Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Campaign uses Stick and Stones

Bernie Sanders had only tried to campaign on the issues, and just point out legitimate differences in their policy opinions between the two candidates. It has always been Hillary who went dirty as soon as Bernie became a threat to her lead in the polls.

The woman who first launched a string of several negative and mean attacks against her political opponent (using very artful smears, innuendos and outright lies), is now bitching and complaining because her opponent decided to aggressively defend himself by sternly correcting the record.

Washington Post:

Bernie Sanders acknowledged that he’s recently adopted a tougher tone, but said he has tried to stick to the issues and not engage in character attacks. To the extent that the race has turned more negative, Sanders said, Clinton is to blame.

“We’re responding,” Sanders said. “I find it disappointing when the secretary mischaracterizes my record.”

Sanders was particularly galled, he said, by Clinton’s assertion during their recent debate in Flint, Mich., that he had opposed releasing funds to bail out the automobile industry. Most fact checkers who looked into Clinton’s statement concluded she wasn’t telling the whole story.

“The differences are becoming fairly clear to the American people, and the more the differences between her views and my views get out there, the better we’ll be,” he said.

Clinton doesn’t see it that way. During an appearance Saturday in St. Louis, she said Sanders “has decided to close this election by attacking me and misrepresenting my record and his.”

Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson said Clinton’s campaign thinks Sanders has “broken his word” about running a positive race.

Samuel Nebinger, who turned out Saturday night to see the candidate in Springfield, say they’re not bothered by the more pointed rhetoric. Nebinger said he welcomes it.

“He wanted to run it clean at first,” Nebinger said. “But he needed to go on the offensive, because she’s been doing so many corrupt things. She did that to herself.”

Her latest "falsehood" (video below) was about Bernie Sanders' lack of support for healthcare reform in the 1990s. And she wonders why so many people hate her and don't trust her. If Hillary Clinton was not lying, then she must be going senile. Either way, that would make her unfit to be our next president.

Also, the advocacy group MoveOn.Org — when launching attacks against Donald Trump — should publicly distance themselves from Bernie Sanders' campaign by saying their methods and strategy were not coordinated nor endorsed by Bernie's Sanders' campaign, even though the group has endorsed him for President.

Also, the cable news stations such as CNN and MSNBC continue to give Bernie Sanders excessively negative and pessimistic reports. It appears the mainstream media is doing everything they can to destroy Trump's and Sanders' political insurgency. I say, let democracy prevail, and let the people decide — and the media should just report and not try to influence the election just because one candidate has a platform that favors their corporation more than another. It's not right that they have all the megaphones and campaign for political candidates as though they were a superPAC. 

As I write there have been a STRING of pro-Hillary talking heads on MSNBC, and not a single person representing or advocating for Bernie Sanders. Besides bad trade deals and corrupt campaign finance laws, this is also where Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agree: The corporate media is absolutely corrupt.

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  1. This is the final round of polling before five states vote tomorrow...Bernie is closing fast.

    Clinton 46%, Sanders 41%

    Clinton 48%, Sanders 45%

    Sanders 47%, Clinton 46%

    Donate to Bernie!!!