Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bernie Bro Launches Angry Tirade!

He doesn't want to make American "whole again" or "great again" — he just wants America to be much better than it is now.

Bernie Bro

Most surveys show that most Americans are angry, are worried about the economy and aren’t very happy with the current government (which has an historically low approval rating of Congress) — and claim they want to see real change.

But do they really? According to voters so far, that doesn't seem to ring true. As of March 15th (according to Wolf Blitzer on CNN) this is how many actual votes the leading candidates have in the primaries:

As of March 8th, the biggest problem for Democrats is total voter turnout. Via Pew Research:

  • Republicans: 17.3 million
  • Democrats: 11.7 million

On one side we have Donald Trump and millions of people voting for the billionaire plutocrat because he says he’ll make America great again. Ok, I get it, people want change, so instead of voting for an establishment politician they’re voting for Trump. I might not agree with Trump. I might not like Trump. I might think Trump is a dishonest, greedy, egotistic and narcissistic a-hole ... but at the least people are putting their vote where their mouth is, and voting for real change. Those poor fools might be misguided, they might be dead wrong, and they might crazy — but at least they're trying do affect real change (albeit, with more fear and less rationality).

On the other side we have Hillary Clinton, who also uses fear and less rationality: fear that if we don't elect her, we might have Trump. Less rationality: Trusting her to break up the big banks while she takes money from the big banks. On the Democratic side we have someone who is backed by almost every single Democratic member of Congress, has been a part of the political establishment for decades, takes money from special interests, voted for a horrific war, gives speeches to bankers and won’t tell us what she said, supported trade deals that offshored jobs, and is a known liar .... but yet, those same people who aren’t happy with the economy and are dissatisfied with the current government (and say they want change) all voted for Hillary Clinton. Does that make any sense at all?

So in the end, while I don’t agree with Trump supporters, I respect them much more than Hillary supporters, because at least they’re voting for real change (even if it's bad change). But both Trump and Hillary supporters had a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to finally vote for a truly honest man who has worked hard all his life to help common Americans, rather than use his position in Congress to personally enrich and empower himself.

Bernie Sanders could have comfortably retired and spent more time with his grandchildren. But when it became apparent that Senator Elizabeth Warren wasn't going to run for President, and after Hillary Clinton announced that she would run, Bernie stepped up to plate. Not because he had some selfish ambition to be the leader of the free world and to have all the perks (and headaches) that come with the job. He ran a patriot to affect the change that so many Americans had "claimed" they wanted.

But so far, considering all the votes that Hillary and Trump have up to this point, it's seems contrary to people's expectations of change — meaning, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Of course, with Trump, the rich will get a lot more rich, and the poor, a lot more poor.

Now I’m almost ashamed to call myself an American, because so many ignorant and foolish sheeple have voted against their own best interests again by voting for either Trump or Hillary — and in the process, may bring the rest of us (i.e. Bernie supporters) down with them; and if I were ever to leave this country, I would prefer to do it on a Canadian passport, because I would not want to be associated with so many ignorant and moronic fools in my Homeland.

Of course, many (if not most) people will tell me: "If you don't like it here, move to another country." Then they'll remind me of how lucky I am to be an American and to be living here; and that most other people around the world have it much worse than we do. That might be true, but what's wrong with wanting to make this country much better than it is — and I don't mean "whole again" or "great again" — I mean just better than it already is.

We could start by getting money out of politics and electing good honest people to serve us, rather than people who only selfishly use our corrupt duopoly political system to advance their own careers and fatten their own wallets at the expense of everybody else. We have so many a-holes in Congress right now that it's no wonder the American people are angry and fed up.

Of course, that’s just my personal opinion — and many people think I'm an a-hole too, but I don't give a damn — this is my tirade, not theirs.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee and loses the White House to Donald Trump, the Democrats will have no one else to blame but themselves. It would be the Democratic Party's fault for forcing Hillary upon us against our will. Of all the people, why did they settle on backing a long-known pathological liar?

