Saturday, March 12, 2016

Media Creates Trump, then Media Bashes Trump

Anybody who’s been inside bar and saw a fight break out, knows that an altercation between two people can quickly escalate into a full barroom brawl. When you get a lot of people together (like at those European soccer matches), there’s always a potential for violence to break out. And it can also happen at political rallies.

When MoveOn.Org helped organized the "protest" at the Donald Trump rally, their intention was to deliberately shut it down, not just protest Trump. When colleges prevent certain people from speaking on their campuses, it’s called censorship. MoveOn.Org kept Trump from speaking, just like BlackLivesMatter did at one of Bernie Sanders' events.

If Trump is really a psychopath (like Hillary Clinton may be), I’d rather hear him speak and expose himself, rather than go undetected under the radar. I wouldn’t want to see the KKK shut down one of Hillary Clinton’s rallies either, even though I think she panders for the Black vote just to get herself elected. I want to know what lies she's telling the American people.

It’s bad enough the media picks and chooses who they want to give the most exposure to. If the media didn’t give Trump free 100% coverage 24/7, maybe a protest wouldn't have been necessary. An occasional heckler at a rally is one thing, but if a whole bunch of people marched in to deliberately close the show, then all those people who got babysitters, drove hundreds of miles, paid for parking, and took the time to attend Trump's show, then they were being punished too. Is that fair? Because that’s what Trump was putting on — a good road show.

Trump blamed Bernie Sanders' supporters for the protests, and called him a communist. The advocacy group MoveOn.Org endorsed Bernie Sanders, but it doesn't mean Bernie Sanders endorses all their causes or actions. And if a few of Bernie Sanders' fans were also there (as there is always crossovers between groups), it doesn't mean Bernie himself is to blame for any disruption.

And if Bernie (as a democratic socialist) would be such a vital threat to our way of life, then why is he still a Senator? No one complained until he started running for President. Is Trump afraid Bernie will win the Democratic primary and then beat him in a general election? Most polls say "yes", Bernie would win.

On cables news, during regular programming (after waiting hours for Trump's rally to begin), the media talking-heads stop talking about whatever it is they were talking about to start covering Trump’s speech at the very moment he walks up to the podium on stage and begins to speech — and with few commercial breaks.

And the media (mostly the cable news stations CNN and MSNBC) do this all the time (unlike for other candidates). The media gives Trump the big megaphone because he's a good showman and drives ratings; but then the media complains about what he says, and goes on to have a long post-rally show about everything he said.

So if Donald Trump “incites violence and hatred”, then shouldn’t the “corporate liberal mainstream media” also be held accountable for LIVE broadcasting it nationally and globally every time he holds a rally? Then after a Trump rally the media pundits come on and began discussing, opining, pontificating and bloviating about the rally like they had just witnessed a fatal car wreck.

The establishment Republicans have been inciting hate and violence for decades (especially in Southern States against Blacks), and they are only complaining about Trump because he's not an establishment politician — but yet is winning the party's primary nominating process to be their GOP nominee. If Trump had been losing the primary elections, the old guard Republicans would be defending him against Bernie Sanders supporters at his rallies.

And besides, so far there was little "violence" at his rallies or at the recent Chicago rally, which were mostly just a couple of tussles that were captured on video and looped over and over again on cable news. There were no reports of injuries or arrests. The media was trying to cash in on a news "event" — an event they helped create, like many other events they create for profit.


  1. Groups that support Bernie Sanders disrupted Trump's rally, but it doesn't mean that Bernie Sanders endorsed those actions or that he himself is to blame for the disruption.


    Bernie-or-Bust Supporters Choose Trump over Hillary

    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders vs The Establishment

  3. The advocacy group MoveOn.Org — when launching attacks against Donald Trump — should publicly distance themselves from Bernie Sanders' campaign by saying their methods and strategy were not coordinated nor endorsed by Bernie's Sanders' campaign, even though the group has endorsed him for President. While Bernie Sanders doesn't agree at all with what Donald Trump says, he doesn't condone any violence, and had nothing to do with the disruptions at Trump's rallies. I think the media has been "sensationalizing" the skirmishes at Trump's rallies -- playing over and over again a couple of isolated incidents. While some of the protesters at Trump's rallies maybe have been Bernie supporters, it doesn't necessarily mean most of Bernie supporters condone the actions of the Trump protesters either. (There is always some crossover between different groups of people). More fights break out at rock concerts, nightclubs and Walmart. Considering the number of people that attend these rallies, the number of incidents is very small. In parliaments all around the world, politicians throw more punches than protesters at these rallies. I think the media is trying to shed a bad light on both Trump and Sanders because the "establishment" politicians don't want either as our next president -- whereas as THE PEOPLE do.

  4. BREITBART.COM > "Bernie Sanders’s Socialist Allies Helped Shut Down Donald Trump’s Chicago Event"

    Reading this article was like reading THE ONION -- I laughed my ass off! If the Republicans get their "news" from websites like this, this country is in big trouble.

    This article reminded me a little bit of the mass hysteria the 1930's movie "Reefer Madness" had created with their depiction of marijuana use. It was totally silly and very ignorant -- like this article.