Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders won more votes in NY than Obama

And last night Bernie got more votes than both Donald Trump and John Kasich combined. But where were the big headlines?

Bernie Sanders rally Erie Pa.

Not only did Bernie Sanders win more votes last night in New York than Barack Obama did in 2008, but Bernie also won more votes than both Donald Trump and John Kasich combined. But everyone in the media is calling Trump's win a "HUGE" victory.

Bernie had also lost by a narrower margin than Obama did in 2008 against Hillary Clinton. But cable news is reporting it as a "BIG" win for Hillary — when Bernie Sanders' comeback from so far behind was, at the very least, astonishing.

Meanwhile, as Bernie's favorability ratings and poll numbers have been consistently trending up for the past year, Hillary Clinton's have been trending down. But yet, all night long on CNN and MSNBC they had been downplaying Bernie's numbers and playing up Clinton's. She SHOULD have won her home State of New York — and by a much wider margin than she did — because she literally had the entire New York and Democratic political machine in her back pocket (not to mention the local media). The fact that Bernie did as well has he did is nothing short of a miracle.

The usual pro-Hillary pundits on the cable news stations were spending most of the time counting Hillary's super-delegates the way Scrooge might have counted his gold coins. Super-delegates don't mean squat until the convention in July; but the media has been trying to influence voter sentiment by reporting the election like it was already a done deal — and they've been doing this from the get-go.

Below, where it says delegates won, those are the only ones that matter right now. Superdelegates can be considered "bargaining chips" later on during the DNC convention — and they can swing either way. A total of 2,382 delegates are needed — and after tonight, Clinton has 1,424 and Bernie has 1,149. The cable news channels know this, but they prefer to pre-load the super-delegate count and post those numbers in size 1,000 pt. font graphics on your TV screen to kill the enthusiasm for Bernie's supporters and influence the election. (But we won't let that happen, right? RIGHT!)

Democratic superdelegates

Last night Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the New York Democratic primary by 266,135 votes. CNN called it a big win for Clinton — and one CNN headline read: Sanders campaign, New York officials cry foul after New York voters report issues.

With allegations of election fraud targeting Sanders strongholds (just like in Arizona), the Vermont senator and his supporters no doubt will be more committed than ever to continue on. The New York Post writes that about 54,000 Democratic voters "vanished from the rolls in Brooklyn."

Other reports say that more than 120,000 voters —"whole city blocks" (according to CNN) — have been affected. Election officials say these potential Democratic voters were moved to an "inactive list." It's possible it happened simply because the voter database was not properly maintained, said Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan.

Not to say they couldn't have just as easily been Clinton supporters ... but Brooklyn was expected to be a stronghold for Sanders, where he was born and raised and drew record crowds to his events. The Secret Service reported around 25,000 people were at his event in Brooklyn's Prospect Park — but the Sanders campaign said that more than 28,300 people were there, based on the number who went through security screening.

Some activists were calling this a "voter purge" and election fraud. Brooklyn Councilman Brad Lander told the Post the issue was "weird" and "troubling." Election officials promised an investigation, but of course, if that ever happens it will be after the primary is completed.

There's also the problem for Independent voters, who mostly favor Bernie Sanders (even more so than they do for Donald Trump), who were excluded from even voting in the New York primary. Odd, when you consider that the Democratic party is always bashing the Republicans for voter suppression. Talk about hypocrisy!

More than one-quarter (27%) of New York’s registered voters were unable to vote in this critical primary — that's 3.2 million New Yorkers who couldn't participate because they are registered either as independents or with third parties. As Salon had also noted:

New York is one of 11 U.S. states that has a closed primary system, which effectively guarantees that the Democratic and Republican Parties control electoral politics. Another 63,558 registered Democrats in Brooklyn were mysteriously unregistered in recent months, and therefore stripped of their right to vote in the primary. No city or state election official could explain why to WNYC public radio. A group of New Yorkers whose party affiliations suddenly changed even filed a lawsuit in an attempt to pressure the state to return their right to vote. As The Nation put it, New York has “some of the worst voting laws in the country."