If she loses the White House, the Party elites only have themselves to blame by lining up 99% of their super-delegates behind her since Day One, and then calling out their media hounds to either ignore or speak dismissively of Bernie Sanders; or for Hillary lying about Bernie and his record — and for the mean, dishonest and nasty way she and her supporters have handled their campaign.

If Hillary loses to Trump (or whoever) just because she couldn't get Bernie's supporters to carry her through the general election, then they will only have themselves (and all those slimy opportunists who wanted to jump on the Clinton gravy train) to blame for being so damn power hungry and ugly during the entire primary campaign.

I will NOT reward that kind of back-stabbing and mean behavior by giving Hillary and Bill Clinton the White House and Air Force One again for what might be another 8 more years. The Clintons had their 8 years already, and all along (and ever since then) they have been a big part of the problem.

There should be no more voting for "the better of two evils". I don't want to hear, "Sorry folks, better luck next time — now, can't we all just get along?" That's total BS. If Hillary is nominated, I hope she crashes and burns. I'll take my chances with Trump (or whoever else, but at least with somebody new — no more political dynasties).

The Clintons are mean and evil people, and they should have just disappeared (quietly retired) a long time ago, rather than sticking their ugly faces in our business again to make us more miserable than we already might be. If Trump becomes the next president and gets too crazy, Congress can always impeach him (I'm sure that even before he's elected, Congress will already have more than enough votes). But the country isn't going to crumble unless Trump becomes a dictator.

For me, it's Bernie or Bust. He offered himself to the American people to affect real change (but without the corruption), and the Hillary people just gave him a slap in the face. That was unforgivable. I would prefer Bernie Sanders or anybody else other than Hillary and her pathetic scheming husband. And the more that Hillary's supporters insult Bernie's supporters, the less of them you can count on in November. Let's see the Clintons try to steal the general election without them. Me? I'm just one less vote.

And all those moronic $hillary sheeple and all their slimy political supporters can all call me a "poor loser" if they want to, but in the end, a vote for either Hillary or Trump makes ALL Americans losers — very stupid losers.

[* Editor's note: Bernie's Sanders' campaign is in no way affiliated with the author of this post, and bears no responsibility for the content, although the Clinton campaign may attempt to use it against him as anecdotal evidence that Bernie is running a negative campaign.]

UPDATE (The Nation) Did the Chaos and Violence at Trump’s Rallies Push Clinton Over the Top on Tuesday?

It’s entirely possible that the increasingly fascistic nature of Trump’s movement, and the hate crimes it appears to have incited, made Democratic primary voters who might have been inspired by Bernie Sanders’s compelling vision for the country’s future more risk-averse. It’s possible that some of them decided to go with the candidate they perceived as a safer bet in November. Sanders’s campaign, and many of his supporters, are certain that the senator would be a stronger general election candidate in November. They have head-to-head polling to back them up. The counterargument is that Sanders hasn’t faced the onslaught of negative attacks that he surely would in a general election campaign. Clinton’s supporters also point to a Gallup poll conducted last year that found fewer Americans saying they’d be willing to vote for a socialist than a Muslim or atheist. Exit polls show that on March 15, Clinton’s argument won the day with primary voters. Across all five states, two-thirds of them said that Clinton was the better bet to defeat Donald Trump, and Clinton won the support of 80 percent of those who said that electability and experience were the most important attribute in a candidate ... Throughout the campaign, Sanders’s unapologetically progressive agenda has inspired millions of Democratic base voters, while Clinton has run on her experience and competence. For many in the party’s increasingly liberal base, it’s been a contest pitting a candidate of the heart against a candidate of the head. As it’s become more likely that Trump will be the Republican nominee, and as his campaign has taken an increasingly ugly turn toward naked authoritarianism, it’s likely that some liberal voters decided that they’d go with the candidate that they saw as a safer bet. The good news for the progressive wing of the party is that while Sanders’s road to the nomination got a lot harder on March 15, he remains well funded and will continue to draw new people into his movement as he pushes the party to the left. Clinton may be benefiting from voters who are spooked by the nastiness surrounding Trump, but the Bernie Sanders political revolution is far from over.

