Sunday, March 20, 2016

Clinton Operatives Infiltrate, Sabotage Sanders Campaign

March 20, 2016 -- Niko House Exposes Campaign Sabotage In North Carolina's Bernie Office

Profile: No Ordinary Man: A Profile on Niko House (Posted on October 18, 2015 by Alex Patel)

Leaders of offices in Charlotte and other NC locations had been replaced by staff who had ties to Hillary Clinton and a local corrupt DNC branch. They forbid volunteers from hosting events and made it difficult to advertise the campaign.

Eventually the morale of volunteers dropped drastically and caused many to lose interest in participating whatsoever. Niko warns us that his state is not the only one to experience this and warns volunteers about who they're taking direction from. Let's learn from what is happening and try to get the word out.

North Carolina campaign Office infiltrated by the following HRC pushers:
Aisha Dew, Robert Dempsy, Patsy Keever are all connected to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Update 1: Multiple reports that South Carolina was sabotaged as well, MA possibly.
Update 2: Robert Dempsey appears to be the state director in Wisconsin.

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* He says this has been happening in many Southern States.

Who Millions of Blacks in the South Voted Against: Watch this short 4-minute video: Bernie Sanders is endorsed by Martin Luther King Jr.'s close friend and civil rights activist, Harry Belafonte,Nina Turner, Cornel West, Killer Mike, Danny Glover, and millions more.


  1. Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling on Voting Rights - Seek Delegates be Awarded to Bernie

    1. The Suspect Massachusetts 2016 Primary: The computerized vote count declared candidate Clinton the winner — but the exit polls indicated candidate Sanders to be the winner by a margin of 6.6%).

  2. Niko D. House -- March 17 at 6:24am ·

    As dangerous as this may be, I felt like I have the responsibility to speak out on the truth of what happened in North Carolina now that the primaries are over. This video discusses the concerted effort to undermine the success already achieved in the state. I discuss how our best volunteers were strong armed out, many members of the political community tried to openly endorse Bernie, and how the Voter data situation was a predecessor to an issue that is on a much larger scale than anyone of us could have imagined. Please share this. We cannot get in personal contact with Bernie and we honestly don't know who we can trust anymore. This is video could save his campaign if it gets to him in time so that he can at least prevent it from happening in the other states as well.

  3. New allegations raised that Bernie Sanders campaign is being sabotaged from within by high level staff with ties to Hillary Clinton.

  4. Last month, according to campaign finance reports, Hillary Clinton raised more than $30.1 million to be used in the Democratic primary—to be used, in other words, against Senator Bernie Sanders. From the New York Times:

  5. The establishment Democrats must think Bernie Sanders can beat her in the primary...because they're using GOP scare tactics now.

    POLITICO: "Protracted combat with Hillary Clinton threatens to do real damage in a general election against Donald Trump, senators warn ... Sanders should focus more on stopping Donald Trump and less on why he believes Clinton’s stands on trade, financial regulation and foreign policy would make her a flawed president."

    * Do you know that, outside of George Washington, Bernie Sanders might be the only presidential candidate in the history of the United States that wouldn't be beholden to any special interests if he were elected (unlike all the establishment Democrats who want Bernie to drop out of the race.)

  6. As an aside: On MSNBC yesterday there was a re-broadcast of a town hall forum with Hillary Clinton that was hosted by Chris Matthews to give Hillary Clinton another hour of free air time to campaign on national TV. MSNBC has been operating like a campaign superPAC for Hillary, and Chris Matthews as one of her campaign managers. What about FEC election laws for equal time? MSNBC is owned by Comcast. The VP of Comcast held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and gave money to her campaign. Chris Matthews has a thrill up his leg for Hillary. Quinky dink that the corporate media isn’t in the bag for Hillary? A vote for Hillary is a vote for the corporate media (who also supports TPP).

  7. The former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean (who now works as a lobbyist and was a cofounder of the progressive group Democracy for America, and is also a pundit on MSNBC), is supporting Hillary Clinton, even though his State overwhelming supports Bernie Sanders, including the group that he co-founded, Democracy for America.

    As a superdelegate, in a Tweet he writes: “Superdelegates don’t represent people, I’m not elected by anyone. I’ll do what I think is right for the country.”

    He is the perfect example of a corrupt two-party system. He votes against the majority will of THE PEOPLE, and like GOD, say he’ll do what HE thinks is right for the country. Bull$hit --- he’s doing what he thinks will help the establishment politicians on the Democrat’s gravy train. It’s people like Howard Dean that is driving people to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and dividing the country.

  8. $13,623,451 -- This is the difference entering March between the Hillary Clinton campaign’s cash on hand (more than $30.83 million) and that of the Bernie Sanders campaign (about $17.21 million).

    The gap comes after a February in which Sanders outraised Clinton by more than $14 million in the Democratic presidential primary. But Sanders in February also burned through about $9.4 million more than Clinton after his campaign already started the month with less cash in reserve.

    Another problem for Sanders, who trails Clinton in delegates as they fight to secure the Democratic nomination, is the Pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action — which like all super PACs, may raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against candidates. They boasted nearly $44.5 million cash on hand heading into March.

    1. For crying out loud people! Go to Bernie's store and but a baseball cap or t-shirt!

  9. This Is What Political Revolution Really Looks Like

    Voter turnout is historically low because we have rigged elections (i.e. Democrats' "superdelegates" and Republicans' "unbound" delegates; requiring Independents to register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primaries; voter ID laws; long lines at the polls; shortage of ballots; early poll closings; confusing hours; congressional gerrymandering; corrupt campaign finance laws; etc. ) If I vote for Bernie Sanders, a superdelegate like Bill Clinton will override my vote. The corrupt two-party political system in the U.S. will do everything they can to keep themselves in power and won't make these changes. And slime-bag superdelegates like Howard Dean will say: "To Hell with the will of the American people — I'll do what I think is right."