Thursday, March 24, 2016

Markos Moulitsas, founder Daily Kos, Hillary Clinton Troll

Earlier this week in an op-ed at The Hill, the founder of the so-called "liberal" blog Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas, says it is time for Senator Bernie Sanders to bow out of the Democratic primary, and to let Hillary Clinton have all the delegates and be nominated without a fight, and surrendering to the oligarchs and plutocrats by ceding all of Bernie Sanders' hard-won votes to a well-known long-time pathological liar.

A poll that Markos Moulitsas himself put up at the Daily Kos shows that his own readers overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton — but yet, Moulitsas still supports the moderate/centrist/Third Way Hillary Clinton. (A "liberal" website? Don't make me laugh!) --> Daily Kos poll as March 23, 2016 --> Bernie: 12,877 votes --> Hillary: 4,521 votes.

Long before Bernie ran for President I posted a "diary" at the Daily Kos that was critical of the Clintons and suggested a third party. A Daily Kos moderator (or maybe Moulitsas himself) at the website threatened to ban me from the website because it was a "Democratic" website. (Except when it comes to freedom of speech.) So I had since edited it at the Daily Kos (and added my own poll), but the original post is still at my blog — where I had also posted it at the time.

At The Hill in his op-ed today Moulitsas wrote: "You can’t build a meaningful progressive campaign without the support of African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians." So then, because of Black voters in the South, there is no other place for the White working-class to go — except for maybe Trump? The Democratic party is ONLY beholden to minorities now?

It's very clear that the Democratic Party machine has been shutting out Independents in the primary (those who prefer Bernie Sanders) to help nominate Hillary Clinton, betting that they will vote for her in the general election. But I won't; it's Bernie or Bust. I vote my conscience, and I can not vote for a pathological liar — I will not vote for either Clinton or Trump.

The Democratic party's stubbornness to nominate Hillary Clinton may have handed the GOP the White House.

And to Markos Moulitsas and Daily Kos, go ahead and ban me and delete my account...who gives a crap about all those Shillery Sheeple you have.

Politico (March 19, 2016) "If Markos Moulitsas had his way there’d be no Affordable Care Act, no Dodd-Frank, no economic stimulus package. That’s the price when purity tests are applied to Democrats."

Wiki: "Moulitsas also noted that he has endorsed several victorious candidates in upsets, including Howard Dean for chair of the DNC ... Moulitsas is a fellow at the New Politics Institute, a think tank of the New Democrat Network, which was founded by Simon Rosenberg in 1996. The NDN's stated purpose is to help elect 'centrist' Democrats, and is considered by many to be a successor to the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), an organization that Simon Rosenberg resigned from in 1996."

It's worth noting that former Vermont Governor/now-lobbyist/now-MSNBC pundit (always attacking Bernie) and superdelegate Howard Dean (who Moulitsas endorsed) voted against the people of Vermont and endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying in a Tweet: "Super delegates don't 'represent people' I'm not elected by anyone. I'll do what I think is right for the country." (He made himself a god.) Members of progressive group Democracy for America, that Howard Dean co-founded, overwhelmingly endorsed Bernie Sanders with a record-breaking 87.9% of the votes.

Check out this new Fox News poll. It's clear the Democratic Party machine is shutting out Independents in the primary (who prefer Bernie Sanders) to nominate Hillary Clinton, betting that they will vote for her in the General election. (Screenshots of the relevant parts of the poll here)

Fox News poll March 23 2016

I won't vote for Clinton or Trump (it's not a "better of the two evils" choice — they're both wrong for the poor and working-class (Black and White and whoever). It's Bernie or Bust baby!

Hillary Clinton at Stanford University: "Slogans aren’t a strategy!" Then she makes a slogan: "Loose cannons tend to misfire!" (What a damn phony she is, and people still vote for her . . . it's Un-frigging-believable!

Also, why does this pro-Hillary diary at the Daily Kos only cite the best polls for Hillary Clinton — and featuring this post in their newsletter today? (Monmouth National Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 37%) It also cites that Fox News poll. But here are all the other polls...

  • Based on an average of 6 polls, Real Clear Politics shows Clinton leading Sanders by 9.6% (Clinton at 51.3% to Sanders at 41.7%).
  • And the HuffPost Pollster (currently tracking 294 polls from 30 pollsters) shows Hillary's lead over Bernie has narrowed to 10.2% (Clinton at 51.3% to Sanders at 41.1%).

