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Hillary Clinton's New York Campaign Scandal

The State of New York holds a huge cache of delegates, and is currently Hillary Clinton's part-time home state, where she was once a senator and where her presidential campaign is now headquartered. It is also the home-base to many of her Wall Street super PAC donors...

Her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders (who was born and raised in New York before moving to Vermont) has been calling for a Democratic primary debate with Clinton in New York ahead of their April 19th Democratic primary election — but so far, Clinton has refused to agree to hold one.

Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sanders’s campaign manager, sent a letter on Sunday to his counterpart in the Clinton campaign, Robby Mook:

“It is difficult to understand your motivation. Can you please explain why New York should not host the April debate? Is the Secretary concerned about debating before the people who twice elected her to the U.S. Senate? Perhaps there is some tactical advantage you are seeking by avoiding a debate in New York, but I would remind you that Senator Sanders agreed to debate the secretary in New Hampshire when he was well ahead.”

Senator Sanders also made his appeal to Clinton while appearing on NBC's Face the Nation with Chuck Todd yesterday . . .

[* Editor's note: Please sign Bernie Sanders's petition to have Hillary Clinton agree to a New York debate before the election >>> Thanks.]

After first losing badly to the Black vote in Southern States, the Vermont senator has recently crushed Hillary Clinton in similar landslide victories in the States of Idaho, Utah, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska. As the Democratic primary grinds on, and as more and more people get to know him better, the more popular Bernie Sanders has become — even despite the stubborn reluctance of the mainstream media, who have obviously favored Hillary Clinton from the very beginning of the campaign — as have the Democratic party's superdelegates (but that could change by July).

In February 2015 when the relatively unknown Sanders had first announced his bid for the presidency, Hillary Clinton had once led him 60% to 4% in the national polls. But as of March 2016, the most recent Bloomberg poll now puts Sanders ahead of Clinton by one percent (49% to Clinton's 48%).

But before New Yorkers vote this April 19th (to make Hillary Clinton our "first female president" and vote for Wall Street bankers), New Yorkers — if they aren't already aware — should first know how they were duped by Hillary Clinton when she first ran to be their senator.

Long before then, while she was still in the White House, the New York Times had already labeled Clinton a "liar". On January 8, 1996 they wrote: "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar."

But before getting into Clinton's 2000 senatorial campaign scandal, we'll briefly touch on a couple of other items first.

In a 2014 interview with Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton had said: "We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses..."

Politifact rated her statement as mostly false, writing: "A few weeks before they left the White House, the Clintons were able to muster a cash down payment of $855,000 and secure a $1.995 million mortgage. This hardly fits the common meaning of dead broke."

After leaving the White House, the Clintons had bought two multi-million dollar mansions. First they bought a $1.7 million mansion in Chappaqua, New York (pictured below) so Hillary could claim residency in the State of New York ahead of her 2000 Senate campaign. Then the Clintons later purchased a $2.85 million mansion on Embassy Row in Washington D.C.

As an aside: After leaving the White House, the Clintons had been criticized for taking $190,000 worth of china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts with them.

1.7 million mansion in Chappaqua New York

The first New York senatorial debate between First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congressman Rick Lazio took place in Buffalo, New York on September 13, 2000. In her closing statement Clinton said: "I just hope New Yorkers will decide that it's more important what I'm for, than where I'm from." (The full Clinton-Lazio debate is at YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6)

FLASHBACK to November 8, 2000 — New York Times:

Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected senator from New York last night, ending a 16-month spectacle of a campaign and ensuring that a Clinton will remain in Washington after her husband, the president, leaves the White House on Jan. 20. It was the first time in the nation's history that a first lady was elected to public office. Mrs. Clinton soundly defeated Rick A. Lazio . . . With her husband wiping tears from his eyes as he stood silently behind her on the stage, Mrs. Clinton declared victory at 11:06 p.m., not even waiting for Mr. Lazio to finish conceding as she took the stage in time for the 11 p.m. news.

