working class, younger voters and Independents.

    The White-working class is split between Trump and Sanders, giving Hillary the advantage with minorities. So liberal white-working class folks are at the mercy of Black voters in the South and Latinos, who favor Hillary (why, I haven't a clue --- and I read a lot!)

  5. Bernie Sanders called it a "disgrace" that some voters had to wait in line for hours to vote in Tuesday's Arizona primary.

    "In the United States of America, democracy is the foundation of our way of people," Sanders said at a press conference here Wednesday. "People should not have to wait five hours to vote. And what happened yesterday in Arizona is a disgrace. I hope that every state in this country learns from that and learns how to put together a proper election where people can vote in a timely manner and then go back to work."

    Sanders, who lost the Arizona primary to Clinton by 57 percent to 39 percent, suggested that the voters who walked way could have made a difference in the final results.

    "We do not know how many thousands of people who wanted to vote yesterday in Arizona did not vote. We don't know if they wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or whoever," he explained.

    Sanders could not explain why his campaign came up short in the state, noting that he has not yet seen exit polls. He did say that turnout was "significantly less" than they had expected. Just over 400,000 voted in the Arizona Democratic primary, less than the state's Democratic primary turnout in 2008.

    "We had a very positive night," Sanders told reporters. "We continued a series of post March 15 elections where we have now won three out of four contests."

    Sanders closed the press conference by saying that if he had "lost Arizona to the degree she lost Utah or Idaho it would be devastating." He said that due to the campaign's oft-stated primary goal, which is to pickup the largest number of delegates possible.

  6. A MUST READ article for Bernie Sanders his supporters explaining how voting laws and the media is influencing the election.

  7. Bernie Sanders Calls Out Arizona Voting Process, Discusses Primary Results - FULL VIDEO

  8. Bernie's supporters rage against Arizona voting delays

    (Because of early voting, these votes were counted before yestrdays votes. Bernie won 60%-40% with people who voted yesterday.)

    Complaints about the election weren't limited to Sanders and his supporters. Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday released a statement saying state officials needed to evaluate the Arizona voting process.

  9. UPDATE: Check out this new Fox News poll. It's clear the Democratic Party machine is shutting out Independents in the primary (who prefer Bernie Sanders) to nominate Hillary Clinton, betting that they will vote for her in the General election. NOT! It's Bernie or Bust baby!

  10. The Guardian -- Mocked and forgotten: who will speak for the American white working class?

    My comment at The Guardian and Tweet

  11. This Is What Political Revolution Really Looks Like

    Voter turnout is historically low because we have rigged elections (i.e. Democrats' "superdelegates" and Republicans' "unbound" delegates; requiring Independents to register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primaries; voter ID laws; long lines at the polls; shortage of ballots; early poll closings; confusing hours; congressional gerrymandering; corrupt campaign finance laws; etc. ) If I vote for Bernie Sanders, a superdelegate like Bill Clinton will override my vote. The corrupt two-party political system in the U.S. will do everything they can to keep themselves in power and won't make these changes. And slime-bag superdelegates like Howard Dean will say: "To Hell with the will of the American people — I'll do what I think is right."


    “The state House gave final approval Tuesday to a major overhaul of campaign finance laws, including allowing individuals to spend unlimited amounts of money to help raise funds for candidates they support without having to disclose it to the public.