The way it is now, despite all the fear-mongering by the media (rightly or wrongly) about Donald Trump if he were elected, I believe that it's "voter turnout" that should be the Democrats ONLY and BIGGEST concern. So the question becomes: Who would turn out more voters in the general election, Hillary or Bernie? Personally, I suspect more Hillary supporters would vote for Bernie if he were to become the Democratic nominee than Bernie supporters if Hillary were the nominee. Add to that, more Republicans and Independents (who otherwise don't want Trump, but can't stand Hillary either) would also vote for Bernie (IMHO).

Why are the establishment Democratic politicos so surprised that Democrats and Independents are going to Donald Trump? It's because Obama and the Democrats screwed them over.

  • Obama rallied in front of Nike to promote the TPP trade deal.
  • Obama agreed to chained-CPI on COLAs for people on Social Security as a "compromise" with the GOP on a budget deal (luckily, that provision was defeated).
  • Obama gave up years ago on raising the federal minimum wage to a measly $10.10 an hour.
  • Obama extended the Bush tax cuts for billionaires for two years, but only extended long-term unemployment benefits for one year.
  • Obama ran as a "progressive" in 2008, but ended up being another Republican LITE. He went from "hope and change" in 2008 to "the better of two evils" in 2012 to "a total sellout" in 2016.
  • Millions of White voters showed up to elect Obama in two elections — their payback was to get Black voters to vote against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

That's Obama's  so-called "legacy" — and to honor that damn legacy, the taxpayers have to shell out $1 billion for his damn library.

What did Obama and the Democrats ever do to keep the party loyalty? Absolutely nothing! Now millions of voters are running to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders — and the DNC's political machine is using dirty politics to keep Obama's pathetic centrist/moderate/Third Way "legacy" in tact.

I encourage all of Bernie Sanders supporters to stay home in November if Hillary Clinton is nominated, and to hell with Obama's traitorous "legacy".

Obama will go down in history as the "Divider-and-Chief" — dividing the Democratic Party. Maybe in the end, that will be a GOOD thing, and America can finally have an honest third party.


  1. Trump is a lunatic. I fully realized that when he stood in front of his Trump steaks, wine and magazines and bellowed how great they all are and how they are still going strong (lie). And seeing how his Trump U is going, it’s obvious that he is more Barnum and Bailey than he is Teddy and FDR. But as P.T. Barnum put so well, there’s a sucker born every minute and Trump has found his suckers, and is playing them like a fiddler plays his fiddle.....

    1. So true. I think most of these billionaires have an ego problem, as do most politicians. Now we have another billionaire-politician (only not quite as bad as Bloomberg).

    2. Hillary = Wealthy Barracuda
      Bernie = Humble Pie

  2. It's just a shame the media gave so much FREE time to Trump and not equal time to Bernie.

  3. The Guardian has an article showing why people are so afraid of Trump. So I supposes they think Hillary can protect them from the evil monster better than Bernie can? Or do they just think that if Bernie is nominated, more people will vote for Trump?

  4. Another article at the Guardian: "Republican frontrunner could damage trade and increase Middle East instability if he wins US presidency".

    So the election is being driven by fear, and not by making America "whole" or "great" again?

  5. Another fear-mongering article at the Guardian: "President Obama says the Republican frontrunner is sullying America’s reputation abroad. And winning back the respect of the world is no small feat."

  6. Now I understand the new Clinton strategy...

    Because the primary elections (so far) have mostly been held in States that were already previous assumed to be Clinton's (her "firewall" in mostly Southern states with lots of Black voters), because going forward from March 15th Bernie Sanders most favorable States still lie ahead.

    But the establishment Democrats (Obama, Hillary, wealthy campaign donors, the DNC, super-delegates, friendly media pundits, etc.) are all trying to change the narrative and kill the enthusiasm for Bernie's campaign by trying to make it appear as though the Democratic primary election is already a done deal — while at the same time, not to piss off Bernie supporters.

    These Hillary supporters are all trying to change the subject, to make it appear as though the threat of Donald Trump is what the Democratic-leaning American people should now be focused on (by dismissing and ignoring Bernie Sanders) and hoping to gain more of his voters from the States that haven't yet voted — just to help secure the nomination for Hillary Clinton.