FAST-FORWARD to March 19, 2015 before Senator Bernie Sanders had humbly announced his own run for President. Mother Jones: Republicans blew their chance to end Hillary Clinton's career 15 years ago:

[The] key exchange came at the end of the [2000 senatorial] debate when Lazio interrupted Clinton mid-sentence, walked across the stage with a campaign finance pledge in hand, and urged her to sign it. Clinton awkwardly tried to shake Lazio's hand as he towered over her, his finger wagging in her face. In the hours and days after the debate, Clinton's team worked mightily to turn this interaction to her advantage ... Clinton is now preparing for a second presidential campaign ... Though some societal attitudes have no doubt shifted in the past decade and a half, the Republican presidential nominee — who will likely be a man — would do well to pay attention to how charges of sexism shaped Clinton's first race ... Charges of sexism—from the press, campaign surrogates, or even candidates themselves — are a fixture of modern American politics ... Most campaign consultants now train candidates to avoid Lazio-like missteps ... The men who want to take on Clinton will need to be careful to steer clear of sexist tropes that will repel female voters and could rebound to boost Hillary ...

Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton's chief of staff for the 2000 senate campaign who would go on to head Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign against Obama said: "Whether it was during the Lewinsky scandal or whether it was when Lazio was bullying her, people seem to like the damsel-in-distress sort of thing. Which is sad to me, but it helped her as first lady in '98 and it helped her in 2000 certainly. When she has been quote-unquote victimized, she's been more beloved."

October 30, 2015 — Politico: "Clinton allies shout ‘sexism’ at Sanders. The Vermont senator is suddenly on the defensive, an unaccustomed position for a progressive who describes himself as a feminist." (Yes, when you can't win on the issues, then play the "victim card" as a political strategy to defeat your opponent — a tactic that Clinton has obviously honed over the years; but so far, it hasn't worked very well against Bernie Sanders — and may have even back-fired on her this time.)

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And then, there are the Clintons...

The 10-minute video (embedded below) has been buzzing around the blogs for months. It shows Peter Paul's side of the 2000 New York campaign scandal, which involves allegations that Hillary Clinton had committed numerous federal election law violations and lied about them to cover them up — all culminating in what might be felonious conduct.

Peter Paul makes a strong case, but the mainstream corporate media continues to do its best to bury what might have been the largest election fraud in US history. This is one of the most shocking exposés on the blatant corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton.

The video includes exclusive home videos, archived news clips and audio recordings that expose the illegalities that elected Hillary to the Senate (such as contributions that were made during a fundraiser where the singer Cher performed) and the obstructions of justice that has kept Hillary Clinton out of prison.

Instead of voting for Hillary Clinton, Millennials might rather send a wake up call to the spineless incrementalist Democrats that they better get on message (and soon!) — or else the party elites are going to get the same treatment from them that the GOP got from their Tea Party.

But maybe a "President Trump" just might be what is needed to spur the establishment Democrats — people like Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and superdelegate that has endorsed Hillary Clinton, rather than his own senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who overwhelmingly won the state 86.1% to 13.6% against Clinton.

It's way past time when people like Dean start actually being real progressives for a change — rather than the centrist/corporate shills they've been since the days of Bill Clinton. The old guard (like Dean) within the Democratic party will slowly be dying off — and when they do, they can take their old and worn and failed ideas with them.

But for now, it might be a very good time for the DNC to take a real hard look at who their largest voting block is now — and who it will be in 2024. Millennials may not want to wait for another 8 more years before real change can take place. Today they want Bernie Sanders; but not only because he's the only honest candidate currently running, but also because he is real gift.

But so far, many Americans have just been too blind or stubborn to realize that yet. And come April 19th, the country can only hope and pray that New Yorkers are wide awake and Feeling the Bern.

And as for those Millennials (those "kids" who are in their 30s at this point), they were raised in the information age and will NOT be satisfied with "business as usual" — because many already see Hillary Clinton as a career criminal. As one can see from the list below (that she calls the "right-wing conspiracy"), there is just too damn much to keep ignoring!