Insider party officials are notorious for rigging elections. So far — in States like Iowa, Massachusetts and Arizona — there have been very questionable results. Missouri was razor-thin as well. In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid (Obama's right-hand man) rigged that election in Las Vegas (where I live). But don't expect President Obama's administration — who is backing Hillary Clinton — to be enforcing the voting laws or launching any legitimate investigations anytime soon — no more so than they had prosecuted bankers after 2008.

In 2008, after the New York Democratic primary election between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the New York Post's headline read Obama Robbed In New York. And the New York Times headline read Unofficial Tallies in City Understated Obama Vote. And ABC's headline demanded: Count All The Votes!

In 2008 Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama by a wider margin than she did Bernie Sanders tonight. But back in 2008, the media had complained that Obama got ripped off. This time around, the cable news pundits on MSNBC and CNN and the Democratic party haven't been near as gracious or protective towards Senator Bernie Sanders (as usual). Just the opposite, they've spent more time attacking him and his supporters than they have the Republicans or ISIS!

As of this post, with 98.5% of the results in tonight:

  • In New York, it was Hillary Clinton (at 57.9% with 1,037,344 votes)
  • In New York, it was Bernie Sanders (at 42.1% with 752,739 votes)

In the images below are the results for the New York primaries in 2008 — and tonight's results from Politico.

  • In New York, Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in 2008 by 317,477 votes — winning by a margin of 17.1%
  • In New York, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in 2016 by 284,605 votes — winning by a lesser margin of 15.8%
  • Bernie also won 234,138 more votes than Donald Trump. And if you added John Kasich's votes to Trump's votes, Bernie still had more votes than both combined.
  • There were only 29,432 more voters in the Democratic primary last night than there were in 2008. Too bad Independents couldn't vote.

2016 New York Democratic primary Clinton Sanders

2008 Democratic primary New York

Already Hillary Clinton (in her victory speech) is talking about "unifying the party" after they treated Bernie and his supporters like crap. The media is calling for the Sanders campaign to "tone down their attacks" against Hillary. One pundit on CNN had said that Hillary was trying to "pivot" to Trump, but that Bernie keeps "attacking" her and she has to keep "defending" herself. Yes, poor Hillary, always the victim. Now it's the vast left-wing conspiracy that's out to get her — just like those damn Republicans!

Meanwhile, she and the Democratic machine will be using "Trump" as a scare tactic to get us to vote for Hillary in a general election. To that I say, "Cattle excrement!" It's #BernieOrBust

Maybe Only California Can Save Us Now

After tonight's election results, the Sanders campaign sent out a newsletter saying, "Five important states vote one week from tonight, with more delegates at stake than Hillary Clinton led by coming into tonight. And if we do well next Tuesday, we remain in a position to take the pledged delegate lead when almost 700 delegates are up for grabs on June 7."

June 7th is when California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota vote in the Democratic primary — but a week from now (on April 26th) Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will vote first.

On March 6, 2008 Hillary Clinton said, "My husband didn’t wrap up the nomination in 1992 until June". That was when California had voted in their Democratic primary that year. That was also why Hillary stayed in the race until June in 2008 when she ran for the nomination against Obama. But even though then-Senator Hillary Clinton won both the states of New York and California, she still lost the Democratic primary election to Senator Barack Obama (some superdelegates had changed their vote from her to Obama).

2008 Democratic primary California

Bernie Sanders has a much better potential to pull off a much bigger win in California. Otherwise, just think ... if California votes for Hillary, then both she and Bill will each have a presidential library! OMG! Obama's will cost us $1 billion. How much will we have to dish out for Hillary's?


Those who still have yet to vote . . .

April 26 Connecticut 70 delegates
April 26 Delaware 31 delegates
April 26 Maryland 118 delegates
April 26 Pennsylvania 210 delegates
April 26 Rhode Island 33 delegates
May 3 Indiana 92 delegates
May 7 (Guam) 12 delegates
May 10 West Virginia 34 delegates
May 17 Kentucky 61 delegates
May 17 Oregon 73 delegates
June 4 (Virgin Islands) 12 delegates
June 5 (Puerto Rico) 67 delegates
June 7 California 546 delegates (SOS!!!)
June 7 Montana 27 delegates
June 7 June 7 New Jersey 142 delegates
June 7 New Mexico 43 delegates
June 7 North Dakota 23 delegates
June 7 South Dakota 25 delegates
June 14 Washington D.C. 46 delegates


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