Thursday, March 10, 2016

GOP Debate - March 10 - Social Security

Just a quick note, the debate is still going on. When there's a transcript available, I will post a link in the comments section...

They just brought up Social Security at the debate. Trump said the waste, fraud and abuse in Social Security is “rampant” and he wants to fix that. He complained that Democrats wants to expand the program. He dodged the follow-up question when it was pointed out how little fraud there was, and changed the subject to defense spending.

Rubio wants to get rid of fraud too, but didn’t offer any plan to shore up the trust fund.

Ted Cruz said we should address the problem of solvency and take steps to fix it, like raise the retirement age, and said we should have personal retirement accounts and less government – because government is the problem....then went off on the subject of lobbyists and ethanol subsidies in Iowa. He also mentioned waste, fraud and abuse.

Then we ended up on the subject of amnesty and the border. (WTF?!)

John Kasich wants to cut Social Security payments (talking about how he cut Ohio’s budget and grew jobs) and mentioned private accounts, and said he has a “plan” but younger people will be getting less. But then he says we don’t have to “cut” but we have to “innovate”.

They all talked the same old BS - - - no real solution, like raising the cap or taxing capital gains for Social Security. They all dodged and talked BS.

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