  • Travel-gate
  • Vince Foster´s death
  • Hillarycare
  • Whitewater investigation
  • Cattle-gate
  • File-gate
  • Clintons Legal Defense Fund
  • China-gate
  • IRS abuses
  • Pardon-gate
  • FALN terrorists
  • Campaign finance investigation
  • Senator Clinton
  • Senate rules violations
  • Presidential Candidate Clinton
  • Madam Secretary
  • State Department scandals and cover-ups
  • Benghazi
  • Classified emails
  • Clinton Foundation and conflicts of interest

The Delegate Count

The map at this link shows the national county-by-county breakdown of the Democratic Presidential primaries as of March 28, 2016. Counties won by Hillary Clinton are shown in gold and those won by Bernie Sanders are shown in green. The first candidate to reach 2,383 delegates will win the nomination. The current pledged delegate count currently stands at:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1,252
  • Bernie Sanders: 1,015

(For some reason, these results haven't yet been updated by Google.) When you include superdelegate endorsements:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1,722 (470 superdelegates + 1,252 pledged delegates)
  • Bernie Sanders: 1,044 (29 superdelegates + 1,015 pledged delegates)

CNN just showed an update of actual pledged delegates:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1,252
  • Bernie Sanders: 1,015

The Nation reports:

  • Hillary Clinton: 1,251
  • Bernie Sanders: 1,012

But either way, there are a total of 4,763 delegates up for grabs — and so far Bernie has now won 15 state contests to Clinton's 20 — so it ain't over until it's over.  There are still about 2,000 more outstanding pledged delegates still available as the election moves forward — all the way until Washington DC votes last on June 14th. Then the following month (July) is when the superdelegates cast their votes at the DNC convention. The biased media always counts them in the final tallies beforehand, but they aren't actually committed until the convention, and they can vote anyway they choose at that time.

Today in the Washington Post they report that last Saturday Bernie Sanders' campaign hosted a block party to open its Brooklyn field office — not far from Clinton’s national headquarters. Sanders plans an aggressive push in New York, modeled after his come-from-behind victory a few weeks ago in Michigan. And he intends to barnstorm the state as if he were running for governor. His advisers, spoiling for a brawl, have commissioned polls to show which contrasts with Clinton — from Wall Street to fracking . . . and that a group of pro-Clinton senators recently considered writing an open letter to Sanders saying the time had come for him to end his campaign. But when two Clinton allies, Sens. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) and Barbara A. Mikulski (Md.), caught wind of the idea, they persuaded their colleagues to nix it, according to two people familiar with the letter.

Judging by the tone of this article at the Washington Post, its sounds a lot like similar posts on this subject in the media and on cable TV news. The Clinton campaign wants Bernie Sanders to get out of the race, claiming that any further "attacks" by Bernie could weaken her in the general election in their forgone conclusion that she becomes the Democratic nominee, and wants us all to be focused on Donald Trump as the "real" common enemy — and the Democratic party machine/superdelegates wants to get Bernie's supporters on Hillary's side long before the convention in July. This ploy is so transparent because in truth, they are just more concerned about losing the primary to Bernie now, than they are about losing the general election to Trump in November. Bernie can beat Hillary by July, and still have plenty of time to campaign and debate Trump before November.

And why is Clinton so afraid to debate Sanders in New York before they vote?

* Another Washington Post article compares Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 to Michael Dukakis vs Jesse Jackson in 1988 (Bernie endorsed Jesse Jackson that year.)

Will it be Bernie-or-Bust? Will New Yorkers vote for an honest candidate this time around? Or will they elect Hillary Clinton again, only to leave us with a President Donald Trump? America waits while it holds its collective breath.

And to all New Yorkers on Social Security: Just like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders also wants to expand Social Security benefits for everyone who is retired or on disability. Hillary Clinton does not. Her plan only mentions low-wage women.

From the full transcript of Bernie Sanders's recent interview with the L.A. Times editorial board on March 27, 2016: "We’re not gonna give up until the last vote is counted."  

