Friday, March 25, 2016

CNN uses HEADLINES! to bolster Hillary Clinton

The CNN headline (the Clinton News Network) boldly declares: "CNN/ORC poll: Clinton tops Trump on presidential traits" (This was also repeated in the Washington Post newsletter today).

That was the headline, but the poll excludes Bernie Sanders related to these attributes...

And the new CNN/ORC poll only interviewed 1,001 Americans (out of 310 million) which included 925 "registered" voters --> 601 on landline phones and 400 on cell phones. Younger people, who mostly favor Bernie Sanders, usually use cell phones. Mostly old lonely people with no one to talk to (who favor Hillary Clinton) answer their landline phones at home --- most of us just let the answering machine go on because we know it's probably an annoying robo-call.

Bernie Sanders is most favorable among ALL who were surveyed — but below shows the favorability among 323 Democrats and 155 Independents — even though there are far more people who describe themselves as Independent than there are Democrat or Republican.

Hillary Clinton 73% favorable 25% unfavorable
Bernie Sanders 71% favorable 22% unfavorable

Then the survey asks: "Regardless of who you support, and trying to be as objective as possible, who do you think will win the election in November if these are the candidates on the ballot -- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?" Bernie Sanders wasn't even on the list.

Then the survey asks: "Thinking about the following characteristics and qualities, please say whether you think each one applies more to Hillary Clinton or more to Donald Trump." Again, Bernie Sanders wasn't even on the list.

So when the CNN headlines says: "Clinton tops Trump 56-42 in a new CNN/ORC poll" -- they are deliberately misleading the American public and attempting to influence the election (as usual).

Another CNN/Poll shows Bernie kicking Hillary's @ss in almost every match up — but the media mostly reported this poll as Hillary leading Bernie nationally 51% to 44% — excluding all other results. Other polls, like a new one from Bloomberg, shows Bernie leading Hillary 49% to 48%. I don't see the cable news stations pounding that headline very often!


  1. A very touching campaign ad by Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii for Bernie Sanders, who discusses the true cost of war. Gabbard is a 2 tour Veteran of the Iraq War. She resigned as vice-chair of the DNC so that she could endorse Bernie and campaign for him.

  2. From the Washington Post newsletter today: "MADISON, Wis. - - - Bernie Sanders is coming to this liberal university town tomorrow for a rally in an arena that seats 10,000. Last night, Chelsea Clinton drew about 100 to a field office down the road."

    From everything I've read over the last few months, this seems to be a common theme ... massive turnouts for Bernie vs. small little gatherings for Clinton --- but yet she currently leads Bernie by about 2 million votes. Why is that? Is the entire election rigged from the top down?

    Chelsea Clinton also accused Bernie Sanders of being a "one issue candidate" again. So I Tweeted her mom:

  3. Last night Jimmy Kimmel "Mansplains" to Hillary Clinton (I wasn't sure if he was mocking her or taking her side against those evil Bernie "sexists".)

  4. The Guardian -- Mocked and forgotten: who will speak for the American white working class?

    My comment at The Guardian at that post was also posted at Twitter:

  5. 20 years ago the New York Times accused #HillaryClinton of being "a congenital liar."

    Now here she is, 20 years later, lying about lying!

  6. George Clooney -- the top 1% fundraising for the top 1%. Boycott all his damn movies, he's rich enough already.

  7. This Is What Political Revolution Really Looks Like

    Voter turnout is historically low because we have rigged elections (i.e. Democrats' "superdelegates" and Republicans' "unbound" delegates; requiring Independents to register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primaries; voter ID laws; long lines at the polls; shortage of ballots; early poll closings; confusing hours; congressional gerrymandering; corrupt campaign finance laws; etc. ) If I vote for Bernie Sanders, a superdelegate like Bill Clinton will override my vote. The corrupt two-party political system in the U.S. will do everything they can to keep themselves in power and won't make these changes. And slime-bag superdelegates like Howard Dean will say: "To Hell with the will of the American people — I'll do what I think is right."

  8. Among Bernie Sanders' supporters, a new poll show 65% would turn out for Hillary Clinton in the general election, 9% would back Trump ... but 20% would sit it out (I am one).

    1. Bernie Sanders's supporters, who are scared of Donald Trump, would back Hillary Clinton in the general election. That is part of the Clinton strategy, using fear to get votes, because most people would NOT vote for her just based on her policies or trust-worthiness.

  9. #AnaKasparian of #TheYoungTurks > #HillaryClinton demonstrates weakness by not debating #BernieSanders in #NewYork

    So in other words...

    #HillaryClinton crapper #JoelBenenson tells CNN's #KateBolduan she won't debate in #NewYork unless #BernieSanders stops telling the truth