It should also be noted that younger people, who vote for Bernie Sanders, don't participate in most of these polls and don't use landline phones. And "registered" Democrats don't include many Independents (that also prefer Bernie Sanders) that aren't allowed to vote in primaries, but can in the general election.

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  1. Fortune Mag:

    Sometime in the next several weeks, it’ll be evident what will come of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails, and the much-less discussed Clinton Foundation controversies, the latter questioning whether Clinton, in her capacity as secretary of state, helped promote the Foundation in illegal ways.

    Now, the chances of a Clinton indictment are probably exceedingly small, unless there is evidence uncovered by the FBI that hasn’t been in the public eye. But even were the FBI to recommend an indictment, the chances of the Justice Department actually prosecuting seem somewhere between slim and none.

    But assuming no indictment, the very spectacle of word leaking out that the FBI had been rebuffed in its recommendation of indictment, or if one or more Clinton aides get legally entangled in the server controversy, Clinton could be so damaged that her prospects against even someone like Trump in the general election would be seriously compromised. Under those circumstances, the party might then decide that Sanders is basically the only game left in town.

    Will any of these possibilities occur? There are only a few who know (FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and President Obama, among a handful of others), and they aren’t talking. Anything less than complete exoneration of Clinton and her staff will leave her vulnerable to attack from Republicans, if not from Sanders himself.

    * Obama's Eric Holder wouldn't prosecute a banker; so what could make us believe that Obama's Loretta Lynch would prosecute Obama's former Secretary of State? Nothing, because the administration is corrupt through and through.

  2. UPDATE /////////////

    Bloomberg National Poll -- March 24, 2016 -- Bernie Sanders: 49% -- Hillary Clinton: 48%

  3. The Democrats won’t force Bernie Sanders out of the race, no; they’ll just smother him with smarmy condescension.

    Senator Claire McCaskill, for instance, tells Politico that “what’s important is not whether or not he gets out, but how he campaigns. If the contrast is now about what separates us from Donald Trump, then I think it’s fine.” Did you hear that, Sanders? You have McCaskill’s permission to continue campaigning as long as you only speak about how Democrats are better than Donald Trump.

    Consider what would have happened had Sanders dropped out before the last debate in Miami. There would have been no debate, duh. And if there hadn’t been a debate, Clinton would never have been cornered into pledging not to deport any children or any adults without criminal records

    McCaskill and Shaheen would like Sanders to spend the remainder of his time speaking exclusively about how Trump is a jerk rather than pressuring Clinton into making more commitments with which the center may be uncomfortable.

  4. Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

  5. The Young Turks: Bernie Sanders Giving Bought Establishment A Headache

  6. thanks Bud. I got a whiff of that about a week ago when i visited the Daily Kos and there was some bullshit post by Markos, i believe, about being "nice" when discussing the dem candidates. It is however very few and far between that i go there. Apparently he has been co-opted by the third way and therefore doesn't give a shit about real progressive change.

    i had donated to the democratic party before and they would call me almost daily. Most times i wouldn't answer but last time they called i answered. I was so happy to tell the young gent on the other end that i was no longer a democrat. The kid sounded shocked and eventually asked why and i said "the way the DNC has treated Bernie Sanders means i'm am no longer a democrat and you will never get another dime from me"! and that was that and i mean it.


    1. Try being on their mailing lists. Literally everything is a crisis that somehow your donation will solve, even when money isn't the issue. Want to send a message to politician xyz? Then donate NOW! Help, I'm politician abc and I'm under attack from politician xyz, help me by donating NOW! I couldn't get off HRC's mailing list fast enough, but all the emails are practically the same.

  7. This Is What Political Revolution Really Looks Like

    Voter turnout is historically low because we have rigged elections (i.e. Democrats' "superdelegates" and Republicans' "unbound" delegates; requiring Independents to register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primaries; voter ID laws; long lines at the polls; shortage of ballots; early poll closings; confusing hours; congressional gerrymandering; corrupt campaign finance laws; etc. ) If I vote for Bernie Sanders, a superdelegate like Bill Clinton will override my vote. The corrupt two-party political system in the U.S. will do everything they can to keep themselves in power and won't make these changes. And slime-bag superdelegates like Howard Dean will say: "To Hell with the will of the American people — I'll do what I think is right."

  8. Kudos to you, Bud. I cannot agree more...

  9. Kos is a libertarian/neoliberal troll in his own city of Berkeley. For years he has bashed the "left wing" of the City Council, while he promotes the conservatives - especially if they are involved in real estate. Kos must have big real estate investments.