So naturally, that includes New Yorkers too ;)

Bernie Sanders interview at L.A. Times


  1. Bernie Sanders's backers are demanding that Washington superdelegates "Feel the Bern": Supporters of Bernie Sanders are demanding Washington’s 17 “superdelegates” fall in line and support Sanders. A petition circulated on demands those delegates “follow the lead of average Democratic party voters and uphold authentic democracy.”



  2. The members of the progressive group Democracy for America (co-founded by Howard Dean) overwhelmingly voted to endorse Bernie Sanders; whereas Howard Dean (former Governor of Vermont) as a super-delegate, endorsed Hillary Clinton — even though Vermont overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders. Howard Dean now works as a lobbyist and is a pundit on MSNBC (which is owned by Comcast and supports Hillary Clinton). Howard Dean is NOT a “progressive”. Maybe he once claimed to be, but he is definitely a centrist/Third Way Democrat like the Clintons — that’s why he endorsed Hillary instead of the co-founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Senator Bernie Sanders — “The Amendment King” — a real progressive who gets things done. Hillary Clinton (just like Howard Dean) is a fake progressive, who got very little done, either as First Lady, or as a New York senator. (Others can judge how well she did a Secretary of the State and with her "reset" but with Putin.)


    The FBI is now trying to determine whether a crime was committed in the handling of that classified material. It is also examining whether the server was hacked. One hundred forty-seven FBI agents have been deployed to run down leads, according to a lawmaker briefed by FBI Director James B. Comey. The FBI has accelerated the investigation because officials want to avoid the possibility of announcing any action too close to the election.


    Bernie Sanders was ALWAYS against the TPP trade deal that New York lawmakers are coming out against:

    Democratic Reps. Sean Maloney and Eliot Engel joined a bipartisan group of House lawmakers from New York Wednesday to denounce an Obama administration trade deal that they say would hurt the state’s economy and cost jobs. With the U.S. Capitol as a backdrop, the lawmakers said the Trans-Pacific Partnership would make it harder for the United States to compete with countries that pay their workers lower wages, manipulate their currencies to make their products cheaper, and do less to protect the environment and workers’ rights.

    * Can New Yorkers trust Hillary Clinton to not "evolve" again and change her mind once again on this issue?


    First-Time Voters in New York Registered in Record-Breaking Numbers

  6. If #superdelegates don't vote with the popular vote for #BernieSanders, the peasants will storm the ramparts with torches and pitchforks.


      The superdelegate system is extremely undemocratic and probably should be abolished. Giving a group of Democratic party loyalists and politicians a "super vote" gives elites more power than the average voter. Please sign a petition to Washington superdelegates, which says:

      "Please remember that you are officially unpledged delegates (Party Rule 9.A and 9.B). Let the voters decide. Pledge to support the candidate who gets the most pledged delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention. Follow the lead of average Democratic party voters and uphold authentic democracy."


  7. -->>> Please sign Bernie Sanders's petition to have Hillary Clinton
    agree to a New York debate before their election...

  8. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #AnaKasparian of #TheYoungTurks > #HillaryClinton demonstrates weakness by not debating #BernieSanders in #NewYork

    So in other words...

    #HillaryClinton crapper #JoelBenenson tells CNN's #KateBolduan she won't debate in #NewYork unless #BernieSanders stops telling the truth.

  9. If #HillaryClinton is too cowardly to debate #BernieSanders in #NewYork, how can she face #VladimirPutin? A reset button?

    Some "leader" she would be!

  10. 2008 debate Clinton vs Obama on Gun Control

    Article today at Politico about Bernie and Hillary in New York – she’s going to use gun control as an issue against him. If so, this short clip could win New York for Bernie ;)

  11. Washington Post:

    "The idea that Bernie Sanders has been too negative to debate Hillary Clinton is ridiculous."

  12. Bernie Sanders Will Make the Economy Great Again

    "Liberal critics like Paul Krugman argue that Sanders’s economic platform is unrealistic. They are dead wrong."