    And they're also using fear-monger to claim that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in a general election (not true)

    This is very dirty politics folks, and by a lot of very politically powerful people. It's disgusting what they won't do to get the pro-corporate pro-banker candidate nominated.

    From the New York Times today:

    In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors last Friday that Senator Bernie Sanders is nearing the point where his campaign against Hillary Clinton will come to an end, and that the party must soon come together to back her.

    Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to depart the race, according to those in the room. Still, those in attendance said in interviews that they took his comments as a signal to Mr. Sanders that perpetuating his campaign, which is now an uphill climb, could only help the Republicans recapture the White House.

    Mr. Obama has been careful in public to avoid disparaging Mr. Sanders, given his deeper history and relationship with Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama also does not want to alienate the liberal voters who have flocked to Mr. Sanders.

  7. Washington Post:

    “The president has been clear that as we get closer to the general election, it will become even more important that the American people understand what is at stake,” White House deputy press secretary Jennifer Friedman said in an email.

    Out of concern that a Republican president in 2017 — either Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) — would weaken or reverse some of his landmark policies, Obama and his surrogates have started making the case that it is essential for the GOP to be defeated in November.

    Liberal investor George Soros is among the backers helping to amass about $15 million for a super PAC devoted to increasing the participation of Latino voters as well as African Americans and women.

    Democratic Party officials say they are taking the threat of a Trump nomination seriously and plan to begin attacking him immediately, on policy and on his temperament. They also vow not to make the mistakes that Trump’s GOP opponents made early in the primary season. They are not assuming that the billionaire real estate magnate will self-destruct, they say.

    “We’re ready for Donald Trump,” DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told reporters Wednesday. “We’re not treating him like the laughingstock that Republican establishment folks treated him for far too long.”

    Obama in recent days has been in the forefront of those taking Trump seriously. More than once, the president has gone on extended riffs about why he thinks Trump as a political leader is bad for the country.

    Clearly, once there is a Democratic nominee, which Obama advisers say they expect will be Clinton, the president will hit the campaign trail on her behalf.

    The president has always been a prolific party fundraiser: He has done 99 events for the DNC since winning reelection and has signed 21 donor appeals for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this cycle already.

    And Obama has begun making his case to the Democratic Party’s most dedicated financial backers.

    * Oh really? Will Obama do fundraisng for Senator Sanders as well if he becomes the nominee ... to protect his "legacy"?

  8. 33 Percent of Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Not Vote for Hillary Clinton:

    "It’s important to have principles in life, and I’m never voting for anyone who says 'I’ve always tried' to tell the truth. Therefore, I’m never 'falling in line' or pledging allegiance to Hillary or the DNC. I’m an American first, before any party loyalty, and I’m voting my conscience. You vote your conscience, and don’t forget to ask why Donald Trump donated money to Clinton’s Senate campaigns.

  9. Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow tonight, won't give in to the DEM machine, will take it to the convention and force superdelegates to choose. Go Bernie! Don't let the DEM machine steal your votes and delegates. Take it all the way to California and D.C. and to Philadelphia! Make those a-holes like Howard Dean vote against THE PEOPLE!


    The Problem With Hillary, Chez, Is I Don’t Vote Republican

    Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Entitled to Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

  11. The former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean (who now works as a lobbyist and was a cofounder of the progressive group Democracy for America, and is also a pundit on MSNBC), is supporting Hillary Clinton, even though his State overwhelming supports Bernie Sanders, including the group that he co-founded, Democracy for America.

    As a superdelegate, in a Tweet he writes: “Superdelegates don’t represent people, I’m not elected by anyone. I’ll do what I think is right for the country.”

    He is the perfect example of a corrupt two-party system. He votes against the majority will of THE PEOPLE, and like GOD, say he’ll do what HE thinks is right for the country. Bull$hit --- he’s doing what he thinks will help the establishment politicians on the Democrat’s gravy train. It’s people like Howard Dean that is driving people to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and dividing the country.