    (Written by a Distinguished Professor of Economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst)

  13. You can read the full letter to Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook here:

    Dear Robby,

    I am writing to you about the remaining, agreed-upon Democratic primary season debates in April and May of this year. As you know, Secretary Clinton agreed to three additional debates – one in March, one in April, one in May – in return for our campaign agreeing to the late-scheduled debate in New Hampshire prior to that state’s primary.

    At Senator Sanders’ request, the March debate was held in Michigan. As I understand it, there was previously agreement reached by our representatives for the May debate to be held in California. I trust that commitment remains on your part.

    However, there has not been agreement on the April debate in terms of date or location. Our campaign continues to believe that the people of New York deserve to have the debate held in their state, and that it should be held prior to the New York primary.

    Given the outcome of electoral contests since March 15th it is clearer than ever that New York will play a critical role in determining the Democratic nominee. However, your campaign has consistently chosen to deny the people of New York the opportunity to see Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton debate in the Empire State.

    It is difficult to understand your motivation. I have received calls from numerous news companies seeking to sponsor a New York debate so I know the media interest would be high. Can you please explain why New York should not host the April debate? Is the Secretary concerned about debating before the people who twice elected her to the U.S. Senate?

    Perhaps there is some tactical advantage you are seeking by avoiding a debate in New York but I would remind you that Senator Sanders agreed to debate the Secretary in New Hampshire when he was well ahead in the polls.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so we can schedule the New York debate in April.


    Jeff Weaver

  14. What Hillary Clinton, her naive supporters, her lying surrogates, the slimy superdelegates and the rest of the corrupt establishment Democrats don't seem to realize is, Bernie Sanders' supporters don't owe their vote to Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee, because they're not even Democrats — they're Independents — who only registered as Democrats to vote for Bernie Sanders.

    Using scare tactics like "You better vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump might be the next President" won't work. Because if not for Bernie, many might have voted for Trump anyway (or not voted at all), because they don't want another establishment politician in the White House. They are sick to death of government corruption and want REAL change — not another choice of "the better of two evils". Many people will take their chances with anarchy before they'd vote for another corrupt politician.

    Neither Sanders nor Trump took bribes to get elected, and they will only be beholden to average people, not super-wealthy campaign donors.

    If the Democratic party machine and all the shillery sheeple don't want to see Donald Trump in the White House, then they should nominate Bernie Sanders, because many of them would rather take their chances with Donald Trump for 4 years rather than vote for Hillary Clinton. It's Hillary's supporters who should vote for Bernie if they don't want to see Donald Trump in the White House.

    Bernie Sanders is the only honorable person in the Democratic primary, and the Democrats treated him like crap — so don't expected to be rewarded by expecting votes you don't deserve.

  15. Clinton surrogate insults people from Brooklyn

  16. New York Daily News

    Bernie Sanders getting under Hillary Clinton’s skin

    Sanders is costing Clinton significant time, money and political capital. His victories in recent Western caucuses underscored her weaknesses among younger and white working-class voters, important elements of the Democratic coalition.

    The Clintons are even more annoyed that Sanders' approach seems to be rallying — and keeping — young voters by his side.
    He's favored in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday.

    Sanders is drawing sizable crowds in New York, attracting 18,500 to rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. A victory in that state, which Clinton represented for two terms in the Senate, would deal a significant psychological blow to her campaign, rattling Democrats already worried about her high national disapproval ratings.

  17. UPDATE!!!

    Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton in 3 Simple Charts.

  18. The Missing New York Daily News Cover

  19. Big Hillary Clinton supporter / endorser New York City mayor might be going to prison:

    Bill de Blasio fundraising under investigation

    Bill de Blasio Is Having A Rough Week

    Federal Probe Targeting Bill de Blasio Could Impact Hillary Clinton Campaign

    De Blasio handling corruption scandal like a true scoundrel

    he FBI Is Investigating De Blasio's Fundraising, Too

  20. Two articles on the NY vote fraud:

  21. New York's Voter Purge Is Bigger Than Brooklyn

    Via the Young Turks